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Ten Things We are Thankful for in Las Vegas – A Local’s Perspective

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Vegas’ 10 best things? ONLY ten? Nearly an impossible task to whittle it down that far but I guess I have to! As locals we are thankful for so many things in Vegas…which is probably why we live here ;) Sure it gets a bit hot and the electric bill MIGHT exceed $500 on occasion but that’s the price we pay for living in such a diverse community with so much to do!

10 best things to do in Las Vegas - Las Vegas sunset
Photo Courtesy of That Dam Kat
#1 Sunshine
Did I mention it’s sunny here? Well, it is. Almost constantly. Yippppeee if you like sunshine! Here’s a fun fact: On average there are 210 days of completely blissful sun and another 82 days of partial sun!  That’s a whole lot of sun. We might have an annual sunblock budget that is a smidge higher than our friends in Washington State ;) It’s nearly impossible to be pale and/or have insufficient vitamin D here in Las Vegas which is why it has made the list of 10 best things to do in Las Vegas!

#2 The Strip
It’s true that locals don’t hit the Strip as often as people would think. HOWEVER, just knowing that all that sin and debauchery is at our fingertips is enough! The lights, the casinos, the sounds and smells – they all create an experience that keep you going back for more. Can’t sleep? Hit the Strip! Oh and people watching is beyond PHENOMENAL there! 

#3 Nightclubs
Who can forget nightclubs! It’s a hodgepodge of people from all walks of life trying to experience the bar scene! Why do locals go to places like XS, Tao, and Pure? To watch you hopeless tourists getting your drink on and put your best drunken foot forward while on “hootchie patrol”. It’s great. You have no idea how ridiculous you all look trying to dance the dance. The best part – watching the super cocky get shot down ;)

10 best things to do in Las Vegas - Lake Mead
Photo Courtesy of Mispahn
#4 Lake Mead
This 247 square miles of gorgeous lake, ties into the Colorado River just 24 miles from the Las Vegas Strip and is one of the 10 best things to do in Las Vegas. With so much to do, multiple return trips are inevitable and never mean anything but fun and tranquility! Locals enjoy boating and drinking and hiking and even the occasional Hoover Dam experience!

#5 Red Rock
Red Rock is just minutes west of Las Vegas and is a nature lover’s dream. This conservation area is home to multiple dirt trails that provide to be a challenge for even the best of hikers. Your average trail becomes a whole lot more intense when you suck every last bit of moisture out of the air and have a giant, inescapable heat lamp blaring down on you. Sometimes all you can do is wish you were skinny enough that the scraggly cactus would provide even the tiniest bit of shade!

#6 Plethora of Activities
Yes, this is pretty general BUT it’s so accurate I couldn’t leave it out. Activities are endless in Las Vegas and could fill up days upon weeks upon months of any local’s times. You can go see the Blue Man Group, go to comedy clubs, take helicopter tours of the city, go horseback riding, go on a dune buggy tour…there are ghost tours and drinking tours and gambling and strip bars and bunny ranches…

#7 Food Variety/Quality
A Foodie will not go hungry in our city – well, I’m guessing it’s highly unlikely a Foodie will go hungry anywhere! FOOD is definitely one of Vegas’ 10 best things! I know a few locals that live here soley for the variety of food in Sin City. From Steak Houses to Cantinas, from pizza joints to French food, we have it all. Every celebrity chef who is anyone has a restaurant in this city! Nom nom!

10 best things to do in Las Vegas - Mandalay Bay wave pool
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Sandquist
#8 Pools
With the sun and heat come pools. SOOOO many pools and you can buy a pass even if you aren’t staying at one of the hotels. Yes, that’s right, when you’re rushing down to the pool to save your lounge at the crack of dawn, some of those greedy critters are locals. It somehow seems unfair that we should be afforded the same luxuries as someone visiting but I ASSURE YOU, they make us pay a pretty penny to access the pool and cool down. Hard Rock has my favorite pool – mainly because you can drink and gamble while in the pool!

#9 Downtown Fremont Street
It’s really fun to head down to Fremont Street for some cheap thrills. It’s a whole lot less costly than the Strip so your dime goes a lot further (is that saying outdated or what?)! You can find $3 tables during the day and even at night on occasion! They have food specials galore, a zip line, and stages with live entertainment. Leave your Miu Miu heels in the room, grab those flip-flops, and stagger around the area for a while – act like a local!

#10 Family Activities
With all of the adult activities in Las Vegas there are an equal amount of family friendly activities. 10 best things to do in Las Vegas DO include family activities. Aquariums, Wet ‘N’ Wild Water Park, children’s museums, parks, lakes, pools… as locals, our kids are spoiled. They have no idea what it’s like to have to tip cows for fun!

The talented locals at Vegas Daze can arrange the perfect activities to suit your vacation. Call them at 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293 and get ready for the time of your life!

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