Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day Trips in Las Vegas

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

I know, I know… it’s like trying to figure out if you want a decadent chocolate truffle or a moist, rich slice of red velvet cake – there’s really no good solution! Vegas day trips can take you anywhere you want to go and all are equally different yet fantabulous.

Pawn Star Reality Tour
How about visiting the televised Pawn Stars pawn shop for your Vegas day trip? This four hour long tour will take you straight to the places the show was filmed, visiting Counts Kustom’s and the Toy Shack –very intrical parts of the show. **Fun Fact Alert - The word “intrical” isn’t acknowledged in the dictionary yet is used regularly in the English language.** Your tour will end at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop…you might even meet RICK HARRISON (woohoo)! Expect a full house at the Pawn Shop! I’ve never driven by when there hasn’t been a line outside anxiously waiting to get in ;)

City Tour
Feet hurt? There IS a lot to cover in Las Vegas! Heck, I can’t walk through two casinos without wishing I’d wore my tennis shoes. Throw those feet up, kick back, and see Las Vegas via the Open-Top Las Vegas City Tour! You’ll be whisked all over town in a double-decker bus, just after dark, to explore the town, the Welcome Sign, Fremont Street, the mind blowing casinos, the refreshing fountains – all the glitz and glamour without exerting one ounce of energy ;)

Grand Canyon Tour
Day Trips From Las VegasOne day trip from Las Vegas that you don’t want to miss is a trip to the Grand Canyon. Whether by ground or air, this magnificent feat of nature is a force to be reckoned with! The West Rim Landing Helicopter Tour will expose your senses to a breathtaking, panoramic bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Damn, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River. Even after a four hour tour, you’ll be left wanting more!

Foodie Tour
Foodgasm much? Foodies are taking the nation and Las Vegas is no exception to their invasion! Everyone wants to know where to find the best burger, a tasty treat, or where to go to enjoy a gourmet meal. My recommendation for a Vegas day trip – The Walking Gourmet FoodTour. There are several variations of the tour but their Culinary Mystery Tour will give you a superb sampling of everything the Strip has to offer. You’ll hit up celebrity chef owned restaurants, gourmet food rooms, and much more, to sample pure deliciousness at its finest!

Haunted Vegas Tours
Day trips Las Vegas can include a “haunting” good time muahahhaha! (Ugh, my puns are getting progressively worse!) Get dressed up like a Ghostbuster and hit up several spook-filled locations, like the “Motel of Death”! You will be armed with EMF meters and dowsing rods, so what's there to fear?! Perhaps Liberace will come out to play? One ghost I wouldn’t want to run into – “Bugsy” Siegal. Like "Bugsy" I can be evil, so here's your ear worm for today...


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