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Memorial Day in Las Vegas 2013

Written by Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

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Hmmmm… where to go, where to go? You could head to Miami and hope to brush elbows with a famous rapper or two. You could make your way to Lake Havaseu, rent a houseboat, and be BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND in a day. You might even consider fleeing the great US of A for a short “fun in the sun” get away! But why? WHY would you do any of that when Las Vegas beckons you with her charm and wry ways, to entangle you in a Memorial Day you’ll never forget?! From a vast selection of refreshing pools, with scantily glad women and beefy men (yes, I said “beefy”), to the nightlife that can be compared to no other, Memorial Day in Las Vegas 2013 is where the party is at!

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Memorial Day Las Vegas hosts parties galore; galore as in there will be something going on at The Hakkasan LasVegas, at the MGM Resort, is going to be OFF THE HOOK with their opening happening just a week prior. Memorial Day weekend they will be hosting LEGENDARY DJ’s, Tiesto and Deadmau5. If you like to dance and dance and dance some more, put on your best duds, gather up the girls (or boys) and make a night of it! I will suggest that you take a pair of flip flops, tucked in your handbag, for the staggering journey back to your hotel…These walks seem so much longer when you’ve tossed a few adult beverages back…

If grooving to the spins of Deadmau5 isn’t your thing and you want to spend Memorial Day in Las Vegas listening to some less “severe” rhymes, might I suggest XSTrystMarquee or Pure. Yes they’re all nightclubs, yes you will have an amazing time at whichever one you choose to make your “home” for the night, and YES there are PLACES TO SIT if you wear those 8” spiked heels “because you thought it was a good idea at the time!”


When it’s 185 degrees out (ok fine, maybe not that hot…let’s go with HOTTER THAN HOT), what better place to be than at the pool. Not any old pool will do… this is Las Vegas after all. GO BIG OR GO HOME! Memorial Day Las Vegas 2013 continues to outdo itself time and time again, with poolside events that will knock your socks off (not that you should be wearing socks at a pool, that’s just WRONG…Speedos should be off limits too…and probably water shoes). ANYWAY, The Top Ten Pools in Las Vegas, named by USA Today, are all excellent choices; women wearing next to nothing, men gawking at the women (To be fair, women are gawking at the men too, and at other women, AND men are gawking at men), loud music, drinks, snacks, and, most important, ACTION…of all kinds ;)
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Swim up blackjack! Chaaaaaaaaaaaaa ching! Hard Rock Beach is where I’d spend my Memorial Day in Las Vegas 2013, if given the choice! Great sound system, the drinks are strong, and when you run out of things to do, you can scope out the millions (no really, MILLIONS) of tattoos adorning the bodies of both the young and the old.


If you’ve brought your family along for some Vegas fun, Memorial Day in Las Vegas has all the eats they could dream of! Rain Forest CafĂ© has mediocre food but the atmosphere and experience is one that your kids will LOVE! Walking in on a tropical downpour in a vast jungle, where wild animals call and foliage surrounds you, will be all the entertainment your little ones need. The waterfalls and indigenous animals will make them beg you to take them on Safari for your next vacation!

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Excalibur’s Tournament of Kings takes you back in time to the medieval days of knights fighting for honor. Sitting in a section with a color corresponding to the knight you will cheer for, you will be served a Medieval themed dinner that you eat with your fingers! People of all ages will ogle the beautiful horses with their ironclad riders, while trying to contain the excitement ignited by the show’s damsels, the army invasions, and the jousting!

If you’re looking for some quick eats on the strip, Vegas has that too! Here are 25 places to eat for $25 or less!

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