Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vegas Fun Facts

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Las Vegas fun facts are nothing more than…fun! Did you lose the last trivia event at you your local bar? Maybe you need to brush up on some not-so-important facts so that won’t happen again! Here are TEN Vegas fun facts that you could probably live without ;)

1 – When Howard Hughes stayed at the Desert Inn for so long that he was asked to leave, he bought the hotel. Problem solved.
2 – Want to drive a bulldozer or backhoe? Las Vegas has a Heavy Equipment Playground where you can do that!
3 - There is an intricate tunnel system meant for drainage, running under Las Vegas, where thousands of homeless have set up home. No really. They’ve dragged beds, bookcases, rugs, and d├ęcor down there and set up apartment type living!
4 - Sammy Davis Jr. took a dip in the pool at the New Frontier in 1952. This whites-only pool was drained when he was finished because, well, Sammy wasn’t white.
5 – The Harmon Hotel is being demolished. It’s beautiful, new and COMPLETELY deemed architecturally unsafe. Nobody will be staying there!
6 – The High Roller is the BIGGEST Ferris wheel in the world. Yes, the world.
7 – Las Vegas is the brightest spot on the earth when viewed from space. Talk about an electric bill :/
8 – While eating at the Heart Attack Grill, yep, you guessed it, a man had a heart attack! Holy fat clogging, artery damaging eating!
9 – Over 75% of the world’s top 25 largest hotels are located in Las Vegas.
10 – A 1910 law made it illegal to gamble in Las Vegas. Apparently the law didn’t stick ;)
11 – (Bonus Las Vegas fun fact) VegasDaze has the best staff in town where you can plan all of your Vegas activities and have a good time doing so. Yes, that was a shameless plug.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vegas Attractions for Couples

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

The LGBT Las Vegas community has a large and active presence here. In Sin City, anything goes which makes it whole lot easier to live here or visit here and not be judged. Oh ok, we judge… A LOT, but it’s all in good fun! Other than the LGBT visitors doing EVERYTHING everyone else does while in Vegas (duh), there are some places that cater to this niche and are quite good at what they do! LGBTs also flock to certain places – nothing wrong with that! Am I doing ok at staying PC on this topic?  ;) What should you do with your partner while in Vegas? Well, anything really BUT here are a few suggestions after talking to friends in the LGBT Las Vegas community - who only answered after they incessantly laughed at me!

LGBT Las Vegas
Photo Courtesy of odonata98
The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is a “newish” attraction to Las Vegas and has fairly priced stage performances. LGBT Las Vegas can be found working there, playing there, and performing there! The Philharmonic, ballets, Wicked, concerts... are all housed at this venue. Strong community ties with their educational programs and camps make this tops on the LGBT places to frequent.

Krave Massive Nightclub was closed by the state BUT rumor has it they’re planning a bigger and better nightclub ON the Strip. It will have hot go-go dancers and even hotter DJs. So yes, it’s closed but keep your eye out for its reopening! A great couples date to people watch or mingle and dance.

LGBT Las Vegas events are hosted by nearly every hotel throughout the year. Pool parties, club nights, mixes… they’re always popping up on the calendar at the last minute.

LGBT Las Vegas - Container Park
Photo Courtesy of Sheila Scarborough
Park at Fremont provides a hipster environment with an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, and shops. Great for a date night of listening to live music and having a few drinks. Stacked containers replace stick built shops for a trendy environment and good time. Go early and check out all of the working artist studios!

Couples wanting to hit the bar scene without leaving the Strip are not limited in their options. Some favorites are Freedom at Marquee Nightclub, Temptation Sundays at Luxor, and Revo Sundays at Revolution Lounge

For the latest and greatest info on LGBT Las Vegas, call the Vegas Daze staff at 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293. Couples night out in Las Vegas will be one you won’t forget if you leave the planning to VegasDaze!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Vegas To Do List

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Who can pick just pick just five things to put on a Vegas to do list while visiting Vegas? Narrowing it down to five would mean missing out on something! Here’s what I’ll do… I’ll put a “few more” than five on this list BUT I’ll put them in order or priority. That way, if you get to one and think, “That sounds like the worst idea ever”, you still have some more to move on to. Yes, I know. I’m nice. It’s a curse really.

Vegas to do list - Vegas Strip
Photo Courtesy of Marco Verch
Tour the Strip, a.k.a. Las Vegas Blvd, should be added to your Vegas to do list! It is jam packed with everything “Vegas”. You’ll spend hours touring the hotels and casinos taking in the glitz and glamor. Huge buildings, neon signs larger than life, restaurants and bars, street performers, shops, chapels, and tattoo parlors.

Go Shopping. The Forum Shops at Caesars and the Grand Canal Shops at Venetian can be tied into your time exploring the Strip. Hundreds of boutiques and restaurants line an extravagantly decorated mall, adding some gusto to your shopping experience.

Vegas to do list - Absinthe
Photo Courtesy of Sandro Menzel
See Absinthe. It’s a little bit dirty and whole lot of fun! It’s acrobatics and comedy and some audience involvement. The small venue makes it all the better!

Visit the Valley of Fire. Have some fun riding ATVs around these well-known dunes! Let your hair down and have some dirty fun while soaking up the beauty of desert.

Take a gondola ride as part of your Vegas to do list. Ride a traditional gondola while being serenaded as you float down the river and under the bridges. A truly magical and fun experience.

Vegas to do list - Fremont Street
Photo Courtesy of Joseph Hunkins
Visit Fremont Street. Fremont Street is the original Las Vegas. Where neon has replaced light bulbs on the Strip, this part of Vegas holds on to nostalgia (somewhat). There’s plenty of cheap eats and entertainment on Fremont Street. You’ll likely spot an Elvis, a tin man, and a man doing spray paint art while enjoying bands playing on the intermittent stages.

Enjoy Lake Mead. This man-made lake houses the River Mountains and the Muddy Mountains. It is nothing less than jaw dropping and provides a great photo op for photographers! If you do love photography and want to get some good shots AND a little workout, the historic railroad tunnel trail is 4.4 miles of old railroad bed turned trail, that tunnel through volcanic rock, reaching all the way to Hoover Dam.

See Hoover Dam. Lake Mead Nevada is the home to Hoover Dam. It took six companies, five years of working 24 hours around the clock to complete this feat! What a grueling task! It is absolutely amazing to descend down the shaft and get a look at the interior workings of such an architectural anomaly.

Watch the Bellagio Fountains. By now you’ve walked by and caught glimpses of the fountain show but you HAVE to see it at night! It fills up the sky with dancing lights and twisting waters. It’s far beyond anything you’d expect from an ordinary “fountain”!


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