Friday, February 28, 2014

Guys' Weekend in Las Vegas!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Is it time for a guys’ weekend Vegas style? Now, I know what you’re thinking…”WHY would we listen to a GIRL when it comes to planning a GUYS getaway?” Well, here’s your answer- “As a girl, I know what “us girls” THINK you’ll be doing in Vegas therefore I know how to plan a weekend that will leave little for your girlfriend/wife to question!” Yep, that’s right boys, you’re never as sly as you think you are BUT if you plan enough activities on your guys’ weekend in Las Vegas, you can fill in the “gaps” with whatever stripper fantasies and “harmless” flirting that you want.

First things first, hotel accommodations- stay on the Strip. I don’t care if you can get a hotel cheaper and are “willing to walk” to the action. The fact is, you’re going to be drunk…probably really, really drunk, and trying to find your hotel when you’re done partying will be challenging at best. Yes, there are plenty of taxis in this town but do you really want to drive in circles while they rack up some miles on the journey back to your hotel? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now that that’s settled, the Venetian is a great hotel, convenient to most everything you’ll need for a guys’ weekend in Vegas!

Remember, planning LOTS of stuff to do is the key. Another area you, as men, fall short in is making the plans believable. I once had a boyfriend that told me him and his friends spent all day at the beach… yet upon his return he wasn't a shade darker than when he left! Let’s avoid all of that bizniz.

A round of golf at Royal Links Golf Club perhaps? If you don’t like golf, just say your friends do when you’re talking to your better half ;) This course is picturesque and designed by Perry Dye. You’ll get to sample eleven different British Open courses at Royal Links AND it’s open year round for your Vegas guys’ weekend!

Guys' weekend in Las Vegas - Craps table
Photo Courtesy of Runneralan2004
Gambling should fill the bulk of your weekend? Right? Well, the gaps anyway. What’s the saying? “Six and one half dozen of the other”…basically all gambling venues are the same (for the most part) so picking where to park yourself and give away your money shouldn't be too hard! Be adventurous and try a new game. Craps is SOOO much fun and it’s not as complicated as it looks!

Legasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo is the ultimate sports bar experience for a guy’s weekend in Las Vegas. If you want to bet on Las Vegas’ teams this is the…oh wait, we don’t have any professional teams here (weird, I know)! However, if you want to bet on any of the other teams, this is the place to go! Complete with stadium seating and 100 HD televisions, you won’t be disappointed…not to mention, with Emeril Lagasse being the owner, the food is several steps above your run-of-the-mill bar food!

V Bar at the Venetian is the perfect ultra lounge to spend an evening. Sleek and seductive, this bar was voted the best bar on the Strip and is also a favorite of celebrities. Happy hour is 5-8pm…plenty of time to get nice and liquored up before the DJ starts and you’re drawn to the dance floor to bust out some of moves you haven’t done since the 90’s…maybe 80’s? They have a contemporary venue and if you’re staying at the Venetian you can easily stagger back to your room when you’re done!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Locations and Famous People who have Tied the Knot in our Neon City!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of couples have tied the knot in Las Vegas Wedding Chapels, making Las Vegas the Wedding Capital of the WORLD! Famous weddings in Vegas range from outrageous and “over the top” to short, sweet and impromptu. Debauchery and alcohol often play a role in bad decisions and “what the heck have I done” morning after thoughts –but not always! Not surprisingly, the most popular wedding locations are the same ones frequented by the rich and famous. 

In 1966, singer Frank Sinatra and actress Mia Farrow were hitched at the chapel in the Sands – she was nearly 30 years younger and HE divorced HER!

famous weddings in Vegas, Las Vegas Wedding Chapels - Elvis and Priscilla
Photo Courtesy of Dan Perry
The King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Presley, and Priscilla were married in 1967, in a private ceremony that little is known about to this day! The Aladdin Hotel Chapel sure did a great job at keeping their lips sealed!

Former NBA player who left the league when he contracted HIV, Michael Jordon, married his beau, Juanita Vanoy in 1989 at the Little White Wedding Chapel. He has sense been cured of the disease and speaks out about the disease. 

famous weddings in Vegas, Las Vegas Wedding Chapels - Dennis Rodman
Photo Courtesy of OPEN Sports
Famous weddings in Vegas also include the 1998 marriage of former NBA player (and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un’s BFF) Dennis Rodman to Carmen Electra. Little Chapel of the Flowers hosted the event. Maybe he should have worn a wedding dress for the occasion ;)

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore also make the list for famous weddings in Vegas at The Little White Wedding Chapel. There WAS a time where she preferred men her own age ;)

famous weddings in Vegas, Las Vegas Wedding Chapels - Britney Spears
Photo Courtesy of Steven Ishiwara
Before Britney Spears went off the deep end, she married her childhood friend at The Little White Wedding Chapel. How long did that marriage last? Hopefully her new gig here in Vegas will last a little longer!

It’s hard to remember a time when actress Angelina Jolie wasn’t married to Brad Pitt. In 2000 she tied the knot with Billy Bob Thornton… remember them wearing vials of each other’s blood on chains around their neck? WEIRD!

Las Vegas wedding chapels sprinkle the landscape of Sin City – there’s something for everybody! Get married in a helicopter, on a plateau in the Grand Canyon, on horseback, by Elvis, at the famous Las Vegas sign, in a pink Cadillac, by a mobster…the list goes on and on and on!!

Call 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293 and the friendly staff at Vegas Daze will book a wedding experience that meets your every whim!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Romantic Weekend for a Couple in Las Vegas!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

It’s February – the month of love and romance. Are you due for a Las Vegas romantic getaway? Couples from all over the world venture to Las Vegas to get their romance on! From the kinky and unconventional to the traditional and sweet, Las Vegas can accommodate your definition of “romance”.

Intimate, private, luxurious rooms can make or break your Las Vegas romantic getaway… after all, you’re not going to rekindle that flame at a Roulette table! Couples wanting to get away from it all appreciate the variety and subtle differences in ambiance that Las Vegas can provide. The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons, Cosmopolitan, Aria, and Venetian all have suites to die for! Amazing, tranquil and romance inducing, you won’t be disappointed that you splurged for a suite. What you do in that suite is up to you - whips, chains, whipped cream ;)

You’re going to have to come up for air on your Las Vegas romantic getaway…you can’t live on lust alone for an entire weekend! Las Vegas can provide some very romantic settings amidst the raging parties and fast paced hustle and bustle.

The Bellagio fountains rate 5/5 stars on nearly every “customer rating” site out there. Playful and flirty, the fountains’ dancing water, fantasy invoking lights, and whimsical music are perfectly married, creating a breathtaking scene. The expansive pond of twirling and spinning fountains tantalizes your senses every 15 to 30 minutes. The dancing water blasts into the air, in perfect rhythm with the classical, opera, and show tunes that have been tastefully coordinated with the fountain’s “dance”. Cuddle up with your sweetie, bask in the lights, feel the mist, and just enjoy each other.

Mon Ami Gabi is a classic French bistro with great food and an even better ambiance! Sit on the patio overlooking the Strip, pull your chairs in close, and people watch while sipping on some fantastic wine. For added flair on your Las Vegas romantic getaway, plan your dinner around sunset ;)  

Las Vegas Romantic Getaway - Venetian gondola ride
Photo Courtesy of Ben Gillin
Kiss under each bridge for good luck on your romantic gondola ride. The Venetian boasts a tranquil river where you will be serenaded as you float along, remembering all the reasons you hold your loved one dear. Rent out the entire gondola to create an extra special memory.

Ghostbar, on the 55th floor of the Palms, yields spectacular views of the city. This small venue is cozy and oozes romance. Grab a couch in the corner or find a tabletop on the balcony, profess your love to one another, and enjoy the twinkling city lights.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Proposal Locations for that Special Question!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Proposals. Intense, exciting, emotional. It’s the first step in planning out forever – and let’s face it, forever is a REALLY long time! People find out you’re engaged and what’s the first thing they ask? HOW DID HE PROPOSE?!?!?! Men, do you want your ladies to tell people that you proposed at your place, on some random night because you couldn’t get a little more creative – or do a quick Google search? Trust me, you’ll want to avoid future wrath and do this the right way! I’m here to help so have no fear! Where’s the best place to propose in Las Vegas, you ask? I’ll one up you and give you FIVE fantastic places to pop that special question.

best place to propose in Las Vegas - Helicopter Tour of the Strip
Neon Nights Air Tour
Who would forget a proposal in a helicopter?! It is by far the best place to propose in Las Vegas. The Neon Nights air tour will take you over the famous Las Vegas Strip - casino signs blazing and lights flashing. Cozied up with your love, taking in the cityscape… making that moment just all that more magical and meaningful by proposing to your sweetie high above the streets below. 

Would you rather make a public spectacle of the moment you get down on bended knee? (Yes, unless you have some medical issue that prevents it OR you’re 102 years old, there’s no excuse to remain standing while proposing.) The Bellagio fountains with their whimsical yet powerful blasts of perfectly orchestrated dancing water provide the perfect backdrop for a marriage proposal. Spectators will clap and carry on making the occasion one you will never forget – definitely making the list of the best places to propose in Las Vegas.  
best place to propose in Las Vegas - Red Rock Canyon view
Photo Courtesy of Amanda Miles
Take a moment to breath before popping the question at the overlook at Red Rock Canyon. Beautiful at all hours, the sun will resonate off the peaks and valleys, changing from minute to minute. A dream come true! Mother Nature has provided the perfect setting, now all you have to do is come up with the perfect proposal! Don’t sweat the proposal too much – she’ll still love you and find you even more endearing if you slip-up a little ;)

Did you think proposing on a gondola was out of reach? Think again! The Venetian boasts a tranquil river where you will be serenaded as you float along. Your loved one will be taking in the scenery so she’ll be surprised to turn around and see you fumbling your words while holding out that dazzling ring. Remember, diamonds are forever ;) Rent out the entire gondola for privacy or gather some friends and family to help celebrate the moment. 

best place to propse in Las Vegas - Eiffel Tower at night
Photo Courtesy of Wouter Kiel
The Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Hotel Casino is a classy joint, complete with spectacular view and gourmet menu. 100 feet above the Strip, this French restaurant has been sited time and time again as having one of the best views in the city. A best place to propose in Las Vegas should include FOOD – this is it!


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