Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vegas Themed Christmas Gifts

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Shopping in Las Vegas is always exciting… with stores ranging from Zombie Apocalypse (no, really, it exists) to Niemen Marcus – there’s something for everybody! Now when I say “Vegas Themed Christmas Gifts”, I don’t mean plastic key chains, shot glasses, or baseball caps adorned with the words “LAS VEGAS”! I was thinking more subtle (hey now, I can be subtle)…and when I say subtle, what I really mean is over-the-top. Vegas is all about going BIG or going home so gift giving Vegas style should be no different J Shopping in Vegas is quite the experience (some do anything to avoid it) when holiday shoppers are out in full force looking for unique finds. Sheeples unite and get your shop on!

Brandon Adams Jewelers is known for its unique and custom jewelry. They’ve been a staple in the Las Vegas community for over 65 years. If a large, expensive, flashy, custom designed ring/bracelet/necklace isn’t a Las Vegas themed gift, I don’t know what is!

Shopping in Las Vegas at Neiman Marcus
Photo Courtesy of Michael Gray
Neimen Marcus at Fashion Show Mall is known around the world for its personal shoppers. Don’t have time to shop or just don’t like dealing with the aforementioned holiday shopping crowd? Hire someone to do the dirty work for you! What’s more “Las Vegas” than hiring out even the most personal tasks?!

Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall appeals to the masses with high end shops such as Calvin Klein, BCBG, and DKNY alongside shops such as Corningware, Perfumania, and Harry and David. This place screams out, “I love classy finds on a budget”!

Shopping in Las Vegas at the Forum Shops
Photo Courtesy of Christopher Chan
The Forum Shops host designers Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Betty Paige, Cartier, and many others. A designer piece of luggage or the perfect glitzy accessory make a great Christmas present for either sex, any age, any taste.

Via Bellagio Promenade takes shopping in Las Vegas to a whole new level. Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi, and Tiffany & Co. under the same roof…SCORE! The soaring glass ceilings in this beautifully decorated space make the Promenade a sought after shopping place by people near and far.

Shopping in Las Vegas at the Palazzo
Photo courtesy of Jeff Tobaco
Shops at the Palazzo is also drawing in the “cool kids” this holiday season for some shopping in Las Vegas. A new Burberry coat? A slinky Bebe dress perhaps? Maybe even a straight razor from The Art of Shaving (just think about the message that gift sends, lol)? There are lots of over-the-top Vegas gifts just waiting to be finished off with the perfect wrapping paper and put under the tree.

Indulge a little this season, it’s what Vegas is all about! Take no heed to budget concerns – you can worry about that next year! After all, we can all afford to gift our loved one a multimillion dollar emerald wrap bracelet, right? Merry Christmas to all!

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