Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vegas Pool Survival Guide

The Vegas pool scene, especially to the uninitiated, is like navigating rough waters. You need to chart your course before you set sail, come prepared and make sure you bring plenty of life preservers. With the right strategy, a day or two at your resort’s pool will be some of your fondest vacation memories. Our Vegas pool survival guide will have you navigating the day clubs like Magellan.

The VegasDaze Pool Survival Guide is your key to navigating the Vegas pool scene.Have a plan of attack. Having a loose plan for where you will all be and when you’ll be there is the easiest way to avoid frustration. If you’re reserving a cabana, make the reservation well in advance. If you are arranging transportation other than a taxi or ride-share, don’t wait until you’re three daiquiris deep to secure your ride. Getting a group of poolside revelers to limo pickup is worse than herding cats. Communicate these plans to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Aerial shot of the Caesars Palace poolTreat the day poolside like a camping trip. You’ll be out in the elements, left to your own devices. You can’t leave your campsite to retrieve a flashlight from home, just like you can’t leave Mr. Six-pack Fireman buying drinks to charge your phone in the hotel room (side note: invest in a portable charger). Bring sunscreen and use it! No one wants to flirt with the drunk, sunburned man … except maybe the drunk, sunburned woman. Packing a change of clothes is also a good idea. This will prevent you from having to walk across the casino floor in flip-flops and a bikini.

A private cabana is worth the cost. Reserving a cabana, which can be done through your hotel’s concierge, means you have a party headquarters complete with a model hostess who will pour the included booze. Additionally, your belongings will be safe and there are televisions. More importantly, “Let’s head back to my private cabana for some drinks” sounds like a line that will work every time. Ordering five drinks at the bar will run you approximately $75. The included cost of bottle service will just about break even, but you don’t have to flag down a bartender.

Aerial shot of the Flamingo Hotel's poolThere is an art to pregaming. Yes, you can save some money on expensive drinks at the poolside bar, but that doesn’t mean you need to entirely front-load the booze. Ease into the afternoon. You’ve got a long day and night planned. Vegas is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll have more energy and hang around that all-to-small window of perfectly inebriated dance moves longer. The goal needs to be “keep it classy.” A beer and a shot in the hotel room will set you in the groove. Then you can focus on staying hydrated.

We get it; your mantra this weekend is “turn down for what?” But hold off until after midnight in the nightclubs before going full Lil’ Jon. Stick to the plan, and you’ll avoid being the friend who spent the night bowing to the porcelain gods. But if all else fails, browse VegasDaze for tickets to the Strip’s hottest shows and attractions.


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