Monday, March 14, 2016

Travel Tips When Coming to Vegas

Travel Tips When Coming to Las Vegas

You may have your trip to Las Vegas planned to the minute, but how are you getting there? Traveling into Las Vegas can be a breeze or a nightmare and planning ahead can help with some of the headaches. Use these travel tips when coming to Las Vegas and come ready to enjoy!

Pre-Mail Your Luggage
One of the biggest time wasters isn't security or check-in, it's waiting for luggage. Thankfully, with services like LuggageForward, you can send your bags to the hotel so you only need to grab a taxi. An added perk is you eliminate the possibility of the airport losing your luggage altogether.

Take the Monorail
Once you're on the Strip, there's no need to continue with taxis. The monorail provides a fast and cheap way to see the wonders of the Strip. While the entrance to the casinos may be a walk, it provides a great way to see all the casinos at your leisure.

Book Your Flight Today
When's the best time to get the cheapest flight? While it used to be easy to fly into Las Vegas, some airlines have reduced their flights into Las Vegas in the face of a stumbling economy. That means less seats and more money to buy them. Get started early in searching for your flight, preferably three to four months in advance.

But Don't Forget Southwest
If you're using a travel site aggregator like Kayak or Travelocity, you're missing a big contender in the Las Vegas flight market. Southwest Airlines does not advertise on those sites but does fly directly to Las Vegas from multiple markets. Before booking you ticket, make sure Southwest can't offer you an easier flight.

Drivers Beware
If you're entering Las Vegas by car, schedule your trip for early weekdays. On Friday night, the traffic to Las Vegas can stretch to the border of Nevada. If you're coming from Los Angeles or a nearby city, it may be worth booking a limo to get into the Vegas frame of mind and avoid driving through the traffic altogether.

And Take the Scenic Route
There's a lot to see on a road trip to Las Vegas, if you're willing to take the time. Rather than rushing to Las Vegas, enjoy a small detour on Route 66 or a drive to the Hoover Dam. Taking your time with your drive will help you arrive relaxed and ready to take on the Entertainment Capital of the World. If you want to head straight to Vegas, thankfully you can also arrange to see these sites from the Strip. 


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