Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Conventioneer Checklist

Las Vegas Conventioneer ChecklistWhen you're coming to a Las Vegas convention for business or fun, it's important to ensure you've packed all of the essentials. Preparing your suitcase a few days ahead will help you get organized and can prevent frustration and anxiety as your departure date rushes closer.

Below is a comprehensive Conventioneer Checklist to help you skip last-minute packing anxiety and ensure you'll have everything you need when you arrive in Las Vegas:

I: The Week/End Essentials

  • Aspirin - For obvious reasons, this can be a life saver in Vegas and is great for helping you get through a nasty migraine or sore back, so can you can enjoy the convention.
  • Benadryl - If you're prone to seasonal or environmental allergies, a pack of Benadryl will be your best friend.
  • Cash – It’s king, especially in Las Vegas and doubly so during conventions where not all vendors accept credit cards. You should also consider having a debit or credit card on-hand for emergencies.
  • Health insurance card - Having your insurance card on you will help ensure you get properly treated in the case of an emergency. Payment options can always be worked out at a later time.
  • Phone charger - Nothing’s worse than watching your phone battery fade and die. Nobody wants to be stranded somewhere without a charger.
  • Protein bars (and/or beef jerky) - A quick (and tasty) source of protein works great for improving your energy and focus.

II: Convention Must Haves
  • Notepad and backup pens - Workshops and conference panels are, for many, the most exciting part of any convention. You won’t want to be caught without a pen and paper when industry leaders and innovators discuss exciting new ideas and concepts. As a conventioneer, you'll to take that knowledge home with you.
  • Badge/ticket - You won't get too far if you don't have this on the ready. If needed, be sure you have printed proof of purchase and all information required to pick your badge/ticket up at the convention's physical registration table.
  • Water bottle - This is perhaps the most important item to carry. It is possible that not enough water will be readily available at the convention, and it it’s always important to stay properly hydrated. If you're not accustomed to Las Vegas’ dry climate, you'll be even more prone to dehydration, which can bring down your mood and energy levels.
  • Hotel confirmation and phone number - Have your hotel booking information printed out to prevent any potential check-in problems and to help orient yourself should you lose your phone.

III:  Make Room for the Swag

  • Make room for take-homes - You might consider bringing an extra backpack or small suitcase to ensure you have plenty of room to bring back convention goodies. After all, every convention, no matter the industry or niche, will have vendors with swag.
  • Don't grab what you don't love - That said, only grab what you love, otherwise you'll find yourself walking around the convention lugging several pounds of items you'll never use or appreciate.

What other must-haves do you pack for conventions? Visit us on Facebook and share!


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