Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner in Las Vegas (Gobble, Gobble)

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

There’s always something to be thankful for- fact. There’s always something that you should be grateful for but aren’t- also a fact. Choosing how to look at things and erring on the side of positivity is sometimes tough and at other times impossible! Since this isn’t a self-help blog (although I think I’d be a great replacement for Dear Abby), I will leave the level of “thankfulness” you choose to express in your hands and, instead, tell you how to celebrate with a Thanksgiving dinner in Las Vegas! But wait… FIRST I’d like to say that everyone at is thankful for your patronage and referrals; thankful for the opportunity to show you how to have a blast in Las Vegas…without you, there would be no

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse
From 4-10pm, $65 will arouse your senses starting with baby iceberg, bibb lettuce salad, Caesar salad, caramelized apple and celery root soup, or Diver sea scallops. For the main course, herb roasted turkey breast leg, roasted Maine Lobster and 8oz. filet mignon, charred bone-in NY strip steak or pan roasted sea bass. Sides of sweet potato pomme puree or Brussels sprouts with togarshi. Ending the meal will be pumpkin cheesecake, bourbon pecan tart, vanilla bean crème brulee, or peanut butter bar.

Gilly’s BBQ
From 11am-midnight, for a mere $35, you can enjoy a pear salad or roasted pumpkin-crab soup, a nice helping of bourbon-glazed roasted turkey, stuffing, whipped potatoes (not to be confused with mashed), sage gravy and carrots. Dessert will be pumpkin-pecan pie with cinnamon cream.

Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria & Cucino
From 11:30am-10pm, for $45, you will begin your experience with baby kale or squash soup. Roasted turkey, wild mushroom stuffing, wood-oven-roasted Brussels sprouts, potato puree, and rosemary gravy will be the main plate. Traditional pumpkin pie will end the meal.

Society Café
From 12-10pm, for $48, Thanksgiving dinner in Las Vegas will begin with a baby greens salad or roasted pumpkin soup. The roasted turkey breast will be served with sage stuffing, crème fraiche (whatever that is!) mashed potatoes, baby veggies, and citrus cranberry sauce. Pumpkin pie a la mode will cap the special menu.

Trattoria De Lupo
Thanksgiving dinner in Las Vegas - turkey holding "eat ham" sign Thanksgiving Day, for $29, you can enjoy a moist turkey breast with potato puree, green beans, mushroom stuffing and herb-roasted gravy.

From 5:30-10pm, for $55, a delicious autumn salad or spiced butternut squash soup will prepare your taste buds for the roasted organic free-range turkey breast with pretzel bread stuffing, green bean casserole, brown sugar sweet potato, potato puree, cran-apple chutney, and herb gravy. For dessert- a pumpkin pie bar with white chocolate sauce.

Terrace Point Café
On Thanksgiving Day, for $40, enjoy squash bisque, roasted turkey breast, root vegetable pancetta-filled roulade, mashed potatoes, apple sprout hash, cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing, and gravy. Save room for the bourbon pecan pie with salted caramel gelato!

Are you looking for a buffet for a Thanksgiving dinner in Las Vegas? Although none made the “lucky 7” list, here in Las Vegas most area buffets will have a Thanksgiving feast fit for a king (or queen). In reviewing menus of the major hotel/casino chains, they all seem to have the basics for a good, filling, traditional turkey dinner. One last thing…I’ve gained ten pounds just writing this blog! Happy Turkey Day 

Let your friends at VegasDaze plan some activities that will burn off those turkey dinner calories! Call 1.855.895.3293 or 702.851.3293 to schedule in some fun on your Thanksgiving weekend!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day Trips in Las Vegas

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

I know, I know… it’s like trying to figure out if you want a decadent chocolate truffle or a moist, rich slice of red velvet cake – there’s really no good solution! Vegas day trips can take you anywhere you want to go and all are equally different yet fantabulous.

Pawn Star Reality Tour
How about visiting the televised Pawn Stars pawn shop for your Vegas day trip? This four hour long tour will take you straight to the places the show was filmed, visiting Counts Kustom’s and the Toy Shack –very intrical parts of the show. **Fun Fact Alert - The word “intrical” isn’t acknowledged in the dictionary yet is used regularly in the English language.** Your tour will end at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop…you might even meet RICK HARRISON (woohoo)! Expect a full house at the Pawn Shop! I’ve never driven by when there hasn’t been a line outside anxiously waiting to get in ;)

City Tour
Feet hurt? There IS a lot to cover in Las Vegas! Heck, I can’t walk through two casinos without wishing I’d wore my tennis shoes. Throw those feet up, kick back, and see Las Vegas via the Open-Top Las Vegas City Tour! You’ll be whisked all over town in a double-decker bus, just after dark, to explore the town, the Welcome Sign, Fremont Street, the mind blowing casinos, the refreshing fountains – all the glitz and glamour without exerting one ounce of energy ;)

Grand Canyon Tour
Day Trips From Las VegasOne day trip from Las Vegas that you don’t want to miss is a trip to the Grand Canyon. Whether by ground or air, this magnificent feat of nature is a force to be reckoned with! The West Rim Landing Helicopter Tour will expose your senses to a breathtaking, panoramic bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Damn, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River. Even after a four hour tour, you’ll be left wanting more!

Foodie Tour
Foodgasm much? Foodies are taking the nation and Las Vegas is no exception to their invasion! Everyone wants to know where to find the best burger, a tasty treat, or where to go to enjoy a gourmet meal. My recommendation for a Vegas day trip – The Walking Gourmet FoodTour. There are several variations of the tour but their Culinary Mystery Tour will give you a superb sampling of everything the Strip has to offer. You’ll hit up celebrity chef owned restaurants, gourmet food rooms, and much more, to sample pure deliciousness at its finest!

Haunted Vegas Tours
Day trips Las Vegas can include a “haunting” good time muahahhaha! (Ugh, my puns are getting progressively worse!) Get dressed up like a Ghostbuster and hit up several spook-filled locations, like the “Motel of Death”! You will be armed with EMF meters and dowsing rods, so what's there to fear?! Perhaps Liberace will come out to play? One ghost I wouldn’t want to run into – “Bugsy” Siegal. Like "Bugsy" I can be evil, so here's your ear worm for today...


Friday, November 1, 2013

Las Vegas' Signature Drinks

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

“Jack and Coke, please," requests a very conservative 58-year-old Bernice.

“You’re in Vegas. Want to try again? Maybe you could push the envelope just a little bit? You know, venture out and order something a little more, uh, I dunno, fun?” refutes the bartender resembling Tom Cruise.

A nervous Bernice orders a watermelon juice and vodka at his recommendation. “Wow! This sh** is the BOMB!” Bernice spews out, remembering the words of her grandson.

Drinks in Vegas can be your standard or your exception! Every bartender has a drink they’ve either created or altered…and most of these drinks are DELICIOUS! Generally, they haven’t named the drinks BUT rest assured that if you describe the way you like your libations for any Las Vegas bartender, they will come up with something that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! If you’re the type that likes to be prepared, here are a few alcoholic beverages that us Vegas locals love.

Twisted Mojito – mojito with whatever flavor you request, added in the form of a flavored vodka.

Margarita by the yard – a plastic cylindrical container, complete with neck strap, which you MUST get just for fun while on Fremont Street.

Watermelon Vodka Martini – found at the Aria and made with fresh watermelon juice!

AMF – Adios Mother BEEP! Yep, a favorite in these here parts because it is tasty and gets the job done…quickly!

Scorpion – We ARE in the desert so it only makes since this would be a favorite Las Vegas drink… fruity and spiked with rums, gin and vodka!

Desert Sunrise - vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine syrup makes for a great start to any day.


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