Thursday, January 30, 2014

Places to Watch the BIG GAME in Las Vegas

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Places to see the Big Game in Vegas - illustrated football
Illustration Courtesy of John Kasawa
While I’m always game for pushing the envelope, uttering a name that is trademarked in NFL football is a BIG OLE GRAY AREA that I’m just going to avoid! On February 2, 2014 at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey THE BIG GAME will take place! Don’t, for one second, think that means all the action will be on the East Coast. While you won’t get front row seats in Las Vegas, you’ll find PLENTY of action! Beer is flowing, bets are being placed, and there are plenty of places to see the Big Game in Vegas!

This will be the first Big Game played outside in cold weather and also the first game to be hosted by not one but TWO states, New Jersey and New York! While all the crazy folks are layered up in their winter parkas, praying for a little warmth from the sun, all the partiers will be here, with us, in Las Vegas, nice and toasty, placing their bets. What do people bet on when it comes to the Big Game? 
Places to see the Big Game in Vegas - Football field
Photo Courtesy of Danxoneil
Aside from actual things related to football? I won’t lie, it gets pretty outrageous! How long will the postgame handshake last? How many backup singers will be at the halftime show? Will the entertainment be wearing pants or a skirt? Will they have their hair straight and long or pulled back in a pony? Oh yes, you can bet on virtually ANYTHING! Aside from the betting, the multiple HUGE screens the game is played on, and the eclectic crowds, there are several places to place your bets! Here are the best places to see the Big Game in Vegas.

Mandalay Bay
Come sit with 299 of your closest friends to watch the BIG GAME on 17 big screen televisions! Drinks, snacks, and the 28x30’ projection screen make this more traditional venue the party to partake in!

Oozing elegance, this sport’s book is intimidate and upscale. With some of the highest betting limits on the strip and not a bad seat in the house, the Bellagio hosts a good party. If you like being catered to (vs. fighting your way to the bar) this is the place for you to acquaint yourself with for the BIG GAME!

Complete with a 20 seat VIP lounge, 37 plasma televisions, and three 12x12 big screens, the sport’s book at the Wynn might even exceed the Bellagio’s in luxury…so close, maybe we should bet on it!

Hard Rock
Partying on a budget? For under $50 you can join the other cheapos with an all you can eat buffet during the Big Game and a bucket of beer. The best Sport’s book in Vegas? No! BUT this is a great deal if you’re shopping for a bargain. Trust me!

New York, New York
If you’re wanting a little more “sportiness” to go with your game, give NY, NY a shot…it’s only right since they are hosting the BIG GAME this year! For under $200 you can indulge in an all-you-can-eat buffet and take in the game on one of their 132 screens!

For the most up-to-date information on the 2014 Big Game, contact the sports gurus at VegasDaze. Call 1.855.895.3293 or702.851.3293 to schedule all of your Las Vegas activities!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Las Vegas’ Chinatown

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

A Chinatown in Las Vegas? Duh?! Or maybe there are people still out there who don’t realize EVERY CITY in the United States has a “Chinatown”! Let me get a little more specific… ALMOST every city has a Chinatown. A Chinatown in, let’s say, the redneck city of Evansville, Indiana would be a little odd but that’s neither here nor there :/ Las Vegas’ Chinatown is a little cultural taste of China topped off with a serving of Las Vegas!

Map of Las Vegas Chinatown
A series of strip malls on Spring Mountain Road were developed in 1995 and received official “Chinatown” designation in 1999 by Nevada’s Governor. Our Las Vegas Chinatown would be considered “modern with a Pan-Asian flair” versus the more traditional, solely Chinese associations seen in older cities across the United States. The fact that our Chinatown was “developed” makes it unique –most cities’ Chinatowns “evolved” from the Asian population. Not only is Las Vegas a “newish” city, the growth of the Asian population is fairly recent (going back a mere couple of decades).

Ronald's Donuts in Las Vegas Chinatown
Photo courtesy of Smiteme
Chinese bookstores are my preferred hangout – ok, not really, this white girl looks at the Chinese characters and sees beauty and nothing more… but if I could read Chinese I would be wandering those isles! From travel agencies to optometrists to grocery stores, Las Vegas Chinatown has it all. Ohhhh, you want to know some of the top places to go in Chinatown? I guess we can divulge a couple of our secrets… Greenland Supermarket and Ronald’s Donuts (vegan donuts, really?) are good places to start your adventure!

Two and a half miles of Asian goodness right here in the Las Vegas Valley…what more could we ask for when looking for some good eats?! There are some fantastic Chinese restaurants (along with Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, and many others) that serve up the same traditional dishes one would find in the respective countries. Can’t decide where to eat? Try Ichiza, Raku, HK Star, or Pho So!

Sign of Las Vegas Chinatown
Photo courtesy of SuperStar

Las Vegas’ Chinatown host a series of events throughout the year that allow you to experience this part of Vegas to its fullest:
Food Festival – Centered on FOOD and complete with dragon dances and taiko drums, this event takes place in February. Chinese, Japanese, and Polynesian dancing will introduce you to the true beauty of the Asian culture while the acrobatics will make you wish you were half as flexible as the performers!
Miss Chinatown – October brings with it a new Miss Chinatown. This event provides young Asian Americans the opportunity to showcase their many talents and beauty. It serves as a platform to bring Asian cultural awareness to the Las Vegas Community.

Moon Festival – The Asian Harvest Moon Festival in September is a tradition within our Asian community. They believe the moon is at its maximized brightness on this day and celebrate with entertainment and, of course, food!

Let the friendly, professional staff at VegasDaze help you make the most of your Las Vegas stay - call them at 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293 to line up your Chinatown itinerary now!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Say "I do" to Bachelor Parties in Las Vegas!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Emasculation isn’t always a bad thing? It’s something to celebrate! Embrace the fact that you’ll never again be allowed to make a decision without consulting your “better half”. What?! You spent a few hundred dollars on some rugged camping gear?! Bwahahahha, uhhh, yeah, that is all going to come to a screeching halt when you tie the knot. You THOUGHT you were independent – after all, that’s one of the things that attracted her to you, right? While that may be true, she is going to thoroughly enjoy stripping every bit of dignity and manliness from you before stepping in to “help you manage” your life “from this day forward”! Before the big wedding day, take full advantage of your last grasp at the single life with these Las Vegas bachelor party ideas (muahahahahaha).

Battlefield Vegas Gun Range
You haven’t broached the topic of gun ownership with your soon-to-be bride because you know it won’t be a big deal. I mean, you only own a FEW guns and they’re totally for fun. Your fiancé is understanding and you’re sure she’s going to love your collection just as much as you do! In fact, you are CERTAIN that there will be gifts of guns from her in the future – plenty of birthdays spent together means your artillery collection will grow! OHHHH silly boys… you might be one of the lucky ones who is marrying a fellow gun enthusiast BUT chances are you’ll be lumped into the “OMG, I don’t want a gun in the house” group!

Battlefield Vegas Gun collction for your Las Vegas bachelor party ideas.Las Vegas Bachelor party ideas all include male bonding… to what extent can be your little secret ;) What better way to bond with the bros than blasting a target with a Desert Eagle at Battlefield Vegas. This indoor shooting range in Las Vegas has more readily available guns than a guarded armory! With the largest collection of guns offered to the public in the U.S., Battlefield Vegas is convenient to the Las Vegas Strip and they're ready to show you and your friends a good time!

Dune Buggy Ride
Las Vegas bachelor party ideas - Dune Buggy RideDoes a half day dune buggy tour sound boring? I use the word “tour” in the sense that these desert racing machines will careen up and over hills for 10-15 miles (30 minutes)! It’s dangerous, right? Probably not as dangerous as your future baby mama will make it out to be! That’s why this is one of the great Las Vegas bachelor party ideas; she NEVER HAS TO KNOW! You are going to have PLENTY of years to listen to her nag about the dangers of pretty much any masculine thing you want to try out so, trust me, take advantage and heed my advice.


Ha! Golfing. It’s so safe it’s ridiculous. When you get married, you’re going to be golfing three times a week each and every week! You’re going to graciously take some time off from the sport around holidays and she’s going to appreciate that so much! (It’s so quaint how naïve men can be :P) Want to know how it’s really going to go down? You’re going to throw your clubs in the back of your car and just when you’re leaving, she’ll find a way to guilt you into not going because “she wants to spend time with you” (waaaah). The sooner you face these “truths” my friends, the better off you’ll be!

Pauite Golf resort's beautiful course is a Las Vegas bachelor party idea
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

My Las Vegas bachelor party ideas include a round or two of golf. It’s a time you can socially drink and actually have a conversation with the boys – you’re all there, together, in one cohesive unit. You can tee off and then chat about the past…the good times you all have had…how happy they all are that you found “Mrs. Right”…actually, they’ll probably heckle you and roust you the entire time, but that’s what guys do to show their love! Black Mountain Golf & Country Club, Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, and Bali Hai Golf Club are just a few locations I’d suggest to schedule tee times. Happy golfing fellows!

Here’s the part of the Las Vegas bachelor party ideas that causes the most duress to the future Missus, the bar scene. (It’ll be fine ladies, I promise. There’s nothing men can do in Las Vegas, at night, in a city filled with sin…and debauchery…and hookers…that they couldn’t do back home!)
1Oak nightclub is just one of our Las Vegas bachelor party ideas
1Oak Club
My STRONG suggestion to the bachelor party group is to figure out which club you’d like to acquaint yourselves with and stick with it. Check out 1Oak (One of a Kind) at the Mirage for your nighttime bachelor party partying! Generally in Vegas you want three of a kind, four of a kind is better…but in this case, One of a kind is the newest hotspot on the strip with a posh, party atmosphere frequented by celebs. IF you choose to “go with the flow” and figure that you’ll just bar hop until you find a hot spot then you will either 1) lose people in your party and waste way too much time trying to reconvene, or 2) spend countless hours in lines to get into clubs just to figure out the scene was better at the last bar you graced with your presence.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas - Oh yeah!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Boys have all the fun :/ Ok, yeap, that’s so NOT true! Girls, if you’re heading to Sin City for your last hoorah before settling into the “nice, secure and loving, lifelong commitment” they call marriage, listen up! I have a few Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas for you and your gal pals! Thinking about just forgoing the bachelorette thing altogether? ARE YOU NUTS???! You’re only going to be able to do this once (hopefully), so I INSIST that you live it up before you have to start picking up underwear, complete with skid marks, and compromising on EVERYTHING. Yes, it’s true, in marriage you will have to compromise, leaving your self-entitlement and ego at the door. You are about to embark on an amazing journey and spend EVERY. SECOND. OF. YOUR. LIFE. WITH. YOUR. CHOSEN. PERSON. Ok, I think at this point you’re onboard with this whole bachelorette party, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Night School 4 Girls
Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas - Nightschool 4 Girls featuring dance class participants

How are you going to justify going out and having SOOOO much fun with the girls to the new Mister? Easy, I totally have that covered. Seventy minutes of POLE DANCING lessons! Make your momma proud and learn to work that pole with your girlfriends at Night School 4 Girls. You’ll get a diploma to take home and show off to your husband along with all the new, sexy moves you learned. He’ll forgive just about anything for a lap dance J After all, I’m just getting started with these Las Vegas bachelorette party ideas!

Spa Day
Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas - The dancefloor of the Chateau
You are going to need a day at the spa to get prepared for the night ahead…honestly. Imagine the relaxation of a deep tissue massage, the reinvigorating feeling of a facial, and the overall “cuteness” of a mani/pedi. The award-winning, opulent Encore Spa will fulfill your every whim with it garden villas and extravagant decor. It is rated five-star by Forbes magazine and has an extensive menu to accommodate the pickiest of our female friends. You and your girlfriends will thank me for this recommendation!

Now we are getting to the fun part! Clubbing is the one activity that gets your fiancé's man panties in a bunch. We all know that what their imagination conjures up is much worse than what really goes on (wink, wink)! Chateau in Paris will take you on a magical, fun-filled journey of drinks and dancing. There’s always someone good spinning tunes at this upscale nightclub and if top 40 music is more your thing, you can head to the top 40 dance floor! When you get tired of tearing up the dance floor, the terrace awaits you with open arms, displaying a stunning view of the strip and the Bellagio fountains. Now if this isn’t one great Las Vegas bachelorette party idea, I don’t know what is!


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