Sunday, March 16, 2014

Walking Tours around Las Vegas!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Walking tours in Las Vegas provide visitors to Sin City a way to see specific genres in our town while getting their fitness on! While known for the nightlife, the glamor and glitz, drinking, gambling, and clubbing – all of which we embrace and LOVE, Vegas has a “softer” side that’s equally as fantastic. If you follow this blog you know how well-rounded this town is – drink Jack and Coke for breakfast, hike through some rocky terrain in the afternoon, head to church at night… we’re kind of like a fruit salad here in Las Vegas. The five walking tours we recommend are much the same – five tours for five different walks of life!

Animal Tour
walking tours in Las Vegas - Flamingo Habitat
Photo Courtesy of Justin Otto
If you’re a true animal enthusiast this might be the walking tour for you OR it might be the one to avoid. I’ll be honest, Vegas isn’t the best place to see animals but some people insist we have a good variety here. 1) Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, 2) Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, 3) Aquarium at the Mirage, and 4) Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at Mirage.

Nightlife Tour
walking tours in Las Vegas  - Tryst Nightclub
Photo Courtesy of Trisha Fawver
Vegas is famous for its nightlife – duh! Unless you’re a super, sexy female complete with pushup bra, cover charges can break you! You can avoid them by loitering around the hotels where the clubs are housed and get added to the VIP lists or get handed some free passes. Starting at the south end of the trip, this “trail of clubs” will ensure a drunken good time. Stumble your way to the north end of the Strip and take a cab home! 1) LAX Nightclub at Luxor, 2) Hakkasan’s at MGM, 3) Pure at Caesars, 4) Tao at Venetian, 5) XS at Encore – Prince Harry has been caught here, and 6) Tryst at Wynn.

Nature Tour
walking tours in Las Vegas - Lovell Canyon Straights
Photo Courtesy of Joe Frisino
When it comes to walking tours in Las Vegas, this one will take all day (maybe two if you’re slow) and you’ll want to line up transportation from one stop to the next! Here. We. Go. 1) Red Rock Canyon has two trails you’ll want to try out – White Rock Loop and The Potato Knoll, 2) Goldstrike Hot Springs – BEWARE, very strenuous if you make it to the river, and 3) Lovell Canyon Trail – an easy hike through wooded areas.

Art and Culture Tour
walking tours in Las Vegas - Neon Boneyard
Photo Courtesy of twodolla
A cultural cesspool we are not. While Las Vegas hasn’t always been thought of as a place of Art and Culture, there’s a growing awareness. The presence is making a HUGE leap in our city and so much of it is thought provoking and enjoyable. Stops on this 5ish hour walking tour in Las Vegas include: 1) The Neon Boneyard - where all old signs go to live out their golden years ;) Each piece tells a story and is in and of itself a work of art. 2) Emergency Arts - where you’ll find dancers, writers, artists, musicians and others showcased in downtown Las Vegas. 3) The Arts Factory - located in an old downtown warehouse houses a plethora of art and photography studios. 4) Bellagio Gallery - on the Strip is a fine art gallery displaying various collections on loan from museums across the world. 5) The Cosmopolitan hosts some great art in the second floor hallway – with sculptures and fun, giant, high heel shoes, you can’t go wrong! 6) City Center’s gallery row hosts various artists and they have over two dozen pieces in their permanent collection spread across their properties. Just ask a concierge for a map!

Shopping Tour
walking tours in Las Vegas  - City Center
Photo Courtesy of Jim G
Shopping centers have popped up everywhere over the past decade. I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m thinking we’re going to be the next NYC or Paris ;) Really! Runway shows in Vegas? Sounds like a plan to me! This is one of the walking tours in Las Vegas that can take from 3 hours to ALL DAY (or longer). Upscale shops and your everyday favorites can be found at the following: 1) Crystals at City Center, 2) Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, 3) Forum Shops at Caesars, 4) Grand Canal Shops at Venetian, 5) The Shoppes at Palazzo, and 5) Fashion Show Mall.

Walking tours not your thing? Reach out to the friendly professionals at Vegas Daze at 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293 to schedule some helicopter tours, horseback tours, or various other fun activities!

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