Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Celebrate Mother’s Day Vegas Style

By Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

Tall moms, short moms, fat moms, skinny moms… an excerpt from the latest Dr. Seuss book? Nope! Just a reminder that Mother’s Day 2013 is upon us (Sunday May 12th) and all mothers (well, let’s go with “most” mothers) deserve a little gratitude and appreciation at least one day a year! Whether your mom is the adventurous type or would rather curl up to a table full of deliciousness, Las Vegas provides a way to celebrate every mother, in style.

The Refined Yet Adventurous Mother Mother’s Day 2013 Vegas Style
Did your mother spend her last vacation spelunking or ziplining through the Amazons? If so, it’s safe to say that your mother MIGHT be just a BIT on the adventurous side ;) What better gift than to provide her with a shot of adrenaline coupled with a lot of class and style! The Vegas Dinner and Flight Tour is just what she’s looking for (and my number one recommendation!) What mother wouldn’t want to enjoy a savory dinner at Smith and Wollensky before soaring high above Las Vegas in a helicopter, to enjoy the breathtaking eagle’s eye view of everything the Strip has to offer! From the Bellagio Fountains and the best megaresorts to the old time glitz of Fremont Street to the City Center, show your mom Vegas like she’s never seen it before.

The Foodie MotherMother’s Day 2013 Vegas Style
Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas, at the Four Seasons Hotel, is a “cut above the rest”. Get it? Haha. Wow, that was a little (or maybe a LOT) corny… The truth is that Charlie Palmer’s was voted the “best steakhouse in Vegas” by the Las Vegas Journal, and the reviews across the board point to this glowing beacon of steak heaven. Flavorful filets, marbled rib eye, and perfectly seasoned rack of lamb… my mouth is watering and my stomach is grumbling. Luxurious and pricey this restaurant is sure to impress the most finicky mother.

If your budget is more like mine (McDonald’s anyone?), or perhaps your mom is more of a brunch kinda gal, not a problem! Vegas has something to quench the palate of every mother. When you think of Vegas dining, you think of brunch. I wonder why that is? Maybe it has something to do with not waking up early enough to have breakfast because maybe, just maybe, you need that little extra bit of recovery time from the prior nights “festivities”? Whatever the case may be, if you’re going to brunch it up, do it right! The Top Ten Brunches here in Vegas don’t change much over the years, and they provide a wonderful way to cater to the variety of cravings of everyone in your party.

The Outdoorsy MotherMother’s Day 2013 Vegas Style
Celebrate mom all day long in the glorious sun, floating down the lazy river, cocktail in hand. Perfect for those of us that need a little “help” tolerating our beloved mothers. Mandalay Bay Beach is 11 acres of lush “hiding grounds”… “Mom, oh mother, I’m so sorry! It seems that I lost you…FOR THE ENTIRE DAY!” …Even if you do “lose” your mother in this wondrous oasis, she will thank you for the experience. Wave pools and cabanas and day beds…oh my! This aquatic divinity has something for every outdoorsy mother to rant about for years to come.

Last but not least…The Frugal Mother (Or perhaps, The Frugal Offspring)Mother’s Day 2013 Vegas Style
Did you bet the money you’d set aside to celebrate Mother’s Day 2013, on some really bad sports bets? I mean, the Kentucky Derby is RIGHT before Mother’s Day, so it would be completely understandable ;) OR, does your mother prefer for everyone to live the same frugal lifestyle that she embraces? Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways, in Vegas, to show your mother how much you love her… on a budget.

My final recommendation is The Art Festival of Henderson, which is open from 9am-4pm on Mother’s Day and admission is FREE! There are over 100 booths to explore, with art that appeals to every walk of life; chalk art, pottery, crafts, painting, they have it all… and if you’re feeling a little more flush than usual, you can purchase a piece for her, to commemorate the great time you had Mother’s Day 2013 in Las Vegas!

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