Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elvis Has NOT Left The Building!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Two Elvis Impersonators leaning on a rail on the Las Vegas Strip.
A couple Elvis impersonators standing on the Strip.
Fetishes are normal…don’t be ashamed. We all have them - Women with their shoes, men with their guns, cats with their mice (hey, I’m trying to keep it clean, ok)! But an Elvis fetish, you ask? That’s probably one of the most “normal” things about Las Vegas! Fanatics at every turn, just waiting for the next tribute show! Do they long for the fatter version of “The King” or an earlier, slithering, hip gyrating version of Elvis? I’m not sure it really matters just so long as he’s got the jet black bouffant atop his head, some crazy sideburns, and is wearing a bedazzled onsie (ok fine, it’s a jumpsuit). Here in Las Vegas, Elvis lives on…and on…and on. Forget Graceland! Sin City keeps the drinks flowing and Elvis’ spirit alive!

Get Married by Elvis
If you can’t marry him, you might as well get married BY him! Have yourself a Las Vegas Elvis wedding. We’re all about going to extremes, right?! I’ve never attended an Elvis wedding but I’m guessing it’s good for a phenomenal, bellyaching laugh! Unless of course, you take it completely serious, then, uhhhm, well, then, I’m sure it will be the most beautiful wedding imaginable! At Graceland Wedding Chapel you will be escorted down the aisle by Elvis while he serenades you with his tunes; this package includes photographs to commemorate the event! If you’re wanting to ride in the famous pink Cadillac, and see your name in neon lights (well, the marque to be more accurate), The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is the place for you!

Elvis Impersonators
I’ll make this easy on you and narrow it down to two shows! These two battle for top rankings here, as far as Elvis shows in Las Vegas go! Big Elvis at the Sahara, featuring all 400 pounds+ of Peter Valle (which is less than half the size he was when he started doing the gig decades ago), gets the audience rocking. It is an interactive show, he takes song requests, AND his voice is so similar to “The King’s” that people often ask if he’s lip synching! Big Elvis has been featured in newspapers across the United States giving props to Valle AND to the show.

Another man that has been paying tribute to Elvis is Trent Carlini, who performs at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. This concert is more of a tribute to Elvis’ life than a straight Las Vegas Elvis Impersonator. His genuine love of Elvis began at age 10 and it shows in the performance; this man knows the King and his music inside and out.

Not sure what type of Elvis Wedding you want? Still need some advice on which Elvis show to see? Contact VegasDaze at 855-895-3293 and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

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