Thursday, April 17, 2014

The High Roller Opening and What to Expect

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

High Roller Las Vegas, Ferris wheel Las Vegas - marqueHigh Roller Las Vegas will be opening… SOMEDAY. Is that a fair answer? It was initially scheduled to be open second quarter of this year, then at some point they moved it to early 2014. That timeline was a flop! The Ferris wheel Las Vegas should be open to the public "in one or two weeks" - at least that's what the lobby greeters told me! I know many people are disappointed in the delay but let’s think about this rationally… You’re going to be dangling 550 feet in the sky on a rotating, man-made contraption and your life literally depends on its stability – LET’S NOT RUSH THIS!
High Roller Las Vegas, Ferris wheel Las Vegas - line to enter podHigh Roller Las Vegas, Ferris wheel Las Vegas - mural

The entrance to the High Roller Las Vegas has a giant flashy marque on the front of a very traditional looking brick building. There’s a “greeter” or two in the lobby to answer questions. The lobby contains pictures of the Ferris wheel’s construction - the sheer logistics of creating this beast can be better realized by looking at the perspective in these pictures. A pop art mural of the High Roller Las Vegas and the Strip adorn this lobby and I’m convinced it’s to distract you from the sheer terror you’re about to experience! Ok, that’s not fair…not everyone is afraid of heights.

High Roller Las Vegas, Ferris wheel Las Vegas - High Roller
Tickets are not for sale yet but are expected to be $25-$35. Once open you will enter a “pod” with 39 of your closest friends ;) You’ll enjoy air conditioning for the half hour it will take you to do one rotation and you won’t have to worry about people smoking because it’s banned. What’s not banned? The almighty alcoholic beverage! Let me tell you this, just standing near this thing makes me want to drink my weight in Jack Daniel’s…in fact, it’d probably take more than a fifth to get me on this thing!

When you're done, take a wander down the "cobble stone" street and visit the shops OR stop for lunch at the Tilted Kilt, Haute Dog, or one of the many other restaurants. They've done a decent job at creating an area to get your drink on!

My only question is, “Why so secretive about the Ferris Wheel Las Vegas?”  They’ve got to know at this point when it’s going to be open to the public and how much it’s going to cost. These things take preparation – training employees, programing computers, concierge communications. Perhaps their marketing approach is to create questions and suspense. If that’s the case, I’d say they’ve succeeded! Make sure you tell US about your High Roller Las Vegas experience in the comments section!

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