Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vegas' Hidden Gems Revealed

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Ever wonder what the locals do here in Las Vegas? I’ll let you in on a little secret… we wake up early, while all of you visitors are still in “recovery mode”, and we prancercise up and down the Strip! It’s true! Prancercising is a fantastic and fun workout that’s sweeping the nation! Ok, I’m totally lying but IF we did, that would be BY FAR one of the most amusing things to see in Las Vegas, or maybe anywhere! Hmmmm, maybe I should organize a citywide prancercising event… Argh, sidetracked again (this is always happening)! So, what DO the locals here in Las Vegas REALLY do? Yes, we play on the Strip just like everyone else, BUT we also have some hidden gems that we kinda keep to ourselves (in fear that the tourists will take over)! I’ll share just a few if you promise not to tell…shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

While you’re here, wake up early one day and head to Red Rock Canyon for a trail walk, run, or good old fashioned hike. You’ll never hear me bypass Red Rock when it comes to talking about what you should do while you’re here in Las Vegas. This is one of those things to see in Las Vegas that NOBODY told me about before I moved here (angry face)! The place is gorgeous so bring your camera! You can spy desert animals, including a long-horned sheep (which, when I moved here, I would refer to as long-horned mountain goats! Oops)!

When you’re done with Red Rock, hit up Cosmopolitan’s hidden Pizza Parlor for lunch. It is one of the many things to see in Las Vegas that is undoubtedly a “hidden” gem! It started off as some random prep area at the hotel but, due to demand, morphed into a pizza joint. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the Cosmo and it’s hidden! Now go, find it, and get yourself a slice or two!

After lunch, go have some fun on Lake Mead. Rent a boat, rent a jet-ski, rent SOMETHING, for Pete’s sake, and get out on the lake to cool off! The lake is huge…247 square miles of gorgeous lake, tied into the Colorado River, just 24 miles from the Las Vegas Strip (so I guess this would qualify as a "not so hidden" ;) gem! Rent an open bow boat and some wakeboards, and race through the water to burn off those pizza calories and work those abs (and legs and arms…let’s just say, it’s a good workout)!
Gorgeous panoramic view of Lake Mead
Photo by Milan Jirak
Once you’ve worked up an out of control, ravenous appetite, go get cleaned up. For dinner head over to Henderson, NV and sit down to a terrific Mexican dinner at Lindo Michoacan! One of the things to see in Las Vegas that’s a MUST, is the gorgeous view overlooking the city, from this restaurant! It’s a totally causal experience so any attire goes...well, mostly any get the idea. But OMG, this food is pretty close to authentic, the staff is great, the prices are reasonable, and the waiters make sure the drinks flow!

Why not finish the evening off with a round of golf…if golf is your game, there are several courses sprawled across Las Vegas that will quench your need to play. Things to see in Las Vegas, include a visit to Angel Park Golf Club, where you can enjoy a 9-hole course, plus putting green, that’s lit up for your nighttime playing pleasure. I’ve heard it’s fantastic from MANY people, BUT, to be completely honest, the last time I played golf, I shouted “fore” right as my ball pelted some poor soul in the back.

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