Monday, July 11, 2016

Maui Flora & Fauna Bingo

As is typical of tropical paradises, Maui is home to an ark's worth of animal species and gorgeous plant life. Print out our “Maui Flora & Fauna Bingo” card, and take it with you during your sightseeing excursions across the island. Below, we've provided some descriptions and fun facts for those creatures that aren't exactly household names. A convict whats-it?

Hoary Bats
These winged mammals are commonly found across the Americas with a disjunct population found on the Hawaiian Islands. They're easily recognized by their coat of brown fur and distinctively stubby snout.

Yellow-billed Cardinal
Not to be confused with its baseball playing cousin, the yellow-billed cardinal does not have a crest. Nor does it have 11 World Series championships. It can be found in regions of higher elevation.

'Ohi'a Lehua
This species of flowering evergreen trees boasts vibrant flowers made up of a mass of bright red stamens. Hawaiian traditions hold this plant sacred to Pele, the volcano goddess.

Fiery Skipper
These beautiful inch-long butterflies are painted a brilliant orange color with black spots. They are commonly found in open grassy areas. It is not uncommon to find this species in the Southern United States as well as in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Coqui Frog
These little guys are difficult to spot, but their mating calls can reach 90 decibels, about as loud as a lawn mower. It is thought that this species of frog made its way to the Hawaiian Islands by way of potted plants from Puerto Rico. It is an invasive species that has recently threatened to drive pollinating insects to extinction.

Convict Surgeonfish
Sometimes referred to as the convict tang, these reef dwelling tropical fish sport bright yellow coloring with vertical, black stripes like a prison uniform.

Hawaiian Stilt
Classified as an endangered species, the Hawaiian stilt population is in decline as a result of the introduction of mongoose to the island in addition to loss and degradation of wetlands. It stands just over a foot tall on the relatively longest legs of any species of bird.

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