Thursday, August 29, 2013

Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

1. Eat every Hagen Das ice cream flavor in one sitting. 2. Visit at least one country on every continent. 3. Date Justin Bieber…these are just a few of many on my bucket list! …Really? You believed me when I got to number three?! C’mon now, the only thing I’d want to do with Bieber is meet him in a dark alley with a baseball bat ;)

Surprisingly, many people have “flying in a helicopter” on their bucket list! I thought it might be fun to do a bucket list solely on our local Las Vegas helicopter tours! Long tours, short tours, day tours, night tours…the best Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon, the best tours of the Las Vegas Strip…only the best of the best will make this list!

1. Hoover Dam
“Let’s go see the ‘dam’ bridge!”  “How do people stand this ‘dam’ heat?” Yes, the Hoover Dam has too many “dam” jokes. Don’t let this detour you; book ahelicopter ride to the Hoover Dam! Looking at the Hoover Damn from a helicopter puts it all in perspective. From the ground it looks massive, but you will never fully understand just how immense the Hoover Dam is UNLESS you see it from the air. The ECO-Star helicopters are built for safety and comfort, plus they allow you to get a 365 degree, bird’s eye view of the bridge, the dam, and the ruggedness of the surrounding area. There are SIX different flights that take you over the Hoover Dam, so let the experts at VegasDaze help you figure out which one is right for you!

2. Short Night Flight of the Las Vegas Strip
View of the Las Vegas Strip, at night, from a helicopter.
A little razzle-dazzle for those that don’t want to spend too much time in the air, the Neon Nights Air Tour, will allow you to put a checkmark next to “fly in a helicopter”, with a short night flight (12-15 minutes) over the Strip and Fremont Street…all without breaking the bank! You’ll be amazed at how high those glittery, sparkling, lit signs really are! A little champagne toast beforehand will calm your nerves ;)

3. Long Flight with Landing
People walking on the glass walkway overlooking the Grand Canyon.Trivia time - name these lyrics: “Just sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a faithful trip…five passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour, a three hour tour!” Give up? The theme song to Gilligan’s Island, of course! The Canyon Celebration is actually a SEVEN hour tour…and it’s not by boat. Book a ride to the Hoover Dam and, on this flight, you’ll also get to see Fortification Hill (an inactive volcano) and Lake Mead! You’ll land 3,500 feet below the Grand Canyon’s rim, to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Colorado River while nibbling on some snacks (or your partner’s neck :P). Last stop is the West Rim, where you’ll explore the many overlooks (make sure you walk the glass bridge!) and take hundreds of pictures that you’ll torture family with for years to come. 

4. Sunset

View of helicopter with the fiery sunset in the background.What bucket list would be complete without a view of the sunset from a helicopter? One of the best Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon is the Sunset Deluxe, where you will experience the fiery reds and oranges of the sky playing off the barren cliffs and cityscape of Las Vegas! See farther into the horizon that you ever thought possible. Bring your partner on this tour…this flight is so romantic!

5. Hoover Dam + Strip + Sunset
Why not wrap up a few of your bucket list flights into one tidy package?! With THE best Las Vegas helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon, the Sunset Deluxe Tour, you will get to see the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, Lake Mead, Downtown Las Vegas, AND the Las Vegas Strip! Even better, you’ll get to see the sunset while you’re up there, buzzing all over the Las Vegas Valley!

Deciding which flight(s) will let you mark a helicopter tour off of your bucket list can be a daunting task! Let the VegasDaze family take the burden of planning off of you; contact us today 1-855-895-3293.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fun Thrills Off the Las Vegas Strip for the Whole Family

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Yes, we know, Las Vegas is a giant playground for adults. What about things to do with kids in Las Vegas?! There’s plenty to do on the Strip; in the early 90’s this town finally “got it” and realized if they catered to kids, the families will come! AND, believe it or not, there are fun thrills OFF the Las Vegas Strip that your kids (or someone else’s kids) will enjoy! “What?” you ask, “The kids can’t sit with us to do some drinking and gambling?” No, they can’t…I mean, they’d probably sleep really good at night after downing some Jack Daniels, but casinos, CPS, law enforcement, and basically anyone with sense, frowns on these things! ;) Don’t fret though, I have some recommendations to get those “sweet little children” nice and wore out!

Bonnie Springs Ranch
A mother and baby burro on the drive to Bonnie Springs Ranch.Bonnie Springs is this quaint little “zooish” place near Red Rock Canyon, about 15 minutes west of Las Vegas. When I say “zooish”, there are animals AND there is a petting zoo, BUT you’re not going to find a plethora of animals like you would at a traditional zoo in a milder climate. Can you picture some penguins strutting around the desert? What about a polar bear rolling around in the sand? Yeah, uhhhh no! This is a small establishment set up as an old west town with plenty of room for the kids to run (younger kids would probably enjoy Bonnie Springs most). The drive there is gorgeous and it’s one of the fun things to do with kids in Las Vegas!

Wild West Horseback Ride, Man on horse with beatiful sunset backdrop.
While you’re already near Red Rock Canyon, throw those kids up on some ponies and hit the trails for a horseback ride. Have you ever been to Mexico, and paid $20 to ride down the coast on the half dead, emaciated horses that struggle to make it ten feet, much less the entire stretch of beach? These are NOTHING like that! These horses are well fed, groomed, strong and, most importantly, HAPPY! You’ll ride for 1.5 hours, get a BBQ meal, and hopefully see a jackalope! Minimum age to ride is 6 years.

Red Rock Canyon
So, you have kids who are under 6 years, BUT the older kids want to do the above mentioned Wild West Horseback Ride? Not a problem, this is where the family can part and meet back up later (this is an especially great idea if your spouse is driving you nuts and you need a few hours of peace)! Red Rock Canyon has several things to do with kids in Las Vegas. They charge a fee to get in; once in, you can go for a hike on one of the many paths (ranging from paths for beginners to experts), or just enjoy a picnic at one of the many areas along the driving loop. The colors that play off the canyon walls are beautiful any time of the day and even more so at sunset.

Wet ‘n’ Wild
“It’s hot!” you say? Thank you Captain Obvious ;) Yes it’s hot! We are in the middle of the DESERT! Are you looking for things to do with kids in Las Vegas that will keep you cool and keep them happy? Wet ‘n’ Wild is a waterpark with slides and rides…they even have a “dive-in movie”...catchy little name dontcha think? Parents can float around the “Colorado Cooler”, a river that winds through the park, while the bigger kids can go explore the rides on their own! If you have little ones, the “Kiddie Cove” is where the action happens!

The Rookie Driving experience is a fun way to get your kids excited!
The Richard Petty Ride-Along racecars on the track.Three laps, at 160mph, around the Las Vegas Speedway? Yes please! How many people can say they did this? Your kids will be bragging for months about climbing into the seat of a stock racecar and careening around corners. This experience is definitely a fun thing to do with kids in Las Vegas! Don’t wear sandals; you’ve been warned! It will only make you mad when the rest of the family suits up and they don’t let you participate!

Discovery Children’s Museum
So your kid’s a nerd…it takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round! Plus, cool kids like museums too! There’s not a darn thing wrong with having some fun while learning! In fact, if learning were always fun, there would be a lot more of it going on! Interactive exhibits, such as “Toddler Town” and “Patents Pending”, let kids burn off some energy, running around, while learning about water power, eco-friendly things, and more!

Natural History Museum
If you’re still looking for fun things to do with kids in Las Vegas, hit up the Natural History Museum. The mummy dinosaur will keep those kids busy while you stare off into space... wondering how your life has come to this ;) If you time it right, you can see the special events, such as shark dissections or mermaid appearances (and you thought they didn't exist)!

Visit us at, to find more fun things to do with kids in Las Vegas!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vegas' Hidden Gems Revealed

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Ever wonder what the locals do here in Las Vegas? I’ll let you in on a little secret… we wake up early, while all of you visitors are still in “recovery mode”, and we prancercise up and down the Strip! It’s true! Prancercising is a fantastic and fun workout that’s sweeping the nation! Ok, I’m totally lying but IF we did, that would be BY FAR one of the most amusing things to see in Las Vegas, or maybe anywhere! Hmmmm, maybe I should organize a citywide prancercising event… Argh, sidetracked again (this is always happening)! So, what DO the locals here in Las Vegas REALLY do? Yes, we play on the Strip just like everyone else, BUT we also have some hidden gems that we kinda keep to ourselves (in fear that the tourists will take over)! I’ll share just a few if you promise not to tell…shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

While you’re here, wake up early one day and head to Red Rock Canyon for a trail walk, run, or good old fashioned hike. You’ll never hear me bypass Red Rock when it comes to talking about what you should do while you’re here in Las Vegas. This is one of those things to see in Las Vegas that NOBODY told me about before I moved here (angry face)! The place is gorgeous so bring your camera! You can spy desert animals, including a long-horned sheep (which, when I moved here, I would refer to as long-horned mountain goats! Oops)!

When you’re done with Red Rock, hit up Cosmopolitan’s hidden Pizza Parlor for lunch. It is one of the many things to see in Las Vegas that is undoubtedly a “hidden” gem! It started off as some random prep area at the hotel but, due to demand, morphed into a pizza joint. I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the Cosmo and it’s hidden! Now go, find it, and get yourself a slice or two!

After lunch, go have some fun on Lake Mead. Rent a boat, rent a jet-ski, rent SOMETHING, for Pete’s sake, and get out on the lake to cool off! The lake is huge…247 square miles of gorgeous lake, tied into the Colorado River, just 24 miles from the Las Vegas Strip (so I guess this would qualify as a "not so hidden" ;) gem! Rent an open bow boat and some wakeboards, and race through the water to burn off those pizza calories and work those abs (and legs and arms…let’s just say, it’s a good workout)!
Gorgeous panoramic view of Lake Mead
Photo by Milan Jirak
Once you’ve worked up an out of control, ravenous appetite, go get cleaned up. For dinner head over to Henderson, NV and sit down to a terrific Mexican dinner at Lindo Michoacan! One of the things to see in Las Vegas that’s a MUST, is the gorgeous view overlooking the city, from this restaurant! It’s a totally causal experience so any attire goes...well, mostly any get the idea. But OMG, this food is pretty close to authentic, the staff is great, the prices are reasonable, and the waiters make sure the drinks flow!

Why not finish the evening off with a round of golf…if golf is your game, there are several courses sprawled across Las Vegas that will quench your need to play. Things to see in Las Vegas, include a visit to Angel Park Golf Club, where you can enjoy a 9-hole course, plus putting green, that’s lit up for your nighttime playing pleasure. I’ve heard it’s fantastic from MANY people, BUT, to be completely honest, the last time I played golf, I shouted “fore” right as my ball pelted some poor soul in the back.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

National Parks In The Southwest

By Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Some of the most beautiful national parks can be found within four hours of Las Vegas. It’s hard to believe there’s ANYTHING out there once you leave the city of Vegas, when all you see are tumble weeds and sand mounds… but alas, there is life out there! Right in Las Vegas’ backyard you will find, The Grand Canyon and Red Rock, and if you venture out a bit farther you will find great treats like Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon! So if National Park Vacations are right up your alley, but the “dreaded spouse” wants a little taste of the city, Vegas can cater to both ;) See for yourself, the parks are EVERYWHERE! America the Beautiful is more than just a song, it’s the name of the annual pass that will get you into over 2,000 National Parks and areas for a mere $80 (covering your carload or, if a per person fee is charged it will cover four people…not too shabby I must say). Even better, if you’re older than dirt (just kidding!), but really, if you’re 62 or older you can get a lifetime pass for just TEN DOLLARS!

Red Rock National Park

Photo by Bruce Fingerhood
Red Rock National Conservation Area
Red Rock is a favorite “tour of the southwest” for our local cyclists and hikers, as it is literally less than five minutes west of Las Vegas and provides great trails! There are trails for all levels, from beginners to those “in better shape”… LOL. Love horses? Wild West Sunset BBQ Dinner Ride will allow you to saddle up and roam the rock formations, hopefully spying a long horned sheep along the way. Prefer to play “Buffalo Bill” earlier in the day?? The Maverick Breakfast Horseback Ride is for you! However you prefer to explore Red Rock Canyon, you can’t make a bad choice…well unless you’re one of the aforementioned “elders”, with a bad heart, no history of exercise and you’ve planned an eight mile hike to the top of the peak!

Grand Canyon Sightseeing tours

Photo by Tiffany Milligan
Grand Canyon National Park is just a “hop, skip and jump” away in the neighboring state of Arizona…especially if you leave Las Vegas and head there via airplane with a Grand Canyon helicopter tour! The South Rim Explorer will get you there in 45 minutes (it takes a little over 4 hours to drive), provide a gourmet box lunch (isn’t that kinda contradictory? Lol), allow you to take in all the views, and take a short hike if so desired. If you’ve stopped in the Phoenix area, on your way to see us in Vegas, it would be a great time to do the Grand Canyon Day Ground Tour. On the Day Ground Tour you will take the famous Route 66, spying a few sites along the way, and spending THREE HOURS in Grand Canyon National Park. There’s no way to describe the overpowering wonder of the world without diminishing its size, so bring your camera and take plenty of pictures!

Zion Park

Photo by Steve Corey
Zion National Park
Tours and trips to Zion National Park take only two and a half hours by car from Las Vegas! Now this is a National Park Vacation worth the trip! TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS have went into the gorgeous, weather-carved, seven layered terrain! TWO HUNDRED MILLION!!! Hiking Zion is huge! If you only do ONE HIKE there EVER, hike “the Narrows”! This hike is through water (how often do you get to hike in water?!) and will test your balancing skills. You will be warned that you need “gear” to do this hike, but I managed with some tennis shoes and my backpack. You will get wet; some places were chest high on me (I’m 5’9”). If you’re prepared to hoist your little ones on your shoulders, let them join you, if not, leave this hike for a time when it’s adults only! There are many ways to see the scenery of Zion National Park; horseback riding, jeep tours, driving tours, and biking to name just a few!

Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park

Photo by Niamor83
Bryce Canyon National Park must be included in your tours of the southwest! Four hours from Vegas, this can be routed into your Zion Park visit! Rent a lodge outside of the park’s entrance if you want to stay overnight, and then plan on spending a lot of time ogling over the hoodoo formations in the limestone! Rain erosion has molded the limestone into many astonishing shapes that will boggle the mind. Hike a trail or walk the rim and capture some amazing photos of the red and tan formations framed by stark green trees and a deep blue sky (unless it’s cloudy, then whole “deep blue sky” is out the window). If you want to explore Bryce Canyon National Park in the winter, rent some snow shoes or skis and take a nice cross country tour!

National Parks in the Southwest

Photo by InkKnife_2000
Joshua Tree National Park
Just three hours in a car and you can be in Joshua Tree National Park; a great place to camp out at one of their nine camping spots. There are 12 self-guided paths that allow you to explore the desert landscape and become acquainted with the fun Joshua trees that populate the area… and have even made their way into the illustrations of Dr. Seuss books! Keys View Vista is 20 minutes off the beaten path, but if you go on a clear day you MIGHT be able to see all the way into MEXICO!

Death Valley National Park
Death Valley A National Park in the Southwest

Photo by Bust It Away Photography
3.4 million acres of HOT DRY DESERT, just a couple hours from Las Vegas, is what this park is all about. The name says it all. Death. How appealing, right? Yet the fact that it’s the hottest and driest spot with the lowest elevation in North America, drives one million visitors there annually. Do yourself a favor, skip this park in the dead (ha, I said dead) of summer. There’s hiking and biking and guided trail tours that are tons of fun when the weather cooperates. Take the time to explore Furnace Creek and then cool off with an inside tour of Scotty’s Castle House!


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