Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Las Vegas Restaurants with a View - Nom nom :P

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Some people want fantastic food when they go out for a meal and others, well others just want a view! Have you ever met one of those people? They drag you out to “the best restaurant EVER” and you find yourself gnawing on overcooked shrimp and a watered down margarita while they ogle the view and rave about the restaurant? It’s a terrible situation to be in.  It leaves you wondering if they really are THAT taken by the view that they don’t notice the food leaves much to be desired OR if they are just truly delusional and think they’ve just spent their hard earned money on a fabulous meal. Here in Las Vegas you can have it all – great food, great service, great ambiance, AND a GREAT VIEW! Las Vegas Restaurants with a view know what it takes to be top notch and give patrons what they want…and more! We like luck in Vegas so here’s the LUCKY SEVEN Las Vegas Restaurants with a view that we suggest you check out. 

Las Vegas Restaurants with a View - View of Las Vegas at night
Photo Courtesy of Missy S.

1. Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel Casino is a classy joint, complete with spectacular view and gourmet menu. 100 feet above the Strip, this French restaurant has been sited time and time again as having one of the best views in the city. Caviar followed by a warm lobster salad… delish! (Strip View)

2. Alize French restaurant at the Palms has a seven course tasting menu that will tickle your palette and fill you up. Alizé also has an a la carte menu so enjoy your pheasant, duck, or ginger ice cream (or all of the above!) while scoping out the cityscape from the 57th floor! When it comes to Las Vegas Restaurants with a view it's hard to beat this one! (Strip View)

3. Top of the World at Stratosphere rotates 360 degrees every 80 minutes – it’s true. The WHOLE restaurant moves but don’t worry, it’s such a slow process that the only way you’ll notice is by the changing scene of the valley. Lobster tail and King crab legs just taste better at 800 feet above the Strip ;) (Valley/City View)

4. Binion’s Ranch Steakhouse is located on the 23rd floor of Binion’s Casino on Fremont Street. The nostalgia, the ambiance, the food, the view…it’s all amazing. The prices are a little more “gentle” than some of the restaurants on the Strip but that doesn’t diminish the quality! If steak and taters are your thing, head here! (Downtown View)

5. miX at Mandalay Bay puts you at eye-level with the helicopters you see buzzing around the city! Our list of Las Vegas Restaurants with a view can't exclude miX! A spectacular place to meet up for some intimate drinks. There’s plenty of room to mingle and if you’re in the mood for some fine dining, grab a booth and try something new from their menu. (Strip View)

6. Panevino Ristorante is not located on the Strip but it has a great panoramic view of the city. Dark and cozy with good drinks and decent food you’ll find this restaurant that is located near the airport to be a pleasant place to watch the Vegas sunset. IMO there are a few too many business travelers at Panevino, alone, working on their laptops…it kills the ambiance for me. BUT it’s still making the list because that is the ONLY not-so-great thing I can say about it. (City View)

7. Lindo Michoacan in Henderson is also not on the Strip but the food is KILLER, the drinks are plentiful, the staff is amazing, and the view is spectacular. You really see EVERYTHING from this restaurant. It’s like zooming out when you’re looking at picture – you’ll notice things you’ve never noticed before about the landscape of our valley. Try one of their massive burritos followed with some fried ice cream. Nom nom! (Valley View)

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