Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spice Up Your Social Media Posts With These Odd Vegas Sites

Everyone and their mother posts a Las Vegas welcome sign selfie to Instagram. But you want to stand out, right? Check out these Las Vegas oddities that are sure to take your vacation selfie game to the next level.

Seven Magic Mountains
During your drive into Las Vegas from Southern California, make a pit stop just outside of town. Just past the town of Jean, you’ll find Seven Magic Mountains, a public art piece by Swiss-born artist Ugo Rondinone. These brightly colored stones are stacked 25 to 35 feet high. It’s some sort of simulacrum, Day-Glo Stonehenge, and it’s pretty neat.

Giant Shoes
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has a reputation for housing whimsical artwork. Two must-see pieces are the very large high-heel shoes, one pink, lacy number and another rather robotic incarnation, created by artist Roark Gourley for the casino. Don’t be surprised to see a handful of people waiting to climb inside for a unique photo op.

Pink Elephant
You may have already noticed this pastel pachyderm kickin’ it poolside at Diamond Inn Motel next door to the Las Vegas welcome sign. Despite being surrounded by the world’s brightest buildings, the pink elephant certainly stands out. The motel was constructed in the 1940s, and rumor has it the elephant is a Disneyland import from the ‘50s. It used to trumpet loudly until the county finally forced the owners to remove the sound device after it caused a few traffic accidents.

The Park
Not only does The Park offer a somewhat more peaceful reprieve from the crowded Strip sidewalks, but you’ll also run into some unique public art. The Park People, as they’re affectionately referred to, are nine life-sized figures made of children’s building blocks by artist Nathan Sawaya are scattered throughout the space. Bliss Dance is another beautiful installation. The 40-feet-tall dancing woman constructed by artist Marco Cochrane looks like something off the cover of a Dave Matthew’s Band album. Nighttime is the right time for pictures with this lady as she’s all lit up in varying colors.

Big Edge
This massive sculpture was carefully crafted by American artist Nancy Rubins out of hundreds of recycled boats and serves as a surprising centerpiece to one of the Strip’s most ambitious architectural endeavors, City Center. Download a brochure with a map and details about the more than 20 art installations throughout City Center from Aria’s website.

Berlin Wall
If you’ve ever wanted to urinate on a piece of the Berlin Wall, well brother, now’s your chance! Believe it or not, little old Main Street Station in Downtown Las Vegas has a genuine portion of the infamous wall. For reasons known only to the original owner, the priceless artifact was placed in the men’s restroom and adorned with urinals. Photograph at your own risk. Women can receive a security escort to view this dubious portion of the Berlin Wall.

Crazy Girls Statue
Way back in 1994, the Las Vegas City Council attempted to persuade the Riviera, the original home of the Crazy Girls topless review, to take down a racy billboard nearby city hall that prominently featured the women’s hind quarters. The casino refused, sparking a free speech beef that carried on for nearly a decade. As a testament to the girls, the casino erected that famous bronze statue. The Riv has since been imploded, but like the Crazy Girls show itself, the statue was moved to a new home at Planet Hollywood. It just so happens to be considered one of the “World’s Top 10 Good Luck Monuments.” Give it a rub!

Snowball in Vegas
The southwest corner of Coolidge Avenue and First Street is the stomping grounds of one very large cat. Perfect for those Instagram cat lovers, this 10-foot-tall kitten head created by local artist Jesse Smigel is guaranteed to garner plenty of likes.

Big Rig Jig
The 50-foot-tall, 25-ton tanker truck mashup known as Big Rig Jig is the product of L.A. artist Mike Ross and has toured many of the West’s festivals such as Burning Man and Coachella. The monstrosity has since been purchased by Zappos CEO and founder of Downtown Project, Tony Hsieh, and placed in the parking lot of Fergusons Motel for public consumption.

Container Park Mantis
Another Burning Man relic, the fire-spitting praying mantis that guards the entrance to the Downtown Container Park is worth the cab ride over to Downtown Las Vegas. The 55-foot-tall beast dances and shoots fire from its antennae. Come for the odd mechanical sculpture; stay for the local boutiques and eateries.

Downtown Murals
Since you’re already bopping around Downtown, take a stroll through the main streets. You’ll find a number of building-sized murals throughout the neighborhood. They are painted yearly as part of the Life Is Beautiful music, art and learning festival. The murals are gorgeous and certainly social media worthy.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
The world-famous Madame Tussauds on the Las Vegas Strip offers visitors the chance to take an epic selfie or four with some of their favorite pop culture icons. The iconic wax museum houses dozens of life-life figures. Take your self-portrait with the likes of Elvis, Celine Dion, Jerry Springer or Dwayne Johnson.

Pipe Dream
Classical music buffs would do well to pay a visit to The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. The campus of this $470 million art deco beauty is dotted with public art, the crown jewel being Pipe Dream. Each pipe of this colorful sculpture represents a single note of Aaron Copland’s 1942 composition “Fanfare for the Common Man.” Next door, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is another photograph-worthy architectural wonder.

The Las Vegas welcome sign is played out. These Vegas oddities may not replace the city’s historic signage, but they will definitely spice up your Instagram feed during your Vegas vacation. For more fun facts, travel tips and recommendations, follow VegasDaze on Facebook.

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