Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taco Tuesday in Las Vegas

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

 “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” said no one ever … well except for that scrawny little Chihuahua that you can’t help but form some sort of affection for. But really, what makes people say "yo quiero"? Why, the best tacos in Las Vegas of course! Some might think that Taco Tuesday is a ploy by restaurant marketing departments across the United States to increase customer traffic and give revenue a boost. Well, they’d be right! Ask anyone from Mexico if they have Taco Tuesday in their country and they will either a) look at you like you’re a few animals short of a zoo, or b) let you know that Tuesday in Spanish is “martes” and that “Taco martes” doesn’t have quite the same alliterating impact as “Taco Tuesday”. Regardless of what you call it, these restaurants have made the list for the best tacos in Las Vegas?

Cabo Wabo

Outside patio of Cabo Wabo Las Vegas, where they have the best fist tacos!
Photo courtesy of total13
With a cute little name like “Cabo Wabo” why wouldn’t they have a great “Taco Tuesday” event?! Want the best fish taco in Vegas? Head on down to the Miracle Mile Shops, make your way to Cabo Wabo, plant yourself on a barstool, and celebrate Tuesday with a few big-fat-juicy fish tacos! For those of you that don’t love sea creatures for dinner, try the crispy chicken taco or their carne asada taco. The atmosphere is fun and the margaritas might not be the most authentic BUT they get the job done!

Tacos El Gordo
No matter what the hour, you can find a taco in Las Vegas at Tacos El Gordo/Gallo. This is not a place you’d go to hang out and have drinks with friends while exchanging the day’s gossip…unless you’re some seedy degenerate. Some even say that their tacos are only great after a really drunken night. Others (myself included) think their tacos come pretty close to a traditional cart vendor’s tacos in Mexico. Taco Tuesday used to mean $2 tacos, HOWEVER rumor has it that they’ve discontinued this. When I called to verify, they just kept saying “yes” to anything I asked lol. IMO, despite its fa├žade and red plastic trays, it’s still worthy of the Taco Tuesday list! My favorite taco: the traditional carne asada. YUM!

Abuela’s Tacos
Homemade tortillas, barbacoa, asada, and some of the best fish tacos in Vegas (or that I’ve ever had), make Abuela’s Tacos a traditionally great Mexican joint. This is another restaurant that you wouldn’t wear your best bobbles to and/or meet up with friends, HOWEVER, what you WOULD do is take advantage of their Taco Tuesday specials - $2 for any taco! The barbacoa is loved by all (except me – I can’t do cow face) and the carne asada is tender and nearly fatless! If you’re not sure what to order, Abuela herself will be there to make sure you love your meal!


Exterior sign of Rockhouse Las Vegas, home of Taco Tuesday!
Photo courtesy of Spider.Dog

$5 shots of tequila and $7 margaritas! Oh wait, this blog is dedicated to tacos ;)  Rockhouse celebrates Taco Tuesday all day long with 10 different types of tacos starting at $1.50 each. Give their shrimp tacos a try; you might be tricked into thinking you’re near the coast!  

Hussong’s Cantina

Finding a taco in Las Vegas is like finding a doctor in a physician’s office; there’s no shortage of them but finding a GOOD ONE is a little more challenging! Hussong’s is a feel good bar with great eats and one of the best margaritas I’ve ever had! Housed at the Shoppes of Mandalay Bay, it’s well worth the walk to get there. $1 beer and 50 cent tacos for locals… pricing isn’t much more for you out-of-towners. They don’t have a publicized Taco Tuesday but they have a following that hangs out there on Tuesday nights, partying and chowing some tacos! Hussong's has an exceptional staff!

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