Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Las Vegas Pool Parties 2013, BABY!

By Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

“OMG! Look at that girl’s ASSSSSS...tronomically large margarita!” Vegas has its own version of “GTL” (“Gym, Tan, Laundry” for those of you that have never watched Jersey Shore); “DPS,” aka “Drink, Pool, Sun,” is how to prepare for a night out Vegas style!  “Day clubbing” is what we do to recover from “night clubbing” and it involves nothing more than finding the BEST POOL PARTY in Vegas! Whether sandy beaches or jam packed wading pools are your vice, why not take the guesswork out of choosing the best Vegas pool party? When it comes to any of the pools that made the cut for 2013, check their event calendar before you go, get there early, make sure you have your ID (21 and over only), and if you want to relax (bwahahahhahahha), stay in your room!

  Rehab Pool at Hard Rock Hotel
I’ve talked about this pool in other blogs BECAUSE IT’S SUCH A GREAT TIME! Any pool where you can swim up and play a hand of blackjack is ok in my book. Fifty poolside cabanas adorn Rehab’s landscape, where you can rock out to great DJs and watch all of the beautiful bodies sway to the beats. This continues to be the best Las Vegas Pool party and the reviews speak for themselves! If you do find this experience overwhelming you can head over HRH Beach Club, where life is just plain mellow.

Wet Republic at MGM Grand
Two saltwater pools and celebrities by the handful can be found at this Vegas pool party. The main pool is over 50,000 square feet of hard partying and fun times. The most sought after DJs, including Calvin Harris, deadmau5, Steve Aoki, NERVO, Hardwell and Tommy Trash, spin crazy mixes for all to enjoy.

Encore Beach at Wynn
A sea of tan buildings and red lounges await you…”oh, what’s that? You can’t see any of that because the place is packed?” It is no surprise that Encore Beach is named one of the best pool parties in Las Vegas! Dripping with cabanas housing flat screen televisions, and private bungalows with their own bathrooms, this pool has a view of the Strip and amenities to impress even the most fickle guest.

Liquid at Aria
Another great pool party in Vegas happens at Liquid. This 1,200 square foot pool has resident DJs spinning the tunes and cabanas that are more spacious than most! The venue isn’t as huge as some of the others, but it’s a good time nonetheless!

Tao at Venetian
Probably one of the most visually enticing pools (but who’s looking at the d├ęcor when you’re partying like a madman?) in Las Vegas. Asian themed decor and lush greenery overwhelm your visual senses when you step inside. IF there was ever a time this pool wasn’t packed, it WOULD be a relaxing place to get away from it all. HOWEVER, this pool is a party of exclusivity waiting to happen!

Bare Pool at Mirage
This top-optional pool will expose you to boobies of all shapes and sizes! Women will be baring some great tatas… but this also means that even women with pancake tatas that hang to their knees could be there! Not all tatas are created equal :/ The see through infinity pool is the main attraction at Bare, putting all on display like fish in a prized salt water aquarium  Bare is definitely one of the best Las Vegas pool parties to attend.

Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay
What? Las Vegas isn’t on the coast? What? We are in THE MIDDLE of a scorching hot desert?! With this Vegas beach party, some of you who drive over from Cali for the weekend might briefly stop and think, “Why do I live in So Cal? …where the temperature is ALWAYS a mild 75 degrees and there’s ALWAYS an ocean breeze… fresh air and green trees…” Ok, so it’s a fleeting thought; I did say BrIeFLy! Moorea Beach Club is THE ONLY POOL PARTY on our list where you MIGHT get a chance to relax. It overlooks Mandalay Bay’s Beach and is a “top-optional” European style pool party.

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