Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day Trips from Las Vegas!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Day trips from Vegas are the perfect way to help you recuperate from your time spent in a smoke-filled casino. Nature is calling your name! Do you hear it? Listen closely…closer…closer. There is SO much to do and see in our great basin – things that will make you forget you’re vacationing in the heart of Sin City. Vegas is the perfect marriage of city life and nature settings!

Daytrips from Las Vegas, day trips from Vegas - Valley of Fire
Rock formation photo courtesy of Larry Lobster
Valley of Fire
Just an hour north of Las Vegas you will find a majestic piece of nature complete with big horned sheep. Hiking provides hours of scenic views – the rock formations and their ever-changing hues will force out the cameras in hopes of capturing just a fraction of their beauty. Not up for hiking? Daytrips from Las Vegas like this one are also perfect for a family drive complete with picnic! A great spot for small children, this place has more rocks and dirt to play with than they could possibly ever dream of!

Daytrips from Las Vegas, day trips from Vegas - Red Rock Canyon
Photo Courtesy of Rennett Stowe
Red Rock National Conservation Area
Red Rock is a favorite for our local cyclists and hikers, as it is literally less than five minutes west of Las Vegas and provides great trails. There are trails for all levels – I see little old women scooting along out there! Start your morning with a hike while it’s still cool and then head over for a Wild West Sunset BBQ Dinner Ride. This horseback ride will allow you to saddle up and roam the rock formations, hopefully spying a long horned sheep along the way – these sheep are a big deal around here! However you prefer to explore Red Rock Canyon, you can’t make a bad choice.

day trips from Vegas, daytrips from Las Vegas - The Narrows
The Narrows. Photo Courtesy of Sara Brewer
Zion National Park
We’ll continue with our day trips from Vegas topic by taking a look at Zion National Park. It takes only two and a half hours by car from Las Vegas. This is a National Park Vacation worth the trip! TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS have went into the gorgeous, weather-carved, seven layered terrain! There are many ways to see the scenery of Zion National Park; horseback riding, jeep tours, driving tours, and biking to name just a few! If you only do ONE HIKE there EVER, hike “the Narrows”! Well, unless you have little ones that you’re not willing to help through the deep waters. What is deep you ask? I’m 5’9” and it came up to my chest in some places – I’d say that’s pretty deep! 

Day trips from Las Vegas, daytrips from Vegas - Death Valley
Photo Courtesy of Ken Lund
Death Valley National Park
3.4 million acres of HOT DRY DESERT, just a couple hours from Las Vegas, is what this park is all about. The hottest and driest spot with the lowest elevation in North America, drives one million visitors there annually. There’s hiking and biking and guided trail tours that are tons of fun when the weather cooperates. Take the time to explore Furnace Creek and then cool off with an inside tour of Scotty’s Castle House. My tip: Take LOTS of water, take rags to wet and put around your neck and seek shade when it gets too hot – heatstroke is a serious thing.

Day trips from Las Vegas, daytrips from Vegas - Mt. Charleston
Photo Courtesy of Melissa Lynn II
Mount Charleston
In a mere 40 minutes you can leave the Las Vegas Strip and be 30 degrees cooler in Mount Charleston – it’s true, elevation is a wondrous thing! The scenic drive up is relaxing while the trails and wildlife provide endless entertainment provided free, courtesy of Mother Nature. You can even ski in the winter when snow is covering the mountain. Grab a bite to eat at the lodge and go explore for the day!
Daytrips from Las Vegas, day trips from Vegas - Grand Canyon
Photo Courtesy of Grand Canyon NSP

Grand Canyon
You don’t want to miss is a trip to the Grand Canyon. Whether by ground or air, this magnificent feat of nature is a force to be reckoned with! A helicopter tour is a great way to experience this and will expose your senses to a breathtaking, panoramic bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Damn, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River. Even after one of these day trips from Vegas, you’ll be left wanting more!

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