Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Best Places to Eat Outside on the Las Vegas Strip - Nom nom!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

With all the hustle and bustle, the amazing views, the crazy people, the neon lights, why would you want to eat INSIDE? Air conditioning? Pftttt, who needs that ;) Most restaurants have misters that will keep you cool so that you can enjoy some space in the shade under an umbrella! Where are the best places to eat outside on the Las Vegas Strip? There are a few! You’re right, there are more than a “few”, there are many. HOWEVER, there are a handful that we suggest you try out.

best places to eat outside on the Las Vegas Strip - Mon Ami Gabi
By Britt Reints
Mon Ami Gabi is at the top of my list. Love the food, love the service, love the atmosphere, love the people watching! Authentic French cuisine and a lengthy wine list will hit the spot while you people watch from the patio that overlooks the Strip.

Sugar Factory has a nice patio on the Strip. Colorful and kickback, this restaurant serves it up American – everything from steaks to burgers. I’d suggest getting one of their goblets filled with delicious alcohol and dry ice! They’re not cheap but they’re fun…and they emit a FOG (in more ways than one)! “Always Open”, the Sugar Factory is a great place to pop in, sit on the patio, and enjoy something from their extensive dessert list.

best places to eat outside on the Las Vegas Strip - Gilly's
By Michael Dorausch
Gilly’s Saloon has an enclosed patio on the Strip. A great place for BBQ and drink specials, there’s always something going on. Spend some time drinking whiskey on the patio and then go on inside and take a ride on the mechanical bull. I DARE you!

Serendipity 3 is famous for their frozen hot chocolate. Yes that’s right, Las Vegas comes up with EVERYTHING! This frozen cocoa is legendary…probably because it’s made with 20 different kinds of chocolate! Reminiscent of an old fashioned ice cream parlor, they have treats, dining, and drinking. The patio is located near the Bellagio fountains so if you’re lucky you’ll catch a cool breeze during the show! Its location alone makes it one of the best places to eat outside on the Las Vegas Strip!

best places to eat outside on the Las Vegas Strip - Margaritaville
By GothEric
Margaritaville has a patio with fantastic night views. It’s laid back, it’s fun, and it’s a constant party. With a full menu and full bar, you can’t go wrong. Grab some nachos and a table and look around at all the neon on the Strip. I’ve never been there and had slow service. Meals are pretty generic but the view makes up for that!

Carlos’n Charlie’s is traditional Mexican with personality. Dancing on chairs, singing, performing…the staff is great! On this patio you don’t have to worry about trying to carry on a conversation. There are PLENTY of distractions! With all the activity PLUS the multiple drink specials, this is a great place for a date you don’t really want to be on ;)

best places to eat outside on the Las Vegas Strip - Cabo Wabo
By Total13
Cabo Wabo Cantina has a strip-side patio where patrons can be found hollering and hanging from the rails. This patio restaurant makes our list of best places to eat outside on the Las Vegas Strip because when walking by, there is just so much fun happening! Always a party, head there for a fat and tasty breakfast burrito after a night of partying - recover and carry on!

P.F. Chang’s is last on my list. It has a perfect patio dining experience for those that aren’t after the party…for those that would rather relax and indulge in some fried rice and Mongolian beef (YUM)! Yes it’s a chain restaurant so you fully know what to expect from the menu to the ambiance.

When you’re trying to figure out the best places to eat outside on the Las Vegas Strip OR if you’re wanting some ideas of Vegas activities to do while you’re in town, the knowledgeable Vegas Daze staff is here to assist! Call 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293 now!

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