Thursday, June 26, 2014

Adult Time Needed

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

adult fun in Las Vegas
Photo Courtesy of Martin Cathrae
There’s nothing better than adult fun in Las Vegas. C’mon now. Who really comes here vying for Circus Circus’ loud, child-filled areas or wanting to shop their ENTIRE vacation?! There might be a few of you out there but even you can’t ignore the draw of an adult play date. Vegas is all about adults doing wild and crazy things!

Ever been to a topless pool? Maybe the time is now! Adult fun in Las Vegas MUST include releasing your “girls” and letting them catch a few rays! Bare Pool at Mirage is your one stop shop for boobies of all shapes and sizes! Going topless is liberating and way of life for many people – experience it firsthand to see for yourself. The see through infinity pool is the main attraction at Bare, putting all on display like fish in a prized salt water aquarium. You’ll stare at first…but you’ll soon get used to all the boobies and your eyes will wander back to the person’s face of whom you are conversing with.

Strip clubs in Las Vegas are another great play date for adults. Yes, you can find the seedy, shady, drug infested kind if that’s your thing. If it’s not, I suggest the Spearmint Rhino. Why? First of all, they have bottle service starting at $250 which is WAY cheap in las Vegas. Adult fun in Las Vegas will come in the form of Mephis, Rae, and Mi Mi…yes, yes, these are the names of the adult entertainers at Spearmint. Three stages, open seating, decent food, and fantastic drinks…oh and the HOT WOMEN make this classy strip club a must-do on your Vegas list.

Bars are the perfect place for adult fun in Las Vegas. They’re safe - they don’t make you squirm in discomfort like some strip bars do. Get wild, get crazy, and get out there and grab a drink or a whole bucket of beer…whatever suits your fancy! MiX would be my choice in an adult meetup session. This bar has fantastic views of the Strip with its floor to ceiling windows, seating is plentiful AND standing area is even more plentiful. These are all very important things when you get out to mingle with all the beautiful people ;)

Perhaps a show is more your speed. I’m going to recommend
adult fun in Las Vegas - Absinthe
Photo Courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski
Absinthe. I recommend it to everyone because it’s such a small venue, it’s a little bit “dirty” and a lot of fun! It’s “comedy” material is definitely geared towards adults. Get seats in the front and you or one of your friends is likely to get pulled up on stage…maybe to do a lap dance for another patron…who knows! You can have fun and embarrass your friends all at the same time!

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