Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Find Your Vegas Travel Type

In our years of covering all things Las Vegas, we’ve become experts and have developed a keen eye for the Vegas tourist condition. They come from all corners of the globe but typically fall into one of six categories. These categories of Vegas travelers make up a spectrum; a spectrum we like to call … The Vegas Traveler Spectrum. Find out below which category you fall into.

The Virgin
This category is fairly self-explanatory. These are the Glitter Gulch guppies wandering wide-eyed from resort to resort. One can easily spot The Virgin. Telltale signs of Vegas neophytes include the use of iPad as the primary photography tool, the acceptance of every escort business card handed out along Las Vegas Boulevard as if it might be something other than a picture of a nude woman, and the use of such phrases as “Did Caesar live here?” and “What happens in Vegas, baby!” regardless of whether it is in an attempt to be ironic or not. Let The Virgins do their thing. The first time is never the best time, but it’ll never be forgotten. For this category of Vegas traveler, we recommend taking a nighttime helicopter flight over the Strip, allowing for maximum iPad photography and a better sense of surroundings.

The Shopper
Contrary to popular belief, this category is not limited to fashionistas. Cigar aficionados, souvenir collectors and real estate moguls also fall into this category. With more than a dozen high-end shopping malls on the 4-mile Strip, shopaholics of any kind will find something to subdue their oniomania. Unless you fall into this category, avoid touring the resorts with The Shoppers lest you want to be burdened with armfuls of shopping bags. These Vegas travelers should prepare for their trip with regular bicep curls and wallet strengthening exercises. While in town, we recommend talking the Pawn Stars tour, which includes transportation to and admission into Gold & Silver Pawn, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, Ultimate Sports Cards & Memorabilia, and Welder Up.

The Foodie
If $2 footlongs at Casino Royale appeal to you, you do not fall within this category. These Vegas travelers are revered Yelp critics, Michelin Star elitists and that small list of people who claim to like foie gras. People who fall into this category can be seen hiding around the corner of Giada’s in an attempt to ambush Ms. Laurentiis, taking pictures of food or scoffing at buffet patrons. If you are more excited about the exotic caviar than the Vegas nightlife, you are The Foodie. Our preferred vendor’s Lip Smacking Foodie Tour is the perfect activity for the time-starved Vegas tourist looking to squeeze as much culinary delight out of a weekend trip.

The Gambler
Vegas visitors that make up The Gambler category may never see their hotel rooms. They are indigenous to casino floors, sports books, race tracks and the occasional back-alley craps game. If a dealer greats a player by his or her first name, that player falls into this category. Should you find yourself at the same poker table as The Gambler and you yourself do not identify as The Gambler, calmly gather your chips and run. The Gamblers in Vegas will feel most at home at The Venetian’s plush poker room. It’s huge and offers action for most levels and bankrolls.

The Aesthete
The folks belonging to this category value culture more than just about anything. They name their pets Picasso, Rembrandt or Mozart. Cocktail parties or anything dubbed “a soiree” are their Super Bowls. Their resumes commonly include the term “curatorial fellow.” The Aesthete category of Vegas travelers should most certainly pay a visit to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, featuring revolving exhibits from some of the most prestigious museums and collectors. Aria inside City Center houses a large collection of public art. Guests of the swanky property can download a walking guide to its many displays. The Las Vegas Philharmonic also serves up sonically delectable offerings during its performance season at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

The Adventurer
These categories are not mutually exclusive. People of one category will often dabble in activities normally associated with other categories. However, most will avoid pastimes reserved for The Adventurers. The Vegas Traveler Spectrum works in mysterious ways. Whether this tourist has a thirst for epic nightlife, skydiving, race car driving, machine gun shooting or all of the above, Las Vegas is here to scratch that itch. Indoor skydiving? Don’t make them laugh. Trampoline park? Get outta town. No, The Adventurers want 2,000-foot zip-line runs and dune buggy racing through Valley of Fire!

Which category on The Vegas Traveler Spectrum did you fall into? Let us know in the comments section! Follow VegasDaze on Twitter for more Vegas travel advice and the latest Strip happenings.

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