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By Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Photo by JR Jenks
Wait! STOP!! Don’t hit delete! That picture perfect scene you captured in Las Vegas…the one where everyone’s eyes are opened and each person’s smile could light up a room…the picture you were so excited to actually print off and frame…the picture that (drum roll please), ugh, some jerk PHOTOBOMBED! Boo. But wait! Alas! There is a place to send this picture where it will be honored, cherished, and held in high esteem! That’s right, people actually LOVE photobombed pictures here in Vegas and have created a FaceBook page dedicated to “the cause”!

It’s a travesty that not all pictures can provide the entertainment value that a well done photobombing can produce, HOWEVER, life is not all fun and games (at least that’s what I hear). We know that you fine folks come to Vegas and want to document your travels with photographs that will take you back to your time spent here. Where exactly are the best photo spots in Las Vegas? Let us guide you to the top five Las Vegas photo spots that are an absolute MUST on every tourist’s (and some local’s) list!

1. Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Photo by Obrienmedia
Topping the list of best photo spots is the Las Vegas Welcome Sign. You see it EVERYWHERE! There’s not a souvenir made that doesn’t have the option of having the iconic Las Vegas Welcome Sign on it; key chains, shot glasses, magnets, you name it, Vegas has got it. This neon sign was designed in 1959 by Betty Whitehead Willis and cost (wait for it), a whopping $4,000 dollars to construct and place. It sits at the far south end of the Las Vegas Strip. In 2009 the Welcome Sign made the National Register of Historic Places and it continues to embrace hundreds of thousands of people in its warm, neon glow, to document their trip to Las Vegas. This photo spot is fairly safe from photobombers :P

2. Crazy Girl Sculpture

Photo by Wiart
Buns of steel? Close! These buns are pure bronze, baby! …and the Crazy Girl sculpture is cast from the real booties of the Crazy Girls, a long standing Vegas revue at the Riviera Hotel. This sculpture is said to be the most photographed sculpture, and yet another best photo spot, in Las Vegas. Want a free fondle? These “girls” won’t mind…they’re waiting for you at the entrance to the Riviera ;)

3. Bellagio Fountains

Photo by Niki Michelle
The Bellagio Fountains. No ordinary fountains are these! Playful and flirty, the fountains’ dancing water, fantasy invoking lights, and whimsical music are perfectly married, creating a breathtaking backdrop. Named one of the best photo spots in Las Vegas, the expansive pond of twirling and spinning fountains create the perfect makings for a photo…just be careful, this is a popular spot for those pesky photobombers to hang out!

4. Fremont Street Experience

Photo by Photobomb Vegas FB
Street performers line historic Fremont Street waiting for you to take a photo with them (and slip them a few bucks for doing so). Fremont Street was the “original strip”. It housed the first hotels, the first paved roads, and first casino. It’s come a long way from the traditional old town mecca. Now you will find members of “KISS”, “Michael Jackson”, “The Tin Man”, and the list goes on, parading back and forth, with “fans” lining up to get a shot with them! This is what makes Fremont Street one of the best photo spots in Las Vegas!

5. Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio

Photo by Brian Gregus
Allergies? Pftttt. A few sneezes are worth getting a picture infiltrated with color at the Bellagio’s Botanical Gardens. Changing with the seasons and holidays, the 13,573 square foot glass enclosure has over 120 staff members creating a masterpiece of trees, plants, and flowers, in gardens riddles with paths and bridges, so the overwhelming beauty can be seen from all angles. A best photo spot, this place gets crowded so you might have to elbow some folks out of the way to get a photo, but it will be a photo well worth the effort!

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