Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Las Vegas Roller Coaster & Thrill Ride FUN!

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Are you looking for something to remember Las Vegas by…other than a hangover? You’re in Vegas people! Live a little! Let down your hair! Don’t be a…BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP… ok, I’m getting a little too brazen; I’ll stop. You are going to need to do something OUTRAGEOUS while you’re here, something that will give you a story to tell…maybe something to increase the “man cards” in your deck! No, we don’t have a new amusement park (although a water park just reopened), but we do have roller coasters, Vegas thrill rides, and heart pumping activities here!

Yes, you read that right! How about some good ole fashion, adrenaline revving, tandem skydiving! C’mon, it’s fun! The staff on location will make you feel, safe, secure, and excited about the experience. If I owned the place, I’d just have them take you up, open the hatch, and force you out…but that’s not their style (lucky for you) ;) You will hit speeds in excess of 120 mph on your initial descent and, in one giant SWOOSH, the parachute will open and you’ll gently glide through the dry desert air, fulfilling everyone’s fantasy to be as free as a bird, before touching down on the landing pad…all the while taking in the views reserved for only the select few. Skydiving in Las Vegas is a thrill ride that’s definitely a plus two man card experience!

Ok, so your fear of heights outweighs your need to have two more "man cards" in your deck? NO BIG DEAL! Enjoy the same free fall experience a mere seven feet off the ground during your Vegas indoorskydiving experience! You get no man cards for this activity, BUT you do get…to have a TON OF FUN! Your heart will still race and you’ll still get to “gear up”; you’ll still have instructors teaching you how to do this and you will still need a drink after (hey, we’re in Vegas)!

So, your mom never let you have go cart as a kid and you still have unfulfilled childhood dreams of being behind the wheel of something FAST! It’s nothing to be ashamed of…well, it kind of is :P but who am I to judge! Exotics Racing, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, will allow you to whip around the track, in a Porsche Cayman OR an Audi 8 OR an Aston Martin Vantage S OR a Lamborghini Gallardo, pretending you’re Dale Earnhardt! (By the way, what do Dale Earnhardt and Pink Floyd have in common? *Drumroll please* Their last hit was “the wall”…and this is why I didn’t find a career in standup comedy). If you’re wanting to hop into a more traditional racecar, the Richard Petty Ride-Along Tour will put you in a NASCAR style racecar, with a trained driver who will get your blood pumping and adrenaline flowing when he/she exceeds 160 mph! Zoooooooooooooooooom, for your Las Vegas Driving Experience, one man card!

Las Vegas Roller Coasters  
New York New York’s Manhattan Express is the longest roller coaster in Las Vegas. It yanks you at speeds of 65 mph, through a New York City replica and is a great way to get a little blood pumping action to start the day. Another great roller coaster is at Circus Circus. The Canyon Blaster is an indoor roller coaster that does a double corkscrew and a double loop! The ride is 1:45 long, so grab your kids, feed them sugary treats, add a little “Canyon Blaster”, and what you’ll get is kids that love you forever (or at least the rest of the day). One man card if you do both coasters!

If you want to hit up a bunch of Vegas thrill rides and you can only make one stop, hit the Stratosphere. I mean, looking up at the Stratosphere from the ground is scary enough, so imagine how terrifyingly wonderful it is from the top looking down! There, the Sky Jump has you jump off the top of the Stratosphere to plummet 180 stories to the ground on a zip line with breaks! I think I’ll sit that one out after watching some video footage (bock bock chicken chicken)! Up there you will also find X Scream which is like a GIANT teeter totter than rolls you out to the end of the track to dangle over the side (yikes, my adrenaline is moving just thinking about it)! If those two aren’t enough, Insanity is a thrill ride that also dangles you over the side of the Stratosphere and ALSO spins you, while tilting your “seat”, so that you are looking STRAIGHT DOWN! Ok, I can do this…one more to go (biting my nails here)…the Big Shot sits you in a seat and shoots you at nearly 4gs down the steeple on top of the Stratosphere…and then back up! I will leave you with three thoughts…1) I am terrified right now and will surely have terrible nightmares about plummeting off the Stratosphere to my death and, 2) make sure you check out all the age, weight, height, etc. restrictions before heading out and, 3) Each of these thrill rides gets you THREE “man cards” because they are THAT SCARY!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What’s HOT This Summer in Las Vegas?

By Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

“Ugh, these casinos are a bore, we can only play at the tables or lay by a pool for so many hours. What can we do INSTEAD?!” If you’ve been to Vegas more than once OR if you’ve booked a trip that’s more than two days long, I KNOW THIS THOUGHT HAS SURFACED IN YOUR MIND! Don’t feel bad, the casinos won’t be mad at you ;) In fact, they’d like you to step away from the hustle and bustle, free your mind, and return to hand over some more of your hard earned money! No worries, Vegas is more than a 24 hour party (for some)! A few Las Vegas tours is just what you need to see ALL of Vegas. Whether you’re wanting to go play in the dunes, or if you’re more of the Las Vegas canyon tours type, we’ve got you covered this summer.

Helicopter Tours

Las Vegas Night City Tour
Some of our favorite Las Vegas summer tours involve a really large “bird”.
“Squaaaaaaaaaawk, squaaaaaaaak!” No, no, not a living, feathered bird… these birds are state-of-the-art Eco-Star HELICOPTERS! Ohhhhh what fun! There are so many Las Vegas day tours to experience via a helicopter, we’ve picked three that we think you will LOVE!

Neon Nights Air Tour

The Neon Nights Air Tour starts with a limousine and champagne toast, followed by 12-15 minutes encapsulated in a gravity defying Eco-Star helicopter! A friendly pilot will take you for a tour over the Las Vegas Strip, Glitter Gulch, and Fremont Street. If you thought walking the Strip and looking up at the majestic buildings and massive, flashing, neon signs was a thrill, you haven’t experienced ANYTHING until you look DOWN on this same energy-filled, glammed up, GLORIOUS Strip. This Las Vegas tour is easy on the pocketbook as well, at only $89 per person.

Grand Canyon Day Tour
West Rim Express

Busy sleeping at night and looking for a Las Vegas day tour in one of the “birds”? The West Rim Express tour is an affordable way to see the Grand Canyon’s West Rim and the Colorado River during the day. Departing from the West Rim, this tour soars high above the Grand Canyon before descending below the canyon walls, where it will land, allowing you to get out for 20 minutes, take in the immense canyon, shoot some photos, or just stretch your legs… and yes, you MUST get back in the helicopter to get back to up to the top of the rim… it’s much too steep to climb and the terrain is a “little” rough ;)

Sunset Dream
Sunset Tours to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

Wanting to go all out and impress your “honey”? The Sunset Dream Tour tour is a lengthy flight that is geared towards romantics. The beauty of the red rock formations as the sun dances and plays, showing off its colorful variations and shadows, be stills a beating heart. Valley of Fire, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Fortification Hill, Hoover Dam, Fremont Street, and the Las Vegas Strip are all covered on this flight! Snuggle up with your loved one, share a moment in the beauty of the Grand Canyon, and thoroughly enjoy each other while flying atop one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

ATV/Buggy Tour

Desert Dune Buggy Tours

Does the thought of flying make you want to crawl in a hole and cuddle yourself like a scared child? Las Vegas day tours can also mean some fun riding ATVs around the Valley of Fire! The Valley of Fire Buggy Tour will take you through well-known, and often publicized, dunes for some off-roading fun! Your safety is not overlooked on this wild and crazy day tour! You will want to dress in something other than your Sunday best as this Las Vegas day tour will get you dusty and dirty (isn’t dirty fun always the best kind?)!

Horseback Ride & Lunch

Horseback riding tours

“Here horsey horsey. Here boy. C’mon now, let’s partner up and take this trail on like we are part of the Wild West!” Now, you won’t really have to wrangle your own horse to do this Las Vegas day tour but you WILL have to enjoy the one hour tour of Red Rock Canyon (which, I promise, won’t be a problem)! The Ol’ Spanish Trail Horseback Ride and Lunch will take you down the Ol’ Spanish Trail that stretched from Santa Fe to Pueblo de Los Angeles in the mid 1800’s. You’ll stop to enjoy an authentic cowboy lunch… do we also need to say cowgirl to be politically correct ;)… after returning from the trails and corralling up your gentle horse.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Las Vegas Pool Parties 2013, BABY!

By Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

“OMG! Look at that girl’s ASSSSSS...tronomically large margarita!” Vegas has its own version of “GTL” (“Gym, Tan, Laundry” for those of you that have never watched Jersey Shore); “DPS,” aka “Drink, Pool, Sun,” is how to prepare for a night out Vegas style!  “Day clubbing” is what we do to recover from “night clubbing” and it involves nothing more than finding the BEST POOL PARTY in Vegas! Whether sandy beaches or jam packed wading pools are your vice, why not take the guesswork out of choosing the best Vegas pool party? When it comes to any of the pools that made the cut for 2013, check their event calendar before you go, get there early, make sure you have your ID (21 and over only), and if you want to relax (bwahahahhahahha), stay in your room!

  Rehab Pool at Hard Rock Hotel
I’ve talked about this pool in other blogs BECAUSE IT’S SUCH A GREAT TIME! Any pool where you can swim up and play a hand of blackjack is ok in my book. Fifty poolside cabanas adorn Rehab’s landscape, where you can rock out to great DJs and watch all of the beautiful bodies sway to the beats. This continues to be the best Las Vegas Pool party and the reviews speak for themselves! If you do find this experience overwhelming you can head over HRH Beach Club, where life is just plain mellow.

Wet Republic at MGM Grand
Two saltwater pools and celebrities by the handful can be found at this Vegas pool party. The main pool is over 50,000 square feet of hard partying and fun times. The most sought after DJs, including Calvin Harris, deadmau5, Steve Aoki, NERVO, Hardwell and Tommy Trash, spin crazy mixes for all to enjoy.

Encore Beach at Wynn
A sea of tan buildings and red lounges await you…”oh, what’s that? You can’t see any of that because the place is packed?” It is no surprise that Encore Beach is named one of the best pool parties in Las Vegas! Dripping with cabanas housing flat screen televisions, and private bungalows with their own bathrooms, this pool has a view of the Strip and amenities to impress even the most fickle guest.

Liquid at Aria
Another great pool party in Vegas happens at Liquid. This 1,200 square foot pool has resident DJs spinning the tunes and cabanas that are more spacious than most! The venue isn’t as huge as some of the others, but it’s a good time nonetheless!

Tao at Venetian
Probably one of the most visually enticing pools (but who’s looking at the d├ęcor when you’re partying like a madman?) in Las Vegas. Asian themed decor and lush greenery overwhelm your visual senses when you step inside. IF there was ever a time this pool wasn’t packed, it WOULD be a relaxing place to get away from it all. HOWEVER, this pool is a party of exclusivity waiting to happen!

Bare Pool at Mirage
This top-optional pool will expose you to boobies of all shapes and sizes! Women will be baring some great tatas… but this also means that even women with pancake tatas that hang to their knees could be there! Not all tatas are created equal :/ The see through infinity pool is the main attraction at Bare, putting all on display like fish in a prized salt water aquarium  Bare is definitely one of the best Las Vegas pool parties to attend.

Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay
What? Las Vegas isn’t on the coast? What? We are in THE MIDDLE of a scorching hot desert?! With this Vegas beach party, some of you who drive over from Cali for the weekend might briefly stop and think, “Why do I live in So Cal? …where the temperature is ALWAYS a mild 75 degrees and there’s ALWAYS an ocean breeze… fresh air and green trees…” Ok, so it’s a fleeting thought; I did say BrIeFLy! Moorea Beach Club is THE ONLY POOL PARTY on our list where you MIGHT get a chance to relax. It overlooks Mandalay Bay’s Beach and is a “top-optional” European style pool party.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


By Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Photo by JR Jenks
Wait! STOP!! Don’t hit delete! That picture perfect scene you captured in Las Vegas…the one where everyone’s eyes are opened and each person’s smile could light up a room…the picture you were so excited to actually print off and frame…the picture that (drum roll please), ugh, some jerk PHOTOBOMBED! Boo. But wait! Alas! There is a place to send this picture where it will be honored, cherished, and held in high esteem! That’s right, people actually LOVE photobombed pictures here in Vegas and have created a FaceBook page dedicated to “the cause”!

It’s a travesty that not all pictures can provide the entertainment value that a well done photobombing can produce, HOWEVER, life is not all fun and games (at least that’s what I hear). We know that you fine folks come to Vegas and want to document your travels with photographs that will take you back to your time spent here. Where exactly are the best photo spots in Las Vegas? Let us guide you to the top five Las Vegas photo spots that are an absolute MUST on every tourist’s (and some local’s) list!

1. Las Vegas Welcome Sign

Photo by Obrienmedia
Topping the list of best photo spots is the Las Vegas Welcome Sign. You see it EVERYWHERE! There’s not a souvenir made that doesn’t have the option of having the iconic Las Vegas Welcome Sign on it; key chains, shot glasses, magnets, you name it, Vegas has got it. This neon sign was designed in 1959 by Betty Whitehead Willis and cost (wait for it), a whopping $4,000 dollars to construct and place. It sits at the far south end of the Las Vegas Strip. In 2009 the Welcome Sign made the National Register of Historic Places and it continues to embrace hundreds of thousands of people in its warm, neon glow, to document their trip to Las Vegas. This photo spot is fairly safe from photobombers :P

2. Crazy Girl Sculpture

Photo by Wiart
Buns of steel? Close! These buns are pure bronze, baby! …and the Crazy Girl sculpture is cast from the real booties of the Crazy Girls, a long standing Vegas revue at the Riviera Hotel. This sculpture is said to be the most photographed sculpture, and yet another best photo spot, in Las Vegas. Want a free fondle? These “girls” won’t mind…they’re waiting for you at the entrance to the Riviera ;)

3. Bellagio Fountains

Photo by Niki Michelle
The Bellagio Fountains. No ordinary fountains are these! Playful and flirty, the fountains’ dancing water, fantasy invoking lights, and whimsical music are perfectly married, creating a breathtaking backdrop. Named one of the best photo spots in Las Vegas, the expansive pond of twirling and spinning fountains create the perfect makings for a photo…just be careful, this is a popular spot for those pesky photobombers to hang out!

4. Fremont Street Experience

Photo by Photobomb Vegas FB
Street performers line historic Fremont Street waiting for you to take a photo with them (and slip them a few bucks for doing so). Fremont Street was the “original strip”. It housed the first hotels, the first paved roads, and first casino. It’s come a long way from the traditional old town mecca. Now you will find members of “KISS”, “Michael Jackson”, “The Tin Man”, and the list goes on, parading back and forth, with “fans” lining up to get a shot with them! This is what makes Fremont Street one of the best photo spots in Las Vegas!

5. Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio

Photo by Brian Gregus
Allergies? Pftttt. A few sneezes are worth getting a picture infiltrated with color at the Bellagio’s Botanical Gardens. Changing with the seasons and holidays, the 13,573 square foot glass enclosure has over 120 staff members creating a masterpiece of trees, plants, and flowers, in gardens riddles with paths and bridges, so the overwhelming beauty can be seen from all angles. A best photo spot, this place gets crowded so you might have to elbow some folks out of the way to get a photo, but it will be a photo well worth the effort!


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