Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Las Vegas Shooting Ranges

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

When you think of Las Vegas, you think of activities like drinking, gambling, and, (ahhhh yes) prostitution! What you may not think of is hitting up a shooting range while you’re here! What’s your poison – machine gun, hand gun, sniper rifle?! How about the Desert Eagle as an appetizer, followed by the M60e4 for the main course… Yummmmy!  

Inside shot of gun and target as Las Vegas Strip Gun Club.
Las Vegas indoor shooting ranges are for everyone from beginners to pros, from large parties to a party of one. Are you girls here for a bachelorette party and want to make your better halves, who are sitting at home worried about your flirtatious ways getting out of hand, jealous? Guaranteed, if you go shoot a belt-fed machine gun, your man is going to be CRAZY jealous…and, at the same time, find you SUPER SEXY!

What about you men that are out here for some pre-wedding fun? Guess what? Your nagging, overprotective, wives and girlfriends back home can’t nag if you don’t answer the phone while you’re at an indoor shooting range in Las Vegas! ;) FLEX that 2nd Amendment muscle and get out there, grab a gun, and show Las Vegas whatcha got!

Shooting guns is a great way to relieve all of your pent up stress and rid you of your frustrations! NOW, I will ask, IF you have true anger issues, IF you fantasize about shooting up your place of business, or IF you dream about offing your spouse (frequently), do all of us locals a favor and skip this Vegas activity AND stop reading this blog! IF you don’t fall into those categories, please, continue on in your reading ;)…

This indoor shooting range in Las Vegas has more readily available guns than a guarded armory! I mean, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS! They have the largest collection of guns offered to the public in the UNITED STATES! Just the thought of wrapping my hands around the aforementioned Desert Eagle and blasting some holes in a target gets me all giddy inside ;) Convenient to the strip, this is an activity the whole family can enjoy.  Experience Hamburger Hill or Iwo Jima… the staff of 80% Veterans, will lead you into “battle”!

What sets them apart? They are the ONLY Las Vegas indoor shooting range located ON the strip! Keeping with the Las Vegas theme, Deuces Wild, Blackjack, or Full House are just a few of the shooting packages that they offer. For a mere $1,999 you can do the Buffet and get your hands on NINE different guns. I mean, what’s two grand when you've won ten grand in the casinos? ;) As with all of our local shooting ranges, please do not show up to the Strip Gun Club intoxicated as you will be denied any privileges (and that would suck)!

ONLY HERE will you find a minigun to fire; at 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute, just IMAGINE how much ammo for this thing costs! With a lounge, a shooting range, and complimentary refreshments, how can you go wrong at this Las Vegas shooting range?! Sign up to for the VIP treatment and have your own "Gun Girl" catering to you during your visit.

*A few reminders...DO NOT show up intoxicated, IF you are UNDER 18 you must be accompanied by an adult, you CANNOT shoot if you are pregnant (I discovered this the hard way), and be ready to follow instructions!

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