Monday, March 21, 2016

Special Deals for Vegas Convention Goers

With everything from a pizzeria operators expo to a roller skating trade show, its clear Las Vegas loves hosting conventions. Thanks to the city's wealth of things to do and see, convention goers flock to Vegas. After all, it shouldn't be surprising that a city designed to provide excessive entertainment should be a top pick among event organizers.

Special Deals for Vegas Convention Goers
But whether you're traveling to a Las Vegas convention for business or pleasure, you're going to want to ensure you get the most out of your dollar. That's why we've put together this handy list of special deals and group discounts local businesses offer convention goers. So grab a pen and take note of these exciting things to do after a busy day of convention panels:
  • Imperial Health Spa - Conventions can be exhausting for even the most exuberant extrovert. Most of these events are a huge drain both on your mental and physical energy levels. That's why we recommend taking a few hours off and treating yourself to this Las Vegas spa. Spend some time in the Korean-style, therapeutic sauna rooms and detoxify in the jade room.
  • Las Vegas ATV Tour - If your style of kicking back involves a bit more dirt and grime, then an ATV excursion might be more up your alley. Offering special group rates, Las Vegas ATV tours cater to both beginner and more advanced riders. Enjoy seeing the natural beauty of Nevada as you zip along sand dunes and canyon trails on your own ATV.
  • Neon Nights Air Tour - If you want a true Las Vegas experience, book a Neon Nights Air Tour. In classic Strip style, this helicopter tour starts with a flute of champagne as you board a private helicopter. Then strap in and enjoy a spectacular sightseeing tour that takes you soaring through the best of Las Vegas, including a bird’s-eye view of the famed Bellagio fountains, Luxor pyramid and the rest of the Las Vegas Strip.
  • The High Roller and Brooklyn Bowl at The LINQ - The LINQ Hotel and Casino have plenty of exciting possibilities for convention goers and other Las Vegas travelers. After a bustling day, head to Brooklyn Bowl, the LINQ's hot new nighttime destination featuring 32 bowling lanes, a gigantic music venue and a beloved Blue Ribbon restaurant serving some of the Strip’s best barbecue. During the day, catch a ride on the High Roller, a Las Vegas must-do. Each cabin fits about 40 people, and features its own bar and bartender. You'll enjoy a half hour, Ferris-wheel ride that takes you over 550 feet above the Strip with exciting 360 degree views of Vegas.

When you come to Vegas for your convention, make sure you fit in time to enjoy some of these hot deals before you leave!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Conventioneer Checklist

Las Vegas Conventioneer ChecklistWhen you're coming to a Las Vegas convention for business or fun, it's important to ensure you've packed all of the essentials. Preparing your suitcase a few days ahead will help you get organized and can prevent frustration and anxiety as your departure date rushes closer.

Below is a comprehensive Conventioneer Checklist to help you skip last-minute packing anxiety and ensure you'll have everything you need when you arrive in Las Vegas:

I: The Week/End Essentials

  • Aspirin - For obvious reasons, this can be a life saver in Vegas and is great for helping you get through a nasty migraine or sore back, so can you can enjoy the convention.
  • Benadryl - If you're prone to seasonal or environmental allergies, a pack of Benadryl will be your best friend.
  • Cash – It’s king, especially in Las Vegas and doubly so during conventions where not all vendors accept credit cards. You should also consider having a debit or credit card on-hand for emergencies.
  • Health insurance card - Having your insurance card on you will help ensure you get properly treated in the case of an emergency. Payment options can always be worked out at a later time.
  • Phone charger - Nothing’s worse than watching your phone battery fade and die. Nobody wants to be stranded somewhere without a charger.
  • Protein bars (and/or beef jerky) - A quick (and tasty) source of protein works great for improving your energy and focus.

II: Convention Must Haves
  • Notepad and backup pens - Workshops and conference panels are, for many, the most exciting part of any convention. You won’t want to be caught without a pen and paper when industry leaders and innovators discuss exciting new ideas and concepts. As a conventioneer, you'll to take that knowledge home with you.
  • Badge/ticket - You won't get too far if you don't have this on the ready. If needed, be sure you have printed proof of purchase and all information required to pick your badge/ticket up at the convention's physical registration table.
  • Water bottle - This is perhaps the most important item to carry. It is possible that not enough water will be readily available at the convention, and it it’s always important to stay properly hydrated. If you're not accustomed to Las Vegas’ dry climate, you'll be even more prone to dehydration, which can bring down your mood and energy levels.
  • Hotel confirmation and phone number - Have your hotel booking information printed out to prevent any potential check-in problems and to help orient yourself should you lose your phone.

III:  Make Room for the Swag

  • Make room for take-homes - You might consider bringing an extra backpack or small suitcase to ensure you have plenty of room to bring back convention goodies. After all, every convention, no matter the industry or niche, will have vendors with swag.
  • Don't grab what you don't love - That said, only grab what you love, otherwise you'll find yourself walking around the convention lugging several pounds of items you'll never use or appreciate.

What other must-haves do you pack for conventions? Visit us on Facebook and share!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Travel Tips When Coming to Vegas

Travel Tips When Coming to Las Vegas

You may have your trip to Las Vegas planned to the minute, but how are you getting there? Traveling into Las Vegas can be a breeze or a nightmare and planning ahead can help with some of the headaches. Use these travel tips when coming to Las Vegas and come ready to enjoy!

Pre-Mail Your Luggage
One of the biggest time wasters isn't security or check-in, it's waiting for luggage. Thankfully, with services like LuggageForward, you can send your bags to the hotel so you only need to grab a taxi. An added perk is you eliminate the possibility of the airport losing your luggage altogether.

Take the Monorail
Once you're on the Strip, there's no need to continue with taxis. The monorail provides a fast and cheap way to see the wonders of the Strip. While the entrance to the casinos may be a walk, it provides a great way to see all the casinos at your leisure.

Book Your Flight Today
When's the best time to get the cheapest flight? While it used to be easy to fly into Las Vegas, some airlines have reduced their flights into Las Vegas in the face of a stumbling economy. That means less seats and more money to buy them. Get started early in searching for your flight, preferably three to four months in advance.

But Don't Forget Southwest
If you're using a travel site aggregator like Kayak or Travelocity, you're missing a big contender in the Las Vegas flight market. Southwest Airlines does not advertise on those sites but does fly directly to Las Vegas from multiple markets. Before booking you ticket, make sure Southwest can't offer you an easier flight.

Drivers Beware
If you're entering Las Vegas by car, schedule your trip for early weekdays. On Friday night, the traffic to Las Vegas can stretch to the border of Nevada. If you're coming from Los Angeles or a nearby city, it may be worth booking a limo to get into the Vegas frame of mind and avoid driving through the traffic altogether.

And Take the Scenic Route
There's a lot to see on a road trip to Las Vegas, if you're willing to take the time. Rather than rushing to Las Vegas, enjoy a small detour on Route 66 or a drive to the Hoover Dam. Taking your time with your drive will help you arrive relaxed and ready to take on the Entertainment Capital of the World. If you want to head straight to Vegas, thankfully you can also arrange to see these sites from the Strip. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ground Tours of Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, you likely think of the Strip with its flashing lights, casinos, and shows. However, there is so much more to Vegas than this. VegasDaze offers a wide variety of ground tours sure to take the fun up a notch. Check out the following ground tours of Vegas to enjoy on your next stay and have the vacation of a lifetime.

Mini Baja Buggy Half-Day Tour
Picture yourself behind the wheel of a desert racer, driving through rugged terrain, feeling the adrenaline rush. This tour is for the adventurous and is sure to bring a thrill as you cover 10 to 15 miles in your desert cruiser. This tour is 3.5 hours door to door and includes a 30 minute ride in either a one, two, four, or six seat desert cruiser.

Grand Canyon Cavern Tour
Horseback Ground Tour in Las VegasThis tour takes you 210 feet below ground, where a guide will take you through the Grand Canyon Caverns in Peach Springs, Arizona. This is your chance to learn about these magnificent limestone caves, which remain at 57 degrees throughout the year. You'll also see a variety of other points of interest, such as a mummified bobcat and even snowball formations. This 9 to 10 hour tour includes lunch at the iconic Rosie's Diner, a stop at Hoover Dam, Joshua Tree Forest, and more.

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt
This tour takes you to Goodsprings, Nevada, where you'll take a walking tour of the town's most haunted spots. This isn't just a storytelling tour. You'll even have your own ghost hunting equipment in the dark of the night. You'll go through a cemetery, visit an abandoned miner's cabin, and more. This 4 hour tour also includes a pizza party at the historic Pioneer Saloon & Gallery.

The Maverick Breakfast Horseback Ride
Start your morning off right with a cowboy breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, flapjacks, and orange juice at a ranch in Red Rock, Arizona. After you've had your share, saddle up for an hour long horseback ride along a desert trail. Keep your eyes peeled for jack rabbits, big horn sheep, and other wildlife. This 5 hour tour also includes a stop at Cowboy Town and Petting Zoo.

The Walking Gourmet
If you're a foodie, then this 3 - 3.5 hour food tour is for you. On this tour, you'll make four to five stops and have two to four delicious gourmet tastings, plus drinks. The last stop even includes dessert. Choose between the Culinary Mystery Tour-Mandalay Bay and the Culinary Mystery Tour-Palazzo.

You don't want to miss out on these exciting tours. Book online or call VegasDaze at 855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 and reserve your Vegas ground tour today!

Friday, March 4, 2016

What to Expect on a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

What better way to tour the Grand Canyon than by air? There’s a reason why helicopters are associated with the rich and famous – it’s a fantastic, luxurious way to travel, offering truly unique vantage points. Whether you’d like a relatively short flight or would prefer an excursion of several hours, complete with a landing in the canyon, there are plenty of tours to choose from.

You’ll travel in modern, air-conditioned luxury as you enjoy breathtaking sights people come from all over the world to appreciate. Be sure to bring your camera along to capture the sights!

A helicopter tour will make any trip special and provide memories to last a lifetime. You’ll have certified pilots and knowledgeable guides who will offer unique insights about the Grand Canyon’s history, including entertaining local legends. If you’d also like to see other sites, such as the Hoover Dam, several flights travel to additional landmarks.

The following helicopter tours of Las Vegas are extremely popular with clients from the U.S. and abroad who have enjoyed the trip of a lifetime:

VIP Skywalk Tour
Explore the Grand Canyon, and for a truly one-of-a-kind view, see more from the Skywalk, a glass-bottomed observation deck. You’ll also be able to view the West Rim, Fortification Hill (an extinct volcano), Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the glittery Las Vegas Strip.

The West Rim Landing
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours
See Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon all in one tour! You’ll have an exclusive landing spot deep inside the canyon, where you’ll be able to explore the area as well.

Western Escape
Begin your trip by flying over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill, and Temple Rock. Your next destination will be the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, where you’ll be able to explore the Hualapai Village and interact with tribe members. For an amazing view, check out the Skywalk observation deck.

Sunset Deluxe
A tour of man-made and natural wonders, this sunset tour takes you into the Grand Canyon, where you’ll land in the Hualapai Indian Territory. You’ll also get to see Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill, Colorado River, and the glittering Las Vegas Strip.

South Rim Express
Travel over the lush Kaibab National Forest, the Tower of Ra, and Vishnu Schist, the Grand Canyon’s oldest rock layer. You’ll also get to see Dragon Corridor, the canyon’s widest, deepest area.
Canyon Air Express
Experience the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas from the air as your see Hoover Dam, Lake Las Vegas, Fortification Hill, the Black Canyon, and Las Vegas Valley. You’ll fly close enough to Lake Mead to spot the area’s wildlife!

Rim Dancer
This tour begins on the South Rim, above the Kaibab National Forest, with the North Rim coming into view as you fly. You’ll see sights including Sea Point Imperial (the canyon’s northernmost point), and the Tower of Ra.

For more information about helicopter tours of Las Vegas, call the VegasDaze staff at 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leap Year and Other Wonders

You're the type of person who celebrates St. Patrick's Day – and you're not even Irish. You roll out the snacks to watch the Big Game – and you don't even follow football. You get into the spirit of events, large and small. And since going to Las Vegas requires a leap of imagination, you shouldn't be surprised to know this city will appeal to your celebratory instincts on leap day, too.

Like all leap years, leap year 2016 takes place on February 29. Make the most of this “bonus day” with myriad activities on and around the Strip.

Marriage requires a leap of faith, and perhaps no one knows this better than the proprietors of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. They are offering several discounted packages on Feb. 29, including the fittingly named Leap Day Wedding Package. Couples determined to place a good bet on their future can enjoy a two-rose bouquet, boutonniere, courtesy limousine service, the services of a wedding coordinator, music, a candlelight ceremony and a small album of photos. A few openings are still available, but couples who wait too long might have to wait another four years for the opportunity.

You don't have to be a newlywed to enjoy the Leap Year “Get Ahead” Spring Show at Cashman Center, but it may help. Hundreds of exhibitors will do their best to cause the heart of any home enthusiast to do a leap of joy. Among the attractions: kitchen cabinets and counters, energy-efficient doors and windows, window treatments, solar panels, spas, pools, waterfalls and virtually anything a homeowner could want to spruce up their home, indoors or out. There will be so much to do and see that the event will take place over three days preceding leap day: Feb. 26, 27 and 28. Download two-for-one coupons as an extra bonus. 

You would expect some of Las Vegas' most famous hotels and attractions to get in on the leap year frivolities, and they won't disappoint on Feb. 29. "CSI: The Experience" at MGM Grand will offer free admission to anyone with a leap year birthday as well as half-off general admission. (The experience” allows visitors to “solve” mysteries in two state-of-the-art crime labs.) Meanwhile, the Rhumbar in the Mirage will host a patio party from 3 to 7 p.m. with “leap year-inspired drink specials” and dance music announced by DJ Larry Lynx.

If you're a “leapling” – someone who was born on a leap day – you might want to surround yourself with others who can identify with your birthday challenges. Cabo Mexican Restaurant will host a birthday party – complete with cake and champagne – starting at 6:30 p.m. and Madame Tussauds Las Vegas will offer complimentary general admission tickets to anyone who was born on Feb. 29.

No trip to Las Vegas would be complete without a tour of this dazzling city. The city's premier tour listing site – – offers a full array of  tours of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The challenge will be picking your favored vantage point; the company offers walking tours as well as tours on bus, Hummer, horseback or by plane or helicopter. Spend the better part of the day on a tour and you can be confident the memories will last another four years.


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