Monday, June 20, 2016

Why So Many Couples Choose a Destination Wedding

You love the idea of a destination wedding, but it seems so out of reach, a pie-in-the-sky fantasy of a dream wedding. We’re here to tell you, you’re wrong. Planning a destination wedding is much simpler than a hometown ceremony. It’s certainly an attractive option for many couples for many reasons. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger! We can help.

Destination wedding packages make the entire experience simple. Any ceremony can be a logistical nightmare, but with the help of an experienced wedding planner, whose services are typically included in the price of all inclusive wedding packages, the ceremony will go off without a hitch. You and your spouse-to-be will arrive at the destination, go over some of the finer points with the wedding specialist and you’re good to go. This route takes the headache out of the whole process. The bride and groom can relax and do some sightseeing in the lead up to the big day without having to worry about things like procuring a cake.

Don’t think because the process has been streamlined that you’ll be left with a run of the mill, cookie cutter wedding ceremony. When you choose to have, let’s say, a Hawaii wedding, the venue alone is so gorgeous that no one will dare say, “Well, this is overplayed.” This is not some hotel reception hall ceremony. This is your ceremony in a tropical paradise or seaside village.

An important key to ensuring your wedding feels like your wedding is to add personal touches here and there. Maybe the two of you met while jogging in your favorite park. Include some framed photos of that park around the venue. Perhaps you both love baseball. Leave a couple of baseballs on the tables at the reception. Destination wedding packages help alleviate the stress of ordering flowers, setting up tables and menial annoyances like making sure the beach is raked and candles are lit.

Another aspect of destination weddings that couples find appealing is the ability to trim the guest list. Such ceremonies do require a certain level of commitment (pun intended) from attendees. Friends and family will need to take time off from work and book travel and lodging arrangements. Your third cousin twice removed just looking for an open bar is less likely to travel outside the county limits. You’re left with your core, intimate group of family and close friends, which makes for a more enjoyable experience and smaller price tag.

Many couples are dealing with far-flung relatives. The grandparents live in the Midwest. Siblings reside on the West Coast. Aunts and uncles have retired to Florida. Finding a location that suits everyone is a major hassle, so why not book a destination wedding? If guests will be traveling anyway, they probably won’t mind traveling to a premier vacation destination like Las Vegas or Maui.

One of our preferred vendors offers Hawaii wedding packages such as the Hawaiian Rainforest Wedding. This all inclusive wedding package includes a helicopter flight for the bride, groom and two guests over the Hana Rain Forest. You’ll land at their private landing site in Wailua Valley to enjoy incredible waterfalls and panoramic vistas of the valley and coastline. They also have an in-house wedding guru to help arrange everything!

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