Monday, September 19, 2016

His and Hers: Vegas Spas

Aside from the gambling, the parties and the buffets, another thing Las Vegas does right are the spas. Everyone should experience the relaxation and rejuvenation the spas in Las Vegas can offer. This is a no-brainer for spa enthusiasts, but what about the uninitiated? We brought in two of our Vegas gurus, one a man and the other a woman, to get their takes on Vegas spa treatments for the sexes.

Where to Spa

She says: God forbid you only get to visit Las Vegas once in your life and only have enough time to visit one spa. But if that’s the case, The Bathhouse Spa at Delano is where you should book. From a raw desert bee pollen treatment to a cactus body mask, it offers everything a woman could want. What woman wouldn’t enjoy a Red Mud Wrap with scalp massage or bourbon infused sugar scrub? Just looking at their list of baths will melt your stress away. They offer a milk and honey bath, mud bath, fizz bath and more. Their menu is full of amazing massages and “Global Journey” options that will definitely take time to decide on.

He says: Baths? I obviously can’t speak for every man, but I believe the general male consensus would be we can bathe ourselves. What a man really needs is a pair of strong hands to knead away the stress of being a man. The Spa at Encore employs some of the city’s most renowned massage therapists. It also boasts the distinction of being named a Forbes Travel Guide Five Star award winner. The classic deep tissue massage package utilizes therapeutic techniques focused on lengthening and loosening the deeper muscle layers. For an extra $30, you can tack on a warm oil scalp massage at the end of your session.

How to Spa

He says: If man’s man Michael Phelps used cupping to propel him to the status of most dominant Olympian, certainly it can help Vegas tourists power through an epic vacation. The therapist will heat up special cups, usually made of glass, silicone or bamboo, and as the flame goes out, stick them to parts of your back creating intense suction. Cupping supposedly eases pain and inflammation by improving blood flow. When your treatment is over, you’ll have cool round spots from the cups on your body for about 10 days. If anyone questions your use of this pseudoscience, you just look them in the eyes and say, “23 gold medals!” You’re more likely to find spas offering this treatment in Chinatown.

She says: Las Vegas spas offer dozens of “other worldly” spa treatments. Cryotherapy is one such treatment, which involves jumping inside what looks like a tanning booth, undressing and being blasted with ice-cold air. It purportedly flushes out toxins, speeds your metabolism, burns 500 to 800 calories, improves your skin’s elasticity and reduces cellulite all in just 3 minutes. There are a handful of different locations that offer cryotherapy, but the location closest to The Strip is SubZero Recovery. Be careful though. You don't want to earn a reputation as a cooler in this town.

Too Sinful for Sin City

She says: Las Vegas may have some out-of-the-ordinary stuff, but there are plenty of things Sin City doesn’t have. One such spa treatment is a snake massage. It is exactly what it sounds like. A therapist lays various types of constricting snakes on your body that massage your muscles as they move and grab onto your limbs. What woman wouldn’t want to feel like Britney Spears at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards?

He says: Fish pedicures, the social media-sensation that involves dead skin-eating fish, is actually illegal in Nevada. If there’s one spa treatment I’d like to see in Las Vegas, it’s this. The Nevada State Board of Cosmetology has found that little, toothless friends eating dead skin off people’s feet is extremely unsanitary. They don’t find the treatment a hygienic or humane process and until a way to regulate it is found, it’s likely to remain banned. But here’s a cheap solution: Head to the docks at Lake Mead, smear a little Power Bait between your toes and let the massive population of carp work their magic.

Some Unsolicited Advice

She says: I understand that it isn’t common to see a man getting a seaweed wrap or caviar facial, but why not open yourself up to something new? It’s relaxing and can improve so many different aspects of your mind and body. For any man being pressured by his significant other to enter the world of rejuvenation and beauty, start with something simple you can do together as a couple — like a facial or pedicure. She’ll appreciate the quality time, and you don’t have to admit to how much you love the pampering. I guarantee you’ll be back for more.

He says: Ladies, you don’t need some expensive, diamond-infused serum to slough the dead skin off your body. Seriously, a loofah will do the same thing. So let’s move past the erroneously beneficial treatments like mud and hay baths and stick to useful spa packages that focus on alleviating stiff joints, tight muscles and cricks in the neck. Sure, spa visits are inherently self-indulgent, but they don’t have to be that self-indulgent.

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