Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Find out Who and What is in Las Vegas

Hello world, my name is Jeffrey Williams, and I’m the newest member added to the VegasDaze team. Before I share with you a little about myself, I’d like to tell you why I’m excited to be working for VegasDaze. First off, I’ve come to learn that VegasDaze is absolutely unique when it comes to finding the best things in Vegas. They are more than a tour company, or a travel company. Heck any company! VegasDaze is more of a hybrid, travel tips, service provider, with an atmosphere likened to that of Google or Apple.

Working for VegasDaze is awesomeThere is… sense of family here, looking out for people and having fun doing it! So, when you call or contact VegasDaze online, you’re in good hands. HA! Every once in a while, I’ll hear the pop of a Nerf gun or the roaring of laughter in the bosses office! Why? Because these are good, fun loving, local Vegas peeps, who enjoy their job in serving you with a smile. Secondly, VegasDaze team member’s labor daily to build strong relationships with the local businesses that provide the best entertainment in Las Vegas. These relationships are the foundation for the greatest daily and weekly deals in Las Vegas that can only be found through VegasDaze! 

the posture of a person poised for successSo, when I’m asked, “What makes VegasDaze the best Las Vegas travel company?”  I say “It’s simple; we are local Vegas residents who provide uncanny customer service.”  If you value being greeted with a smile and served by a passionate local, then you can always depend on any member of the VegasDaze team. I believe this poise really sets VegasDaze apart, as a Las Vegas tour company. 

Now, we like to have special, creative, name titles too. Some of the team members are known as the “Guru of Food” or “Night Life Guru” just to mention a few.  As for me, I’m the VegasDaze Aristocrat, I’ll be handling all the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, making sure you are up to date on all the stuff to do in Vegas.  I’ll be consistently visiting the hidden gems, venturing on epic tours, and experiencing the richest activities one can have in Vegas. And I’ll be doing this all for your benefit! How is this to your benefit? Well, next time you’re here, and don’t know what to do in Vegas, you can check out your favorite social platform, like Facebook! I’ll post cool informative videos, info graphics, and updates that showcase all the greatest Vegas experiences!

A couple of the other fun things I get to do as your Las Vegas Aristocrat is hosting giveaways and contests. I look forward to having lots of fun in the future hosting these contests. I want to give you the heads up, so you can follow us NOW for a chance to win some great prizes. Plus, if you’re preparing for a Vegas trip, you can subscribe to my twitter feed (@JeffreyLee4Free) for funny “Simon says” type tweets that will help break up your monotonous work weeks and get you pumped for your trip!

@VegasDazecom and @JeffreyLee4Free will get you pumped for your next Las Vegas Vacation
I really look forward to meeting you in Vegas, and connecting online. Let me know what kind of experience you want to have in Vegas. Ask me questions about Vegas! Like what are the best shows in Vegas, the Vegas Strip, favorite things to do in Vegas, what are some package deals in Vegas, or what restaurant is best. Your feedback helps me help you!

We are VegasDaze! We are an eclectic bunch, banding together to provide travelers with some of the best tour tips ranging from Las Vegas and Grand Canyon helicopter tours to World Class museum expos. We are always happy to help, and provide travel insight, for the most fulfilling, and adventurous experience. Not to mention you can connect with us to get suggestions about what your next best moment in Las Vegas might be!

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