Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Say "I do" to Bachelor Parties in Las Vegas!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Emasculation isn’t always a bad thing? It’s something to celebrate! Embrace the fact that you’ll never again be allowed to make a decision without consulting your “better half”. What?! You spent a few hundred dollars on some rugged camping gear?! Bwahahahha, uhhh, yeah, that is all going to come to a screeching halt when you tie the knot. You THOUGHT you were independent – after all, that’s one of the things that attracted her to you, right? While that may be true, she is going to thoroughly enjoy stripping every bit of dignity and manliness from you before stepping in to “help you manage” your life “from this day forward”! Before the big wedding day, take full advantage of your last grasp at the single life with these Las Vegas bachelor party ideas (muahahahahaha).

Battlefield Vegas Gun Range
You haven’t broached the topic of gun ownership with your soon-to-be bride because you know it won’t be a big deal. I mean, you only own a FEW guns and they’re totally for fun. Your fiancé is understanding and you’re sure she’s going to love your collection just as much as you do! In fact, you are CERTAIN that there will be gifts of guns from her in the future – plenty of birthdays spent together means your artillery collection will grow! OHHHH silly boys… you might be one of the lucky ones who is marrying a fellow gun enthusiast BUT chances are you’ll be lumped into the “OMG, I don’t want a gun in the house” group!

Battlefield Vegas Gun collction for your Las Vegas bachelor party ideas.Las Vegas Bachelor party ideas all include male bonding… to what extent can be your little secret ;) What better way to bond with the bros than blasting a target with a Desert Eagle at Battlefield Vegas. This indoor shooting range in Las Vegas has more readily available guns than a guarded armory! With the largest collection of guns offered to the public in the U.S., Battlefield Vegas is convenient to the Las Vegas Strip and they're ready to show you and your friends a good time!

Dune Buggy Ride
Las Vegas bachelor party ideas - Dune Buggy RideDoes a half day dune buggy tour sound boring? I use the word “tour” in the sense that these desert racing machines will careen up and over hills for 10-15 miles (30 minutes)! It’s dangerous, right? Probably not as dangerous as your future baby mama will make it out to be! That’s why this is one of the great Las Vegas bachelor party ideas; she NEVER HAS TO KNOW! You are going to have PLENTY of years to listen to her nag about the dangers of pretty much any masculine thing you want to try out so, trust me, take advantage and heed my advice.


Ha! Golfing. It’s so safe it’s ridiculous. When you get married, you’re going to be golfing three times a week each and every week! You’re going to graciously take some time off from the sport around holidays and she’s going to appreciate that so much! (It’s so quaint how naïve men can be :P) Want to know how it’s really going to go down? You’re going to throw your clubs in the back of your car and just when you’re leaving, she’ll find a way to guilt you into not going because “she wants to spend time with you” (waaaah). The sooner you face these “truths” my friends, the better off you’ll be!

Pauite Golf resort's beautiful course is a Las Vegas bachelor party idea
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

My Las Vegas bachelor party ideas include a round or two of golf. It’s a time you can socially drink and actually have a conversation with the boys – you’re all there, together, in one cohesive unit. You can tee off and then chat about the past…the good times you all have had…how happy they all are that you found “Mrs. Right”…actually, they’ll probably heckle you and roust you the entire time, but that’s what guys do to show their love! Black Mountain Golf & Country Club, Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, and Bali Hai Golf Club are just a few locations I’d suggest to schedule tee times. Happy golfing fellows!

Here’s the part of the Las Vegas bachelor party ideas that causes the most duress to the future Missus, the bar scene. (It’ll be fine ladies, I promise. There’s nothing men can do in Las Vegas, at night, in a city filled with sin…and debauchery…and hookers…that they couldn’t do back home!)
1Oak nightclub is just one of our Las Vegas bachelor party ideas
1Oak Club
My STRONG suggestion to the bachelor party group is to figure out which club you’d like to acquaint yourselves with and stick with it. Check out 1Oak (One of a Kind) at the Mirage for your nighttime bachelor party partying! Generally in Vegas you want three of a kind, four of a kind is better…but in this case, One of a kind is the newest hotspot on the strip with a posh, party atmosphere frequented by celebs. IF you choose to “go with the flow” and figure that you’ll just bar hop until you find a hot spot then you will either 1) lose people in your party and waste way too much time trying to reconvene, or 2) spend countless hours in lines to get into clubs just to figure out the scene was better at the last bar you graced with your presence.

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