Thursday, September 12, 2013

Las Vegas Foodie Tours

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

You might be a FOODIE if… Food Network is your favorite channel on TV. You might be a FOODIE if…you often find yourself sitting in a crowd, staring off into space, daydreaming (possibly drooling) about your next meal. OR, you might be a FOODIE if…you post endless pictures (that only you care about), of what garnishes your plate, to FaceBook! If you feel like you should head on over to an FA (Foodie Anonymous) meeting, then Vegas is for you!

Come, take my hand, let us walk side by side on a Las Vegas food tour…I wouldn’t want a “hangry” (for those that don’t know, hangry is a hybrid word for hungry and angry) person loose in Las Vegas with no plan of attack! Our eating tour of Las Vegas will include ten, yes 10, of course TEN…why does EVERYTHING have to be the top TEN?! Sometimes I go against the grain and do the top seven, but generally it’s all about ten… so today I shall concede. These are a variety of restaurants, from fast food to five star, which would give you a great sampling of what Las Vegas has to offer.

The Steakhouse $$$
Creative name don’t you think? What eating tour of Las Vegas would be complete without a steakhouse on the list?! Every foodie I know loves a big, nearly raw, slab of meat. You wouldn't expect to find a meal this good inside of Circus Circus, but alas, it awaits you! You walk through the circus and into a refined, old-fashioned steakhouse; this steakhouse boasts rich red and green fabrics complemented with dark wood. Cozy into a booth and order their filet that will melt in your mouth and rinse it down with a glass of wine…bottle of wine…case of wine, even! Heck, we’re in Vegas! Every Las Vegas foodie’s dream!

Sushi Roku $$$
Sushi roll from Sushi Roku, Las Vegas
Photo by Richard Moross
Continuing on our Las Vegas food tour, we stop at Sushi Roku. Have you surpassed the “foodie snob” status and ventured on to become a “sushi snob”? Of course you have! Sushi is trendy! Sushi if fun! Sushi is SUSHI ROKU! They have everything you can imagine on the menu and their location, in Caesar’s, overlooks the strip…can’t get much better than this!

In-N-Out $
Las Vegas foodies love a good burger and fries on the go! In-N-Out is a fast food burger joint with a menu that’s limited to burgers and fries (they will fix a grilled cheese with all the fixings if you’re not into meat). People all over the U.S. grab their smartphones and look to see if there’s an In-N-Out in the area! I dare you to order a 5x5 “animal style”!

Alizé $$$$
If you really want to impress a Las Vegas foodie, take them to this phenomenal French restaurant at the Palms. The seven course tasting menu will tickle your palette and fill you up. If you’re traveling with a non-foodie (blasphemy!), Alizé does have an a la carte menu. Enjoy your pheasant, duck, or ginger ice cream (or all of the above!) while scoping out the cityscape from the 57th floor!

Bacchanal Buffet $$$
Buffets in Vegas are like strippers in Vegas; there's an abundance of them! Bachanal Buffet, at Caesars, is fairly new to Las Vegas, just coming to us at the end of this last year. In Vegas, we go big or go home! Bachanal isn’t your ordinary “feeding mill” style buffet. You've got to try this place. The décor is modern and sleek, and the atmosphere is more “restauranty” than “buffetish”. There’s plenty of food choices (over 500 items) to tame even the most wild foodie beast; dishes from around the globe are prepared by highly capable chefs and many of the dishes are prepared to order in front of your very eyes.

Nove Italiano $$$$
Las Vegas foodies know what’s going on…trust in that! With its fun yet modern décor and great views, this Italian restaurant is far from traditional when it comes to ambiance… yet, if you’re wanting a very traditional Italian meal, they’ll serve it right up with a smile. This is a great place to go with people you don’t really like…the music is a little loud, giving you the perfect excuse not to say a word!

Pink Taco $$
I like my tacos pink (that’s what he said)! You won’t find any pink theme going on in this restaurant/bar, but what you will find is some great rock music piping through the speakers and some decent American/Mexican food. I say this because if you want a traditional Mexican meal, you should skip this joint. My suggestion, pass on the fajitas and get the nachos!

Picasso $$$$
Picture of an authentic Picasso painting at Picasso's Restaurant
Photo by Navin Rajagopalan
Las Vegas foodies, listen up! A TOTAL Picasso experience - with a wine cellar offering over 1,500 wines, a menu straight from France and Spain (Picasso’s stomping grounds), and authentic Picasso artwork! I’m an “artie” as well as a “foodie” so this place takes care of both. Sit outside and watch the Bellagio Fountains to make this experience one you will never forget! ALL menu choices are phenomenal; you can’t go wrong!

Metro Pizza $
Another quick stop on our eating tour of Las Vegas is Metro Pizza. It’s a local’s favorite for New York style pizza. Have I had better pizza? Yes! Have I had better garlic knots? Ehhh, maybe! Metro Pizza has made the buck list for every resident of the Las Vegas Valley, which tells me more people like this pizza diner than not!

Komol $$$
Have a hankering for some Thai food? With too many awards to mention, “traditional” is the word I hear to describe Komol most often! Their MSG-free dishes have been lovingly prepared since 1986; they offer a wide variety of Thai dishes, along with vegetarian and vegan options. This is where people that KNOW THAI FOOD go! With deep fear that you will never read another of my blogs, I must confess, I do not like Thai food! In fact, I’ve been shunned by many of my Thai friends for saying I think everything tastes like peanuts! With that being said, my fellow foodie resources would not steer me wrong! Second runner up to Komol…Lotus of Siam.

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