Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Opening of the SLS Las Vegas

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

We want to welcome a new addition to the Las Vegas Strip; SLS Las Vegas, we welcome you! If the Sahara were a living entity it would be in utter shock. It would see its transformation and do a double take; it would take some time for it to get used to with its clean lines, white walls, and new modern feel… but it would love the change!

Why stay at the SLS Las Vegas? With its three towers and 1,600 guest rooms you will be with like-minded individuals. The World Tower, Story Tower, and Lux Tower offer function, partying, and luxury, respectively. Business folks can get around easy while staying in the World Tower with its easy hotel access and the hotel’s “mostly” convenient location.

The décor of the SLS Las Vegas is getting mixed reviews. I would call it “industrial contemporary”. It’s not for everyone but it’s very “hipsterish” and fun. It’s high end. There’s a lot of white and a lot of grey and a lot of very cool art. I’ve heard the word “vertigo” mentioned several times when referring to the impact of the flooring and wall coverings – it would really mess with the drunks ;) If you don’t like modern, you won’t like the SLS Las Vegas.

The rooms are plain and functional with great attention to detail – although you might not notice. The look again, is clean. You’re not going to find frilly mirrors and antiques adorning the suites. You WILL find great toiletries, fantastically fluffy towels, and bed linens to die for.

There are a great line up of bars and restaurants. Bazaar Meats is not for you vegans or vegetarians. Katsuya is geared towards the hipster sushi lovers, Cleo offers Mediterranean cuisine. Wanting something more casual? SLS Las Vegas has a great line up: Umami Burgers, The Griddle Café and many others…and of course, the buffet. I wonder what would happen if a hotel/casino in Vegas didn’t put in a buffet?!

You don’t think I forgot about the gambling, did you? It’s standard Las Vegas. Tables and machines, machines and tables. The dealers deal cards, the patrons get drunk and play. There were a few lights and bells going off, there was shouting at the craps table…BUT with opening, I’m guessing they’ve loosened the games a little to get the people pouring in. The casino was PACKED – players and onlookers.

It’ll take time for the SLS Las Vegas to build a reputation. You’ll like this hotel or you won’t, there won’t be a whole lot of “in between”…and if you don’t like it then chances are, the hotel wasn’t marketing your demographic anyway!

Book all of your shows and activities in advance with VegasDaze. Be prepared! Call the staff at 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293 and ask them THEIR opinion of the new SLS – they won’t lie!

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