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The Most Notorious Celebrity Visits to Las Vegas

Celebrities love Las Vegas, and Las Vegas loves celebrities. The large resort properties with small armies of security guards offer a haven for paparazzi-dogged celebs. Casinos prefer to keep celebrity party antics out of the press in order to avoid bad publicity, but that doesn’t always happen. Instances like David Hasselhoff’s drunken fast food binge and Paris Hilton’s fateful traffic stop definitely didn’t stay in Las Vegas. We take a look at some of the most notorious celebrity visits to Sin City.

Prince Harry parties at a Las Vegas pool in 2012
Prince Harry’s Crown Jewels

The Prince of Wales maybe partied a little too hard during his 2012 visit to Las Vegas. The third in line to the throne spent an August afternoon at Encore Beach Club, one of the Strip’s wildest pool parties. An Apache pilot for the British Army, Harry decided
to cut loose before being deployed to Afghanistan. He brought nine ladies from the pool up to his $7,000-a-night suite on the 63rd floor of Wynn Las Vegas for some naked billiards. Photos of his crown jewels taken in the suite that night ended up on the Internet and reservations for the resort skyrocketed 123 percent.

Kim Kardashian’s Quickie Marriage

Years before “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” became an institution, the still relatively unknown Kim Kardashian ran away to Las Vegas to elope at one of the city’s numerous wedding chapels with her then boyfriend, music producer Damon Thomas. She was only 19, and the marriage ended in divorce just three years later. Considered the wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas issues more than 80,000 marriage licenses a year thanks to the lack of waiting periods and blood tests.

Bruno Mars was arrested in Las Vegas in 2010.
Bruno Mars’ Extracurricular Activities

The sexy crooner was arrested back in 2010 on a felony narcotics possession charge, following raucous party at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. A hotel bathroom attendant informed security of some nefarious activities happening in one of the stalls, and Mars was quickly arrested. The charge was later dismissed after the then 26-year-old completed more than 200 hours of community service, paid a $2,000 fine and completed eight hours of drug counseling. Mars and Las Vegas go way back. The pop sensation and Grammy award-winner starred as a miniature Elvis impersonator in "Honeymoon in Vegas" at the age of 4. He continues to perform to sold-out crowds on the Las Vegas Strip.

The British Invasion

Paul, John, Ringo and George’s 1964 arrival in Las Vegas whipped up absolute pandemonium. The group was escorted to their suite on the top floor of Sahara Hotel and Casino past a horde of screaming Vegas teenagers. Aside from the two shows performed at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Beatles spent the majority of their time in the hotel suite. The legend goes that four young women booked a room just below the suite in hopes of meeting the Fab Four. They tried knocking, camping in the elevator and even calling the room directly, but nothing worked. The teenagers got so desperate they decided to climb the exterior of Sahara from their balcony four floors up to the Beatles’ balcony. They never met the boys and had to spend a night in jail.

Johnny Manziel partied in Vegas under a false name.“Billy Football” Goes Clubbin’

The embattled former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel donned a blonde wig and fake moustache and headed to Las Vegas for some Saturday night shenanigans. Manziel’s team, the Cleveland Browns, played their season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers the following night. Manziel was declared out of the game with a concussion, yet he partied and gambled at Planet Hollywood casino under the name “Billy” and asked management to comp his expenses so he would not have to pay with his credit card. The Browns parted ways with Johnny Football shortly after the incident.

We get it. Vegas is the place to let loose, get a little crazy before returning to your desk job. The casino moguls may shy away from the negative publicity, but it adds to the legend of Vegas. You too can party like a rock star in Las Vegas! Follow VegasDaze on social media for all the latest news and hottest attractions.

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