Thursday, February 6, 2014

Proposal Locations for that Special Question!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Proposals. Intense, exciting, emotional. It’s the first step in planning out forever – and let’s face it, forever is a REALLY long time! People find out you’re engaged and what’s the first thing they ask? HOW DID HE PROPOSE?!?!?! Men, do you want your ladies to tell people that you proposed at your place, on some random night because you couldn’t get a little more creative – or do a quick Google search? Trust me, you’ll want to avoid future wrath and do this the right way! I’m here to help so have no fear! Where’s the best place to propose in Las Vegas, you ask? I’ll one up you and give you FIVE fantastic places to pop that special question.

best place to propose in Las Vegas - Helicopter Tour of the Strip
Neon Nights Air Tour
Who would forget a proposal in a helicopter?! It is by far the best place to propose in Las Vegas. The Neon Nights air tour will take you over the famous Las Vegas Strip - casino signs blazing and lights flashing. Cozied up with your love, taking in the cityscape… making that moment just all that more magical and meaningful by proposing to your sweetie high above the streets below. 

Would you rather make a public spectacle of the moment you get down on bended knee? (Yes, unless you have some medical issue that prevents it OR you’re 102 years old, there’s no excuse to remain standing while proposing.) The Bellagio fountains with their whimsical yet powerful blasts of perfectly orchestrated dancing water provide the perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal. Spectators will clap and carry on making the occasion one you will never forget – definitely making the list of the best places to propose in Las Vegas.  
best place to propose in Las Vegas - Red Rock Canyon view
Photo Courtesy of Amanda Miles
Take a moment to breath before popping the question at the overlook at Red Rock Canyon. Beautiful at all hours, the sun will resonate off the peaks and valleys, changing from minute to minute. A dream come true! Mother Nature has provided the perfect setting, now all you have to do is come up with the perfect proposal! Don’t sweat the proposal too much – she’ll still love you and find you even more endearing if you slip-up a little ;)

Did you think proposing on a gondola was out of reach? Think again! The Venetian boasts a tranquil river where you will be serenaded as you float along. Your loved one will be taking in the scenery so she’ll be surprised to turn around and see you fumbling your words while holding out that dazzling ring. Remember, diamonds are forever ;) Rent out the entire gondola for privacy or gather some friends and family to help celebrate the moment. 

best place to propse in Las Vegas - Eiffel Tower at night
Photo Courtesy of Wouter Kiel
The Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Hotel Casino is a classy joint, complete with spectacular view and gourmet menu. 100 feet above the Strip, this French restaurant has been sited time and time again as having one of the best views in the city. A best place to propose in Las Vegas should include FOOD – this is it!

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