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October Halloween Parties in Las Vegas 2013

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Hos on every corner? Pimps leaning outside every bar? Oh silly tourists, it’s just people dressed up in costume to celebrate a good old fashion Las Vegas Halloween! Partying 24/7, 365 days a year, starts to get slightly mundane; that’s why Las Vegas likes to mix things up, going all out any chance we get! Halloween parties in Las Vegas are fun, sexy, and outrageous, so if your idea of a good time is telling ghost stories on a haunted hayride, HEAD TO THE MIDWEST! If realistic, bloody, haunted houses and costume parties are more your speed, WELCOME TO VEGAS! Halloween is a time when ghouls and goblins will sneak out into the night to steal a drink at the bar and dance the night away. Las Vegas Halloween parties 2013 include a lineup like no other (it was really hard to choose the best)!

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball
Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball at Hard Rock Casino.
Photo courtesy of Kaloozer
Oct 26th, 2013 from 10pm-4am at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will be the infamous Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball. Eighteen years running, complete with a human zoo (yes, that’d be a zoo with caged humans…and no, you cannot pet them :P), the Travel Channel has named this one of the top events in THE WORLD (cha-chiiiiing)! Featuring DJ Darude to get the party pumped up, this multi-leveled venue event will go down in the record books as one of the best Halloween parties in Las Vegas... if not THE BEST!

Rock and Horror 80’s Halloween Party
Oct 31st, 2013 from 10:30pm-6am, 80’s VJ, CB Shaw, will spin your favorite 80s beats at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. No costumes required; upscale dress is permitted! Dress up anyway, it’s Halloween you party pooper!

Haunted Hoe-Down Party
Halloween costume bull riding contest? Well duh! Oct 31st, 2013, Halloween night, PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood will showcase this event at 9pm. What could be more fun that watching a drunken, sexed up, Raggedy Ann, sloppily riding a bull?!

Las Vegas Halloween "Devil and Angel" dressed up for Halloween!
Photo courtesy of Kevygee
Zombie Prom Party
Another of the best Halloween parties in Las Vegas is going to happen in the Ghostbar at the Palms! More of a low-key event (not to be confused with boring), this “prom” demands your best costume and the will to dance the night away on the 55th floor of the Palm’s, overlooking the city! If you didn't get asked to your high school prom (boohoo) now is your time to shine!

Sexiest Sinner Party
Nov 3rd in the Bank at Bellagio, is where you’ll find all the hookers. Ok, so that’s not quite true HOWEVER, when a bar is giving away 20K in costume prizes for the “sexiest sinner” in the valley, the girls will come…and the boys will follow.

Oktober Fright Fest
Fremont Street, a.k.a. “Old Las Vegas”, a.k.a. “downtown Las Vegas”, will be throwing a month long party with plenty of fun and plenty of booze... ending Oct 31st with its grand finale! The light show will feature themed shows such as the “Monster Mash” and miles worth of “yard margaritas” will be consumed.

Fright Dome Haunted House
Haunted Hearst at Fright Dome Las Vegas.
Photo Courtesy of Miss Shari
Circus Circus has done Halloween right with this haunted house! If a little “Boo!” scares you, you might want to wear your Depends on this tour! Spread over five acres, and continually garnishing the title of “top five haunted attractions in the nation”, this Las Vegas haunted house continues to attract celebrities and “common folk” alike!

Trilogy of Terror Haunted House
Just 10 minutes from the strip, on N. Rainbow, three haunts in one location will “scare the hell out of you”! Worth the short jaunt from the Las Vegas Strip, this Las Vegas haunted house is rated #1 in the Western U.S.

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