Sunday, July 28, 2013

Las Vegas Friday Fun

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Are you coming to Las Vegas for some weekend fun? Are you too lazy to plan your own weekend?! You’re high maintenance, but that’s OK; we all have to be good at something! ;) Fret no more, I’ve got you covered. I’ll tell you how and where to spend your money (that’s what I’m good at)! There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas!

It’s Friday, you wake up, and the sun is peeping through the blackout drapes in your hotel room. You THINK about getting out of bed, but you’re SOOOO comfortable wrapped in those 1500 thread count sheets, burrowed in the soft down comforter, atop the luxury pillow top mattress, that you merely roll over and cover your head. No problem. It happens. When you finally manage to drag yourself out of bed, start your day out right and head to a buffet to fill your belly. 

Bacchanal Buffet, at Caesar's, is sleek and contemporary.
Photo by SSSteve.O

Bacchanal Buffet

Bachanal Buffet, at Caesar's, is fairly new to Las Vegas, just coming to us at the end of this last year. In Vegas, we go big or go home! Bachanal isn’t your ordinary “feeding mill” style buffet. You’ve got to try this place. The décor is modern and sleek, and the atmosphere is more “restauranty” than “buffetish”. There’s plenty of food choices (over 500 items) to tame even the most wild foodie beast; dishes from around the globe are prepared by highly capable chefs and many of the dishes are prepared to order in front of your very eyes. The pricing is reasonable at $25-$50, depending on the day and meal.


What are some other things to do in Las Vegas after your belly is filled with delicious goodies and, hopefully, several mimosas? You might as well get the gambling out of your system! You’re itching to sit at a poker table or down at one of those shiny, fun-sounding slot machines and MAKE SOME MONEY! You know the house always wins, right? Who am I to stop you, I love gambling as much as the next person! All of the casinos sport the same games, so wherever you decide to stop, you’ll be in good hands.

Pool Time at Wet Republic

Wet Republic pool in Las Vegas at MGM Grand.“Hmm, things to do in Las Vegas? It’s Friday and my time is limited so where do I go next?!” At this point, you’re fed, you’ve scratched that gambling itch, so why not take advantage of the sun and catch some rays (and drinks) at Wet Republic pool at MGM Grand? You’ll “get your tan on” while basking on a partially submerged lounge, in their saltwater pool. It’s a great way to beat the heat, during the hottest part of our desert days, here in Las Vegas.

Walk the Strip

Don’t bother showering at this point (and don’t bother putting on those high heels), just throw on some clothes (or don’t, as you’ll quickly find that people like to “expose” themselves here) and take a walk up the Las Vegas Strip. Take in the free attractions, look at the street performers (aka “people doing anything for a dollar"), and walk through all of the hotels, where you can enjoy the outrageously expensive décor while enjoying a little air conditioning. Grab a small bite to eat at one of the many food courts while you’re out; you’re probably still stuffed from this morning's buffet!

Helicopter Tour of the Strip

Now that you’ve walked the Las Vegas Strip, head back to your hotel and get cleaned up for a Friday night out. Get dressed up and plan on having a great time at a Las Vegas nightclub, or finding a seat at a blackjack. BEFORE you do that, take advantage of the fact that one of the best things to do in Las Vegas, is to enjoy a helicopter tour! A quick night tour is fairly inexpensive and, really, how often will you get the chance to go up in a helicopter?! You’ll see more flashy lights during your helicopter flight than you ever did on your gaudy, childhood Christmas tree!
Gorgeous nightview of the Las Vegas Strip via helicopter tour.

Las Vegas “Off the Beaten Path” Sightseeing Attractions

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local
What is one to do when they’ve decided the Strip is too much action and they want to see some Las Vegas Attractions that are off the beaten path? I’ll tell you what NOT to do. Don’t get overly intoxicated, hop on a bus in the middle of the night, and end up in the ghetto (to “explore” how the other half live)…only to find that the bus line has stopped running in that area of town for the night (for good reason) and hailing a taxi is next to impossible when you’ve lost your cellphone somewhere along the way! Yes, yes, that’s a true story that happened in, what I like to call, my PLVL (Pre Las Vegas Life), when I learned that the ghetto is, in fact, NOT a Las Vegas Attraction.

There are, however, some FANTASTIC things to see, off the beaten path, here in Vegas. Las Vegas attractions, such as Ethel M Chocolates and the new Neon Museum, lure vacationers and locals alike, to enjoy some entertainment that is less “over the top” Las Vegas.
 Pinball Hall of Fame
“Ummmm, how do you play ‘two players’ on this thing?”

“I’m not sure. I used to know how…press the left flapper button and see what happens.”

“Ummmm, maybe you just put in an extra quarter and press the start button?”

“Well, dang, this is embarrassing.”

“I’ll ask someone.”

This is one isle in the Pinball Hall of Fame, in Las Vegas.
Photo by Ben Adamson
At this point I was off, shuffling along the worn cement floors, through the building that looked much like a rundown warehouse, to find someone who could tell my sister and me the “way of the pinball machine”. I mean, these things are STRAIGHT OUT of the 70s and 80’s! I was barely born and hadn’t played pinball in DECADES!

I came across Tim (Tim Arnold, owner of all the great machines in the joint), who was super cool (I don’t know how else to describe the man). He helped my sister and me get down to business and even threw a couple of his own quarters into a machine so that we would play it. Later, I find out this man is a legend (and not just in his own mind)! He runs this nonprofit pinball gig for pure fun and contributes most of the money to the Salvation Army!

Overall, it was a little hot inside of this Las Vegas Attraction, but WE HAD A BLAST!

Neon Museum
Of course the NY Times would write an article on the Neon Museum! Who wouldn’t?! This Las Vegas Attraction is a time machine, where a 45 minute guided tour, through a “boneyard” showcasing old neon signs, will take you back to times forgotten. Times when, Las Vegas exhibited a different kind of glory than that of the Vegas we know and love today. The despair of the old sign “boneyard” is saddening at first glance, until you realize what a significant part of Las Vegas history these GINORMOUS signs tell. Retired signs from old hotels have been purchased/donated to this museum for all to enjoy. From fully restored signs, to paint peeling, rusted-out shells of the past, there is a lot to take in. Bring a camera, there are a lot of creative shots to take at this place!

Ethel M Chocolates

This is Ethel M Chocolates Cactus garden, in Las Vegas, during the  holidays
Photo by ShardsOfBlue
Yum. Can I just leave it at that? Ethel M Chocolates is a Las Vegas Attraction just outside the city limits, in Henderson. They have a factory that you can tour, where you can watch glorious, liquid chocolate pour into molds…while secretly hoping an Oompa-Loompa will peep out from behind one of the assembly belts and dance a jig. OF COURSE they have a confectionery shop so that you don’t have to leave empty-handed…you’ll want to take a box of something with you for Pete’s Sake (who says Pete’s Sake anymore? Ugh). Also, their cactus garden is A-MA-ZING…especially during the Christmas season!

The ongoing battle between law enforcement and mob crime…will it ever end? How long has it been going on and what’s it all about?! Have you ever wondered why all the mob guys talk with a drawn-out, throaty voice? If you visit this Las Vegas attraction, you might get the answers you’ve been looking for (let me know if you figure out the throaty voice thing). With artifacts, to interactive stations, to theater presentations, the Mob Museum isn’t too far off the beaten path, and is a fun yet educational place for the whole family to enjoy.

The Art District (First Fridays)
This is a street view of the Art District in Las Vegas.
Photo by Sky Island

Believe it or not, Las Vegas is not devoid of some good, make that great, artwork! “The core of the neighborhood encompasses diversity, vision, creativity and the spirit of the artist.” This lively neighborhood (18 blocks in the downtown area) has been revived into a fun place to meet up for coffee, head in to some art galleries, or even make your home! If you’re here on the first Friday of any given month, “First Fridays” are basically a street fair, if you will, at The Art District @18b. You can enjoy all the usual artsy stuff plus so much more, with their street vendors and people dressing as zombies (what’s with this zombie obsession anyway?), creativity oozes from this monthly event. If you’re not here to experience a First Friday, head down to this Las Vegas attraction anyway as there’s PLENTY of fun to be had!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun Adventures of the Las Vegas Strip

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

The adventures that take place on the Las Vegas Strip can be enough to make even the naughtiest of naughty people, blush. The adventures you hear will send you running to the nearest priest for forgiveness, for merely having enjoyed listening to said stories…even if you’re not Catholic…or religious, for that matter! Maybe that’s why you’re in Las Vegas? You’re here to get down and dirty; it's Vegas... anything goes?!

It’s also possible that you’re just looking for some good, clean, fun adventures to commemorate your trip. The Strip is where it’s at, folks. There’s a whole lot to do and then some! I’ve blogged about the Bellagio Fountains, Treasure Island, and NY New York’s roller coaster…I’ve blogged about rides on the Stratosphere and the good times to be had at Circus Circus. By all means, hit up my other blogs at to read all about them! But, for now, stay right here to get a peek at three more Las Vegas Strip Attractions!

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

1.6 million gallons is a whole lotta water! That’s just how much Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef holds in order to maintain over 2,000 animal species. Jellyfish, rays, turtles, crocs (the reptiles, not the shoes…in case there was some confusion), and over 100 sharks can be seen at this public aquarium. There’s even a touch pool for those that want to get a little “closer” to the action. If the touch pool STILL isn’t close enough, you can make the most of this Las Vegas Strip Attraction, as a guest of Mandalay Bay (and for a mere $650), and DIVE with the sharks (as long as you’re scuba certified)!

Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Speaking of sea creatures, The Mirage has some gorgeous dolphins at their habitat! Walk through for less than $20 a person, or be a “trainer for a day” (costs change seasonally), getting wet with the dolphins and learning how to talk to them (kinda like a dolphin whisperer)! Enjoy their 20,000 gallon salt water tank with fish from around the world (20,000 seems so miniscule compared to Shark Reef at Mandalay). When you’re all “water animinaled” out, you can walk the loop and check out the lions, tigers, and other wild cats. If you’re really quiet, you might be able to hear a “kitty” purring at this Las Vegas Strip Attraction 

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
Are you feeling a bit waterlogged from the last two Las Vegas Strip Attractions? I sure am! In front of the Venetian, you can head in to Madame Tussauds and “get acquainted” with some of your favorite celebrities. Hugh Heffner and some playmates? Elvis? The Blue Men Group? Whether your poison be Hollywood stars or sports figures or anyone in between, you will be blown away at the detail and realistic nature of these wax figures. As for me, one visit was enough (I went there JUST FOR YOU, MY READERS). From now on I’ll wait outside; I’m just as terrified of these wax figures as I am of plastic baby dolls (I must have been attacked as a child).

Johnny Depp and Elvis Presley at Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas.
Photo by MHarrsch            Photo by DL Wise

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekend Update - Royal Baby Ferrari Bumpers

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Find out Who and What is in Las Vegas

Hello world, my name is Jeffrey Williams, and I’m the newest member added to the VegasDaze team. Before I share with you a little about myself, I’d like to tell you why I’m excited to be working for VegasDaze. First off, I’ve come to learn that VegasDaze is absolutely unique when it comes to finding the best things in Vegas. They are more than a tour company, or a travel company. Heck any company! VegasDaze is more of a hybrid, travel tips, service provider, with an atmosphere likened to that of Google or Apple.

Working for VegasDaze is awesomeThere is… sense of family here, looking out for people and having fun doing it! So, when you call or contact VegasDaze online, you’re in good hands. HA! Every once in a while, I’ll hear the pop of a Nerf gun or the roaring of laughter in the bosses office! Why? Because these are good, fun loving, local Vegas peeps, who enjoy their job in serving you with a smile. Secondly, VegasDaze team member’s labor daily to build strong relationships with the local businesses that provide the best entertainment in Las Vegas. These relationships are the foundation for the greatest daily and weekly deals in Las Vegas that can only be found through VegasDaze! 

the posture of a person poised for successSo, when I’m asked, “What makes VegasDaze the best Las Vegas travel company?”  I say “It’s simple; we are local Vegas residents who provide uncanny customer service.”  If you value being greeted with a smile and served by a passionate local, then you can always depend on any member of the VegasDaze team. I believe this poise really sets VegasDaze apart, as a Las Vegas tour company. 

Now, we like to have special, creative, name titles too. Some of the team members are known as the “Guru of Food” or “Night Life Guru” just to mention a few.  As for me, I’m the VegasDaze Aristocrat, I’ll be handling all the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, making sure you are up to date on all the stuff to do in Vegas.  I’ll be consistently visiting the hidden gems, venturing on epic tours, and experiencing the richest activities one can have in Vegas. And I’ll be doing this all for your benefit! How is this to your benefit? Well, next time you’re here, and don’t know what to do in Vegas, you can check out your favorite social platform, like Facebook! I’ll post cool informative videos, info graphics, and updates that showcase all the greatest Vegas experiences!

A couple of the other fun things I get to do as your Las Vegas Aristocrat is hosting giveaways and contests. I look forward to having lots of fun in the future hosting these contests. I want to give you the heads up, so you can follow us NOW for a chance to win some great prizes. Plus, if you’re preparing for a Vegas trip, you can subscribe to my twitter feed (@JeffreyLee4Free) for funny “Simon says” type tweets that will help break up your monotonous work weeks and get you pumped for your trip!

@VegasDazecom and @JeffreyLee4Free will get you pumped for your next Las Vegas Vacation
I really look forward to meeting you in Vegas, and connecting online. Let me know what kind of experience you want to have in Vegas. Ask me questions about Vegas! Like what are the best shows in Vegas, the Vegas Strip, favorite things to do in Vegas, what are some package deals in Vegas, or what restaurant is best. Your feedback helps me help you!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Free and Fun Attractions on the Las Vegas Strip!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

So you’re coming to Vegas and have no money, huh? Will you be joining one of the vagabonds, who adorn the walking bridges, to “collect” money each day…or will you simply make the most of the free things to do in Las Vegas? (Some of the vagrants make out pretty good here and a perk to that “job” is that you get a nice tan ;)… so it’s something to consider!) In all seriousness, if you’re wanting to forego the high roller’s table and hit the pavement for some of the best free shows in Las Vegas, the Strip has plenty to do and see! If you do a web search for “free things to do in Las Vegas”, you will find hundreds upon hundreds of time wasters mingled in with the “stuff you’d actually want to do,” so we’ve sorted through the pile-o-mess and narrowed it down to the “LUCKY 7things to do in Las Vegas for FREE! You can do all seven of these in one day or spread it out; the choice is yours (as was putting your last $100 in that money grubbing slot machine...forcing you to cancel the rest of your itinerary and find “free things” to do)! :P

Bellagio Fountains

Rated 5/5 stars on nearly every “customer rating” site out there, the Bellagio Fountains would be worth having to pay to see…but they’re FREE! I’d put them right there, at the tip top of the list, of free things to do in Las Vegas. Playful and flirty, the fountains’ dancing water, fantasy invoking lights, and whimsical music are perfectly married, creating a breathtaking scene. The expansive pond of twirling and spinning fountains tantalizes your senses every 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the day and time! The dancing water blasts into the air, in perfect rhythm with the classical, opera, and show tunes that have been tastefully coordinated with the fountain’s “dance”.

Bellagio’s Botanical Gardens
What else is there to do in Las Vegas for free? Since you’re already at the Bellagio, don’t pass up the opportunity to see the botanical gardens ; they boast a phenomenal colorful display of flowers, bridges, and seasonal objects. Over 120 employees create whimsical scenes in this glass enclosure, which takes up over 13,000 square feet of the Bellagio, just past its main lobby. Check out the floral arrangements in the lobby as you head to the gardens…they’re fit for a palace!

Volcano at Mirage

Put this on your calendar, sometime between 7pm and 11pm, any night of the week! Happening each hour, the pyrotechnics of the erupting Volcano at Mirage will keep you jumping! With these explosions and balls of fire, you’ll get the most “bang” for your buck (sorry, my sad attempt at a pun) when you go to see the Volcano show. Oh, wait a second, it doesn’t even cost a buck! It’s one of the best free shows in Las Vegas!

Sirens of TI Show
You don’t need to pull off to the side of the road to make way for an emergency vehicle with these “sirens”! In fact, you’re probably walking, so pulling over would just be plain odd. ANYWAY, another thing to do in Las Vegas for free is to check out Treasure Island’s (hence the “TI”) Sirens Show. Cover your kids’ eyes while half naked sirens seduce some 17th century, hardcore pirates. Luring them with their wry ways, involves a lot of song and dance! I personally think kids see more provocative dress on television…and probably at school…and would be fine to join in the fun of this free Las Vegas show!

Circus Acts at Circus Circus
Oh Circus Circus, how we love thee (sigh). Back in the day, when I was a kid, this was THE PLACE to stay! You’re not going to find this place on a list of elegant, classy hotels, BUT it does boast some pretty cool free things to do in Las Vegas . Circus acts of all kinds happen “center ring”. From flying trapeze artists to jugglers, from wire walkers to high speed roller skaters, the kids will have a good time and more importantly…it costs you NOTHING!

Fremont Street Experience

Let me say that I LOVE FREMONT STREET. It gives a person a taste of what Vegas was all about decades ago, with a sprinkle of 21st century flair! I’ve heard people call Fremont Street dirty and gross but it’s merely OLD! If it didn’t have a little wear, it’d be the architectural equivalent of Joan Rivers! Fremont Street itself is a pedestrian street (no vehicles allowed), covered with a 90 foot high canopy. At night, people emerge from every casino, bar, and hotel, crank their necks skyward, and enjoy different themed (from 70’s to aliens) light shows. It’s fun, the crowd is friendly, and it’s FREE!

Fremont Street Concerts
Finishing off the list of our “Lucky 7” Free Things to do in Las Vegas is The Fremont Street Concerts. The 2013 summer series is dubbed “Rock of Vegas” and features all the hairband music of the 80’s that you can stand and then some! I’m a product of the 80’s so I think it’s fantastic to be able to stroll up a pedestrian street, stop at a stage, and get blasted by the sounds of KISS, Alice in Chains , and GNR (to name a few). Crimp your hair, put on your best black eyeliner, squeeze into that spandex dress (which are back in style now, ugh), and grab your family and friends to head out and enjoy the bands!


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