Thursday, August 29, 2013

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

1. Eat every Hagen Das ice cream flavor in one sitting. 2. Visit at least one country on every continent. 3. Date Justin Bieber…these are just a few of many on my bucket list! …Really? You believed me when I got to number three?! C’mon now, the only thing I’d want to do with Bieber is meet him in a dark alley with a baseball bat ;)

Surprisingly, many people have “flying in a helicopter” on their bucket list! I thought it might be fun to do a bucket list solely on our local Las Vegas helicopter tours! Long tours, short tours, day tours, night tours…the best Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon, the best tours of the Las Vegas Strip…only the best of the best will make this list!

1. Hoover Dam
“Let’s go see the ‘dam’ bridge!”  “How do people stand this ‘dam’ heat?” Yes, the Hoover Dam has too many “dam” jokes. Don’t let this detour you; book ahelicopter ride to the Hoover Dam! Looking at the Hoover Damn from a helicopter puts it all in perspective. From the ground it looks massive, but you will never fully understand just how immense the Hoover Dam is UNLESS you see it from the air. The ECO-Star helicopters are built for safety and comfort, plus they allow you to get a 365 degree, bird’s eye view of the bridge, the dam, and the ruggedness of the surrounding area. There are SIX different flights that take you over the Hoover Dam, so let the experts at VegasDaze help you figure out which one is right for you!

2. Short Night Flight of the Las Vegas Strip
View of the Las Vegas Strip, at night, from a helicopter.
A little razzle-dazzle for those that don’t want to spend too much time in the air, the Neon Nights Air Tour, will allow you to put a checkmark next to “fly in a helicopter”, with a short night flight (12-15 minutes) over the Strip and Fremont Street…all without breaking the bank! You’ll be amazed at how high those glittery, sparkling, lit signs really are! A little champagne toast beforehand will calm your nerves ;)

3. Long Flight with Landing
People walking on the glass walkway overlooking the Grand Canyon.Trivia time - name these lyrics: “Just sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a faithful trip…five passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour, a three hour tour!” Give up? The theme song to Gilligan’s Island, of course! The Canyon Celebration is actually a SEVEN hour tour…and it’s not by boat. Book a ride to the Hoover Dam and, on this flight, you’ll also get to see Fortification Hill (an inactive volcano) and Lake Mead! You’ll land 3,500 feet below the Grand Canyon’s rim, to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Colorado River while nibbling on some snacks (or your partner’s neck :P). Last stop is the West Rim, where you’ll explore the many overlooks (make sure you walk the glass bridge!) and take hundreds of pictures that you’ll torture family with for years to come. 

4. Sunset

View of helicopter with the fiery sunset in the background.What bucket list would be complete without a view of the sunset from a helicopter? One of the best Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon is the Sunset Deluxe, where you will experience the fiery reds and oranges of the sky playing off the barren cliffs and cityscape of Las Vegas! See farther into the horizon that you ever thought possible. Bring your partner on this tour…this flight is so romantic!

5. Hoover Dam + Strip + Sunset
Why not wrap up a few of your bucket list flights into one tidy package?! With THE best Las Vegas helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon, the Sunset Deluxe Tour, you will get to see the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, Lake Mead, Downtown Las Vegas, AND the Las Vegas Strip! Even better, you’ll get to see the sunset while you’re up there, buzzing all over the Las Vegas Valley!

Deciding which flight(s) will let you mark a helicopter tour off of your bucket list can be a daunting task! Let the VegasDaze family take the burden of planning off of you; contact us today 1-855-895-3293.

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