Friday, June 24, 2016

A Guide to Over Tipping in Vegas

Las Vegans don’t believe in tipping. They believe in over tipping. It can be a touchy subject however. Obviously, the amount of a tip is determined by a handful of factors: the interaction, service, bill, etc. It comes down to a personal decision, but what if you’re dealing with a dealer. How much should you tip the guy handing you dice? Should you tip him after every big roll? If you want a good table at that hot restaurant or excellent bottle service in the nightclub, you’re going to have to tip generously.

The folks who actually run Las Vegas, the valets, bartenders and other casino employees, are the people who can take your trip to Sin City from average to extraordinary. And all it takes is a little extra generosity. We breakdown who and how much to tip in Las Vegas.

The Valet
Unless you have a show to get to soon after dinner or really just want to show off your $70,000 luxury sedan, you don’t need to tip the valet when you drop off your car. The general consensus is about $5 once your car is returned to you, $7 if the kid hustles.

The Bellman
It’s a 110 degrees outside. There’s no way in hell you’re schlepping the family’s luggage all the way to the room. Lucky for you the bellman has to do all the heavy lifting! Tip him $2 for the first bag and $1 for each additional bag.

The Bartender
Most bars on the Las Vegas Strip are crazy busy. There’s only one surefire way to guarantee speedy service: pay in cash and tip the bartender. You’re already shelling out 20 bucks for a mojito. What’s another $2?

The Dealer
If you hit a couple blackjacks in a row, maybe throw the dealer a chip for the lucky hands. If the dealer is helping you learn a new game, be a little more generous. If you’re losing, tip the dealers by making a side bet for them during the next hand or roll. You don’t need to tip a dealer for every successful bet, but $5 here and there is better than waiting until the end of your time at the table because you likely won’t have any chips left.

The Driver
For taxi drivers, 15 percent of the fare or less is acceptable. If you’re chauffeured around in a limousine, $20 is a nice gesture. Have you seen the traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard?

The Tour Guide
Myriad tours bound for Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire and the Grand Canyon depart from Las Vegas daily by bus, shuttle, airplane, boat and helicopter. If the tour features a guide whose commentary you enjoyed, the consensus is a $10 to $20 tip. Tip less for a trip to the dam and more for a canyon excursion. You should know that if the tour is manned by a guide and a driver, they will split the tips.

The Street Performers
Do not feed the birds!

The Nightclub Host
Unless you enjoy standing in a line for hours wearing uncomfortable dress shoes or high-heels, come to the club prepared to tip. Just because some greasy haired guy in a nice tie told you your name will be on “the list,” doesn’t mean you’re suddenly A-list. A modest $20 to $50 dollar tip to the host at the door will go a long way toward getting your party to its table.

The Server
Cocktail waitresses, the model pouring your drinks in the club and cabana runners should all be tipped, especially if they’ve been wearing high-heels all night. The standard tip of 20 percent of the bill is recommended for quality service. The more you tip, the stronger the drinks!

The Housekeeping
You can’t imagine the things Vegas hotel housekeeping has seen. They deal with a lot with little to no thanks. There’s no need to tip the housekeeper if you’re staying for only a couple of nights and spend little time in the room. If you’ll be at the hotel for three days to a week or longer, consider leaving the staff $2 to $5 a night.

You’re not obligated to tip anyone while you are visiting Las Vegas, but consider for a moment all of the different people working hard to make sure you have the best vacation, tour or lap dance. A $10 bill might not mean that much to you in the grand scheme of things, but it might just make the bellboy’s day. Be sure to follow VegasDaze on all our social media platforms for more Vegas travel tips!

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