Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Halloween Parties in Las Vegas 2013

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Hos on every corner? Pimps leaning outside every bar? Oh silly tourists, it’s just people dressed up in costume to celebrate a good old fashion Las Vegas Halloween! Partying 24/7, 365 days a year, starts to get slightly mundane; that’s why Las Vegas likes to mix things up, going all out any chance we get! Halloween parties in Las Vegas are fun, sexy, and outrageous, so if your idea of a good time is telling ghost stories on a haunted hayride, HEAD TO THE MIDWEST! If realistic, bloody, haunted houses and costume parties are more your speed, WELCOME TO VEGAS! Halloween is a time when ghouls and goblins will sneak out into the night to steal a drink at the bar and dance the night away. Las Vegas Halloween parties 2013 include a lineup like no other (it was really hard to choose the best)!

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball
Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball at Hard Rock Casino.
Photo courtesy of Kaloozer
Oct 26th, 2013 from 10pm-4am at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will be the infamous Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball. Eighteen years running, complete with a human zoo (yes, that’d be a zoo with caged humans…and no, you cannot pet them :P), the Travel Channel has named this one of the top events in THE WORLD (cha-chiiiiing)! Featuring DJ Darude to get the party pumped up, this multi-leveled venue event will go down in the record books as one of the best Halloween parties in Las Vegas... if not THE BEST!

Rock and Horror 80’s Halloween Party
Oct 31st, 2013 from 10:30pm-6am, 80’s VJ, CB Shaw, will spin your favorite 80s beats at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. No costumes required; upscale dress is permitted! Dress up anyway, it’s Halloween you party pooper!

Haunted Hoe-Down Party
Halloween costume bull riding contest? Well duh! Oct 31st, 2013, Halloween night, PBR Rock Bar at Planet Hollywood will showcase this event at 9pm. What could be more fun that watching a drunken, sexed up, Raggedy Ann, sloppily riding a bull?!

Las Vegas Halloween "Devil and Angel" dressed up for Halloween!
Photo courtesy of Kevygee
Zombie Prom Party
Another of the best Halloween parties in Las Vegas is going to happen in the Ghostbar at the Palms! More of a low-key event (not to be confused with boring), this “prom” demands your best costume and the will to dance the night away on the 55th floor of the Palm’s, overlooking the city! If you didn't get asked to your high school prom (boohoo) now is your time to shine!

Sexiest Sinner Party
Nov 3rd in the Bank at Bellagio, is where you’ll find all the hookers. Ok, so that’s not quite true HOWEVER, when a bar is giving away 20K in costume prizes for the “sexiest sinner” in the valley, the girls will come…and the boys will follow.

Oktober Fright Fest
Fremont Street, a.k.a. “Old Las Vegas”, a.k.a. “downtown Las Vegas”, will be throwing a month long party with plenty of fun and plenty of booze... ending Oct 31st with its grand finale! The light show will feature themed shows such as the “Monster Mash” and miles worth of “yard margaritas” will be consumed.

Fright Dome Haunted House
Haunted Hearst at Fright Dome Las Vegas.
Photo Courtesy of Miss Shari
Circus Circus has done Halloween right with this haunted house! If a little “Boo!” scares you, you might want to wear your Depends on this tour! Spread over five acres, and continually garnishing the title of “top five haunted attractions in the nation”, this Las Vegas haunted house continues to attract celebrities and “common folk” alike!

Trilogy of Terror Haunted House
Just 10 minutes from the strip, on N. Rainbow, three haunts in one location will “scare the hell out of you”! Worth the short jaunt from the Las Vegas Strip, this Las Vegas haunted house is rated #1 in the Western U.S.

Let help you plan your Halloween weekend in Las Vegas. Call our agents today at 702-851-3293. With so much to do in Las Vegas, we can maximize your FUN!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Taco Tuesday in Las Vegas

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

 “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” said no one ever … well except for that scrawny little Chihuahua that you can’t help but form some sort of affection for. But really, what makes people say "yo quiero"? Why, the best tacos in Las Vegas of course! Some might think that Taco Tuesday is a ploy by restaurant marketing departments across the United States to increase customer traffic and give revenue a boost. Well, they’d be right! Ask anyone from Mexico if they have Taco Tuesday in their country and they will either a) look at you like you’re a few animals short of a zoo, or b) let you know that Tuesday in Spanish is “martes” and that “Taco martes” doesn’t have quite the same alliterating impact as “Taco Tuesday”. Regardless of what you call it, these restaurants have made the list for the best tacos in Las Vegas?

Cabo Wabo

Outside patio of Cabo Wabo Las Vegas, where they have the best fist tacos!
Photo courtesy of total13
With a cute little name like “Cabo Wabo” why wouldn’t they have a great “Taco Tuesday” event?! Want the best fish taco in Vegas? Head on down to the Miracle Mile Shops, make your way to Cabo Wabo, plant yourself on a barstool, and celebrate Tuesday with a few big-fat-juicy fish tacos! For those of you that don’t love sea creatures for dinner, try the crispy chicken taco or their carne asada taco. The atmosphere is fun and the margaritas might not be the most authentic BUT they get the job done!

Tacos El Gordo
No matter what the hour, you can find a taco in Las Vegas at Tacos El Gordo/Gallo. This is not a place you’d go to hang out and have drinks with friends while exchanging the day’s gossip…unless you’re some seedy degenerate. Some even say that their tacos are only great after a really drunken night. Others (myself included) think their tacos come pretty close to a traditional cart vendor’s tacos in Mexico. Taco Tuesday used to mean $2 tacos, HOWEVER rumor has it that they’ve discontinued this. When I called to verify, they just kept saying “yes” to anything I asked lol. IMO, despite its fa├žade and red plastic trays, it’s still worthy of the Taco Tuesday list! My favorite taco: the traditional carne asada. YUM!

Abuela’s Tacos
Homemade tortillas, barbacoa, asada, and some of the best fish tacos in Vegas (or that I’ve ever had), make Abuela’s Tacos a traditionally great Mexican joint. This is another restaurant that you wouldn’t wear your best bobbles to and/or meet up with friends, HOWEVER, what you WOULD do is take advantage of their Taco Tuesday specials - $2 for any taco! The barbacoa is loved by all (except me – I can’t do cow face) and the carne asada is tender and nearly fatless! If you’re not sure what to order, Abuela herself will be there to make sure you love your meal!


Exterior sign of Rockhouse Las Vegas, home of Taco Tuesday!
Photo courtesy of Spider.Dog

$5 shots of tequila and $7 margaritas! Oh wait, this blog is dedicated to tacos ;)  Rockhouse celebrates Taco Tuesday all day long with 10 different types of tacos starting at $1.50 each. Give their shrimp tacos a try; you might be tricked into thinking you’re near the coast!  

Hussong’s Cantina

Finding a taco in Las Vegas is like finding a doctor in a physician’s office; there’s no shortage of them but finding a GOOD ONE is a little more challenging! Hussong’s is a feel good bar with great eats and one of the best margaritas I’ve ever had! Housed at the Shoppes of Mandalay Bay, it’s well worth the walk to get there. $1 beer and 50 cent tacos for locals… pricing isn’t much more for you out-of-towners. They don’t have a publicized Taco Tuesday but they have a following that hangs out there on Tuesday nights, partying and chowing some tacos! Hussong's has an exceptional staff!

Want to find out where others eat when they come to Las Vegas? Visit us at VegasDaze.comwhere you will get the honest opinions of locals!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Attire for your Vegas Vacation!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

“Girl, you sure are rocking those Jimmy Choo 8” Crystal heels!”

“Aren’t they FANTASTIC? They were a steal at $2,900! Plus, they’re SO COMFORTABLE, I didn’t pack any other shoes!”

This, my friends, is a prime example of a packing FAIL! Yes, any shoe is manageable for a period of time. Some shoes are manageable for an extended period of time. In Las Vegas, no shoe is comfortable when you’ve walked the strip a dozen times, shopped the malls, went to dinner, and danced all night…especially not 8” heels! Stop! I don’t want to hear the excuses; your heels are not “just as comfortable” as flats. Sooooooo, what to wear in Vegas…anything goes really. I mean it’s Vegas after all! I’ll break it down for you by activity for the sake of simplicity – you can sift through them and compile your own checklist ;) I’ll even highlight the items to make it SUPER easy!

Day Tours and Excursions
A trail with a single file line of horses and their jean clad riders.
Straddling a horse and riding for hours while your thighs are rubbed raw on the leather saddle doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun (get your mind out of the gutter)! What do you wear in Vegas for your day tours? Bring some comfy, broken-in jeans that you aren’t afraid to get dirty and a pair of tennis shoes. They will come in handy if you do buggy tours, horseback riding, racecar driving, or hiking. While you’re at it, throw in a hat of some sort (I prefer a baseball cap) and the sunblock because the sun WILL attack you from all angles like a stealth ninja… making the rest of your stay miserable.

Eating Out
Girl in short black dress with a scalloped bottom and some trendy wedge booties.
Photo by Maegan Tintari
Not everyone eats at McD’s! If you do, great, wear your sweatpants and that baggy t-shirt you’ve had since the 80’s – you know, the one with bleach stains and holes that you should have gotten rid of decades ago! If you are wanting to get out there and hit the restaurant hotspots, what do you wear in Vegas? You’ll be able to get away with business casual at most places. Men, this means pack a pair of pants and some nice shoes, along with a collared shirt. Ladies, just grab that infamous “little black dress” paired with some sexy heels and be done with it. Don’t overthink things, it’s just dinner!

A pair of lime green plastic flip flops with a red backdrop.
Photo by Steve Johnson
Hmmmm, what to wear to the clubs in Vegas… if you want to go for the Miley Cyrus look, you don’t have to pack a thing – maybe some pasties if you’re the modest type! Lines get long and let’s face it, the hotter you look, the quicker they’ll pull you from the line and walk you to the entrance. With that being said, clubs here are no different than clubs anywhere else (I MAY have frequented the club scene in a few states). If you’re a guy, wear what you wore to dinner – pants, collared shirt, and dress shoes. If you’re a girl, hootchie up that black dress by adding obnoxious “statement” jewelry. ALWAYS carry a handbag big enough to house some flip flops (you’ll totally thank me for this advice). Let’s talk about make-up – however you want to doll up that pretty little face at home but don’t for fear it might be too outrageous will be just fine here! Use Vegas as your experimenting grounds for false eyelashes, glitter shadow, and the brightest lipstick you can find…everyone else does ;)

Seasonal “Weather”
READ the forecast. Don’t ignore it thinking Las Vegas is always a smoldering 108 degrees! It gets cold here and, believe it or not, it rains here! September is monsoon season…yes, you read correctly, monsoon season! We flood! Some things to bring to Vegas would be an umbrella (if the forecast says rain), a jacket for the evenings (and maybe the days if the forecast says it’s cool), sunglasses (because the sun WILL come out at some point…and it’s as bright at hades)…oh, and don’t forget the plastic rain poncho – they’re all the rage here! Ok, so maybe you can ditch the poncho. I’m just going to repeat myself to drive this point home. Las Vegas doesn’t have a magical weather fairy that flies around keeping things consistent nor does she have an invisible shield she can throw over you to protect you from whatever the weather throws your way!

VegasDaze is here to help you make the most of your trip! Give us a call 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 to book your day tours or to just ask us what the weather is like J

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Hours on the Strip Not to be Missed!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Happy Hour is a topic near and dear to the hearts of many. What better way is there to escape after a long, torturous day of mental breakdowns, dealing with unstable coworkers, clients, overbearing bosses, and unreasonable deadlines?! NONE says I! Happy Hour Las Vegas style is also a load of fun and well worth meeting the window of opportunity, considering the usual price for a drink in this town!

According to, there are more than 12 million alcoholics in the U.S., three-fourths of all adults drink alcohol (6% of those are alcoholics), AND Americans spend $197 million each day on alcohol! Have you jumped on this bandwagon? I’m going with “probably so” since your vacation of choice is to Sin City Las Vegas ;) (Yes, I know, it’s totally wrong to quote stats on alcoholism in order to promote drinking). Where can you go for the best happy hour in Las Vegas? I can think of a FEW places on the Strip that have some great drink specials…

Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay
From 4-6pm you will find John Daly’s and Rum Punch, along with well drinks for $8, most domestic beers are $4, select wine is $9, and a few appetizers, including Spicy Salmon Poppers are $8.

Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay
From 5-7pm you can get a delicious salted caramel martini (and some other tasty drinks) for $6, while select imported beers are $4. Try the Burger Bar Sliders because I said so AND they’re delicious!

Hussong’s at Mandalay Shoppes
From 3-6pm on Mon-Thur they have half off well drinks and draft beers along with half off select appetizers.

Tacos and Tequila at Luxor
From 3-6pm on Mon-Fri you can try their starters for half off and select drinks of all kinds or $5!

Public House Las Vegas at Luxor
From 4-6pm on Mon-Fri enjoy some $5 bar bites and half price cocktails.

Dick’s Last Resort at Excalibur
Stop in whenever you like for 2-for-1 well drinks, draft beer, or tequila shots! While there’s no “Happy Hour” here, there’s still happy times!

D. Vino Wine Bar at Monte Carlo
From 4-6pm D.Vino slings meatball sliders along with discounted drinks. The drink specials change but I doubt you’ll find a drink you don’t like!

The Pub at Monte Carlo
From 3-6pm, Mon-Fri The Pub serves up $1 wings and $1 sliders! They also have buy one get one well drinks and domestic beers.

American Fish at Aria
From 5-7pm you can take advantage of $7 cocktails and wine, $4 beer and $5 snacks!

Social House at Civic Center
From 5-8pm Social House’s Happy Hour Las Vegas menu has a few of their Pan-Asian cuisine items from $5-$10, Blue Moon, Miller Lite and Coors Lite are $3, and select Sake from $7...while select wines are $8.

PBR Rock Bar at Miracle Miles Shops Planet Hollywood
From 3-6pm patrons can mingle and drink up some $3 domestic draft beers, two-for-one well drinks, and half-price bottles of wine. You can even grab some $5 shots to get the party started!

PJ Clarke’s at Caesar’s Forum Shops
From 3-6pm grab some fresh shucked oysters for $1 OR try the chef’s “choice of the day”, and wash it all down with some $3 draft beers.

Sushi Roku at Caesar’s Palace
From 4-7pm (only until 6pm on Fri and Sat) you will find their popular sushi rolls from $4, well drinks for $5, champagne for $6, and hot sake for $3!

Rockhouse at Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes
11am-7pm is a LONG happy hour but we’ll take it! Two-for-one domestic drafts and well drinks OR buy an “all you can drink” package for $50 (that could lead to scary times)!

Gilley’s Saloon at Treasure Island
From 3-7pm on Mon-Fri you can grab two-for-one draft beers and cocktails PLUS $5 bull rides (it’s always amusing to watch a drunk woman in a dress stagger up to the “bull”)!

Senor Frog’s at Treasure Island
From 3-6 on Mon-Fri you can round up the gang and watch the Siren’s of TI show from the patio while sucking down two-for-one drinks and half price appetizers. Yum!

Country Club at Wynn
From 5-7pm on Wed-Sun you can lounge at the Country Club while sipping on select cocktails from $7 and select beers from $4 (ok, fine, don’t sip the beer; that’s just weird)!

Happy Hours around this town do and will change! It’s always best to give the location a ring before you go to make sure they’re still serving up Happy Hour treats!

Are you planning your stay in Vegas around the best Happy Hours? Give us a call 1-855-895-3293 or 702-851-3293 and we can help you book your tours and shows to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elvis Has NOT Left The Building!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Two Elvis Impersonators leaning on a rail on the Las Vegas Strip.
A couple Elvis impersonators standing on the Strip.
Fetishes are normal…don’t be ashamed. We all have them - Women with their shoes, men with their guns, cats with their mice (hey, I’m trying to keep it clean, ok)! But an Elvis fetish, you ask? That’s probably one of the most “normal” things about Las Vegas! Fanatics at every turn, just waiting for the next tribute show! Do they long for the fatter version of “The King” or an earlier, slithering, hip gyrating version of Elvis? I’m not sure it really matters just so long as he’s got the jet black bouffant atop his head, some crazy sideburns, and is wearing a bedazzled onsie (ok fine, it’s a jumpsuit). Here in Las Vegas, Elvis lives on…and on…and on. Forget Graceland! Sin City keeps the drinks flowing and Elvis’ spirit alive!

Get Married by Elvis
If you can’t marry him, you might as well get married BY him! Have yourself a Las Vegas Elvis wedding. We’re all about going to extremes, right?! I’ve never attended an Elvis wedding but I’m guessing it’s good for a phenomenal, bellyaching laugh! Unless of course, you take it completely serious, then, uhhhm, well, then, I’m sure it will be the most beautiful wedding imaginable! At Graceland Wedding Chapel you will be escorted down the aisle by Elvis while he serenades you with his tunes; this package includes photographs to commemorate the event! If you’re wanting to ride in the famous pink Cadillac, and see your name in neon lights (well, the marque to be more accurate), The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is the place for you!

Elvis Impersonators
I’ll make this easy on you and narrow it down to two shows! These two battle for top rankings here, as far as Elvis shows in Las Vegas go! Big Elvis at the Sahara, featuring all 400 pounds+ of Peter Valle (which is less than half the size he was when he started doing the gig decades ago), gets the audience rocking. It is an interactive show, he takes song requests, AND his voice is so similar to “The King’s” that people often ask if he’s lip synching! Big Elvis has been featured in newspapers across the United States giving props to Valle AND to the show.

Another man that has been paying tribute to Elvis is Trent Carlini, who performs at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. This concert is more of a tribute to Elvis’ life than a straight Las Vegas Elvis Impersonator. His genuine love of Elvis began at age 10 and it shows in the performance; this man knows the King and his music inside and out.

Not sure what type of Elvis Wedding you want? Still need some advice on which Elvis show to see? Contact VegasDaze at 855-895-3293 and we’ll steer you in the right direction!


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