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Do Vegas in 24 Hours!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

DO NOT over plan what to do in Las Vegas if you only have 24 hours. Just.don’ You’ve been warned! There is so much to experience… the old adage “different strokes for different folks” holds true in Sin City. You’ll stumble onto things that “trip your trigger” and “tickle your fancy” – ok, I’m done with cliché sayings ;) I WILL tell you not to venture too far off the Strip because, well, “who’s got time for that”? (OK, so I guess I wasn’t done with cliché sayings after all!) If you’re a stickler for a timeline, here’s EXACTLY how to spend 24 hours in Las Vegas.

What to do in Las Vegas - Buffet
Photo Courtesy of Inazakira
Pick a BUFFET to start the day. You’ll need to fuel up because there’s a whole lotta physical activity about to be had! Buffets are “what to do in Las Vegas”, the gold standard if you will. In fact, I’m not sure how we’ve avoided the nickname “Buffet City”! Every hotel has a decent buffet so don’t get too picky.

You’ll spend most of your time walking so make sure you have on some comfy clothes, sunglasses, camera, and most importantly, good shoes – no Jimmy Choo’s for this activity! Pick an end of the Strip and START YOUR WALKING! WALK through ALL the major hotels because each one has a different ambiance and many are even themed. They spend “an arm and a leg” on décor and design, and the scale is so immense that you’ll ogle over the details.

You’re in Vegas so you have to GAMBLE. Even if you’ve never sat at a table before, when you’re asked “what to do in Las Vegas”, it’s a MUST! The dealers are friendly and helpful for the most part so don’t feel intimidated – they’re merely there to take your money ;) Tip: if you’re new to gambling try Blackjack or Craps and avoid Poker. Why? Because Poker is more of nonsocial game.

What to do in Las Vegas - Bellagio Gardens
Photo Courtesy of Bshamblen
A must do are the BOTANICAL GARDENS AT BELLAGIO; they boast a phenomenal colorful display of flowers, bridges, and seasonal objects. Over 120 employees create whimsical scenes in this glass enclosure, which takes up over 13,000 square feet of the Bellagio, just past its main lobby. Check out the floral arrangements in the lobby as you head to the gardens…they’re fit for a palace!

Trying to decide what to do in Las Vegas next? You’re at the Bellagio already so wait around and cool off with the mist pouring off the BELLAGIO FOUNTAINS. This spectacular show is free and gorgeous! The water dances and plays to music in a gravity defying show. Colored lights add to the beauty of the twirling waters.

Head over for a GONDOLA RIDE AT VENETIAN and then walk through the Canal Shops. When you have a chance to get out of the Vegas weather, you take it! You’ll enjoy the painted ceilings and the cobblestone walks.

what to do in Las Vegas - Eiffle Tower
Photo Courtesy of Glen Scarborough
It’s nearing dinnertime and while the buffet has gotten you through the WHOLE DAY, you need to eat again! THE EIFFLE TOWER Restaurant at Paris Hotel Casino is a classy French restaurant, 100 feet above the Strip. You’ll enjoy the food AND the spectacular view while the sun is setting. This also gives your “barking dogs” a chance to rest.

Wondering what to do in Las Vegas at night? Visit the VOLCANO AT MIRAGE, sometime between 7pm and 11pm on the hour, any night of the week! The pyrotechnics of the volcano with its explosions and shooting balls of fire will make you wonder if you’re at the site of a real volcano ;) Ok, not even close but it’s still pretty neat!

FREMONT STREET EXPERIENCE is the only exception I’ll let you make to staying on the Strip – you have to veer off just a bit to get there. It gives a person a taste of what Vegas was all about decades ago, with a sprinkle of 21st century flair! Fremont Street itself is a walking street covered by a 90 foot high canopy. Different themed (from 70’s to aliens) light shows fill the canopy like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

What to do in Las Vegas - Fremont Street
Photo Courtesy of amitrunchal
End your night by walking through the casinos on Freemont Street, aka GLITTER GULCH. From The Golden Nugget to Binions you’ll experience a whole different Las Vegas! Cheaper minimums on table might draw you in OR you might just like to reflect on the more historical décor.

Vegas Daze can offer up more options or activities for your 24 hour stay in Las Vegas. Call the Vegas gurus at 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293 now!

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