Monday, May 13, 2013

Galaxy Theatres ( A Luxury Movie Experience )

By Tiffany Milligan – A Vegas Local

What? No hard alcohol?! But it’s VEGAS?!!! Fine, I guess if that’s the worst thing about the GalaxyTheatre we are doing pretty OK! Walking into the lobby of this new luxury movie theater one could easily mistake it for any of the 102 other theaters in town; the lobby and snack counter are generic but clean. I hopped in line and was quickly greeted by an upbeat employee (the kind that make you wonder how people tolerate them for any length of time). I ordered a popcorn and Coke (I’m not sure if I was extra hungry or if the popcorn was phenomenal, so I’ll go with “the popcorn was phenomenal”). The food choices and pricing are comparable to other local movie theaters and beer and wine prices range from $7-$10. If you’re looking to get your drunk on, the alcohol bill could add up quickly, but they do have a good selection of bottled beer and beer on tap… from Budweiser to Dos Equis.

Wandering down the movie corridor you enjoy the smell of new carpet and paint (if you’re a sick individual and like those types of “scents” like I do) before walking into your theater and finding your assigned seats. Amazing. Absolutely. Amazing. The aisles are wide and the red leather reclining seats, complete with footrests, are in pristine condition. You plop down in a wide overstuffed chair and… OMG, they are ELECTRIC recliners! Of course you are going to fumble and play with them because there’s no way to hold back your annoying inner child. You are once again amazed when you realize that you can practically lay down in it and STILL have three feet between you and the row in front of you!

When you’re done wondering why you’ve never visited this movie theater before, you look up and are faced with an ENORMOUS screen displaying a clear picture. You know those theaters that play a movie and only show said movie on the center of the screen? The ones that leave so much glorious canvas untouched by the film you’re watching? Well, not at the Galaxy Theater! They use every spare inch so that those of us with psychological issues can focus on the movie and not try to rationalize the empty “frame” around the movie. The movie’s digital sound is loud but not overwhelming; this is a theater that realizes not every patron wants to leave with ringing ears and hearing loss. Don’t get me wrong, the seats rumble when there are explosions and such, but it’s a vivid yet pleasant sound experience.

So if you’re in town and have a vehicle, need to recover from the prior nights debaucheries, or just want to forget about all the money you lost on that single hand of blackjack… take a jacket (this theater gets chilly), head to one of their two locations (Cannery projected to be completed July 2013), pay your $11 ($7.50 for kids/$8.50 for seniors/$8.50 matinees), sit back, and enjoy the movie! As for me, if you try to take me to a “regular” movie theatre again and deprive me of the luxury experience that the Galaxy Theatre provides, be prepared… I might go kicking and screaming!

Galaxy Movie Theatre                                         
Green Valley                                                           
4500 E Sunset Rd #10                                   
Henderson, Nevada                                               
(702) 442-0244                                               

Galaxy Movie Theatre (coming Summer 2013)
2121 E Craig Rd
North Las Vegas, Nevada 
 (702) 639-0363

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