Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Las Vegas Roller Coaster & Thrill Ride FUN!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Are you looking for something to remember Las Vegas by…other than a hangover? You’re in Vegas people! Live a little! Let down your hair! Don’t be a…BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP… ok, I’m getting a little too brazen; I’ll stop. You are going to need to do something OUTRAGEOUS while you’re here, something that will give you a story to tell…maybe something to increase the “man cards” in your deck! No, we don’t have a new amusement park (although a water park just reopened), but we do have roller coasters, Vegas thrill rides, and heart pumping activities here!

Yes, you read that right! How about some good ole fashion, adrenaline revving, tandem skydiving! C’mon, it’s fun! The staff on location will make you feel, safe, secure, and excited about the experience. If I owned the place, I’d just have them take you up, open the hatch, and force you out…but that’s not their style (lucky for you) ;) You will hit speeds in excess of 120 mph on your initial descent and, in one giant SWOOSH, the parachute will open and you’ll gently glide through the dry desert air, fulfilling everyone’s fantasy to be as free as a bird, before touching down on the landing pad…all the while taking in the views reserved for only the select few. Skydiving in Las Vegas is a thrill ride that’s definitely a plus two man card experience!

Ok, so your fear of heights outweighs your need to have two more "man cards" in your deck? NO BIG DEAL! Enjoy the same free fall experience a mere seven feet off the ground during your Vegas indoorskydiving experience! You get no man cards for this activity, BUT you do get…to have a TON OF FUN! Your heart will still race and you’ll still get to “gear up”; you’ll still have instructors teaching you how to do this and you will still need a drink after (hey, we’re in Vegas)!

So, your mom never let you have go cart as a kid and you still have unfulfilled childhood dreams of being behind the wheel of something FAST! It’s nothing to be ashamed of…well, it kind of is :P but who am I to judge! Exotics Racing, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, will allow you to whip around the track, in a Porsche Cayman OR an Audi 8 OR an Aston Martin Vantage S OR a Lamborghini Gallardo, pretending you’re Dale Earnhardt! (By the way, what do Dale Earnhardt and Pink Floyd have in common? *Drumroll please* Their last hit was “the wall”…and this is why I didn’t find a career in standup comedy). If you’re wanting to hop into a more traditional racecar, the Richard Petty Ride-Along Tour will put you in a NASCAR style racecar, with a trained driver who will get your blood pumping and adrenaline flowing when he/she exceeds 160 mph! Zoooooooooooooooooom, for your Las Vegas Driving Experience, one man card!

Las Vegas Roller Coasters  
New York New York’s Manhattan Express is the longest roller coaster in Las Vegas. It yanks you at speeds of 65 mph, through a New York City replica and is a great way to get a little blood pumping action to start the day. Another great roller coaster is at Circus Circus. The Canyon Blaster is an indoor roller coaster that does a double corkscrew and a double loop! The ride is 1:45 long, so grab your kids, feed them sugary treats, add a little “Canyon Blaster”, and what you’ll get is kids that love you forever (or at least the rest of the day). One man card if you do both coasters!

If you want to hit up a bunch of Vegas thrill rides and you can only make one stop, hit the Stratosphere. I mean, looking up at the Stratosphere from the ground is scary enough, so imagine how terrifyingly wonderful it is from the top looking down! There, the Sky Jump has you jump off the top of the Stratosphere to plummet 180 stories to the ground on a zip line with breaks! I think I’ll sit that one out after watching some video footage (bock bock chicken chicken)! Up there you will also find X Scream which is like a GIANT teeter totter than rolls you out to the end of the track to dangle over the side (yikes, my adrenaline is moving just thinking about it)! If those two aren’t enough, Insanity is a thrill ride that also dangles you over the side of the Stratosphere and ALSO spins you, while tilting your “seat”, so that you are looking STRAIGHT DOWN! Ok, I can do this…one more to go (biting my nails here)…the Big Shot sits you in a seat and shoots you at nearly 4gs down the steeple on top of the Stratosphere…and then back up! I will leave you with three thoughts…1) I am terrified right now and will surely have terrible nightmares about plummeting off the Stratosphere to my death and, 2) make sure you check out all the age, weight, height, etc. restrictions before heading out and, 3) Each of these thrill rides gets you THREE “man cards” because they are THAT SCARY!

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