Wednesday, August 24, 2016

10 Vegas Eats for Under $10

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning. You’re wandering the Vegas Strip heading back to your hotel room from the nightclub. Suddenly, hunger strikes, but you spent the majority of your allotted cash for the night on drinks. Check out these 10 meals for $10 or less that are sure to beat back the late night hunger pangs.

The Park – 3782 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
The fine folks at Bruxie have imagined a future in which sandwiches are made with waffles instead of bread, and we dig it. Try the roasted mushroom and goat cheese waffle sandwich filled to the brim with crimini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, herb goat cheese, arugula, lemon vinaigrette and a balsamic reduction. There are plenty of meaty options to be had at Bruxie, but sometimes you just want some herb goat cheese on a waffle. At $9, this vegetarian delight is as easy on the wallet as it is on the digestive system.

The Goodwich
900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. #120
Sometimes, you just need some greasy pork belly in your life, especially after a night of imbibing at the club. Enter the Cuban-esque from The Goodwich. This Key West import stacks pork “butt n belly” with Swiss cheese. The pickle “maystard” serves as the perfect topping to this simple classic. A crisp Alexander Hamilton (that’s $10, kids) is all you’ll need to be transported to porky paradise.

Desi Burrito
670 E. Flamingo Rd.
The subcontinent meets south of the border at Desi Burrito. These favorite Indian dishes are wrapped in a tortilla and served up with cold, frothy lassis. The chicken chili burrito borrows bold flavors from both Indian and Mexican cuisine. This satisfying meal will only set you back $8.

Flock & Fowl
380 W. Sahara Ave.
Flock & Fowl specializes in Hainan chicken rice, which is delicious. But where the free-range chicken really shines is when it’s served up as Thai Caramel Chicken Wings with crispy garlic. The sheer volume of flavors melding together will keep you coming back. You can never have enough, but eight wings for $10 is a good start.

Haute Doggery 
The Linq – 3535 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
The Longhorn from Haute Doggery is a mountain of a frankfurter. This char grilled wiener is topped with smoked beef brisket, coleslaw, onion rings and pickles. For only $8, it’s enough food to feed a real cowboy without the ridiculous Strip prices. Belly full, you’ll ride off into the sunset … er … sunrise.

Flippin’ Good Burgers
505 E. Fremont St.

A good cheeseburger at the end of a long night out goes down faster than that first pint did. The Flame from Flippin’ Good Burgers in Downtown Las Vegas is no different. Topped with the usual cheeseburger fixings, grilled jalapenos, Flippin' sauce and melted pepper jack cheese, this beefy masterpiece is sandwiched between freshly baked buns from local bakers. It’s only $6, so you’ll have enough left over to Uber back to the hotel.

Makers & Finders
1120 S. Main St. #110
If you’ve never tried the Venezuelan food known as arepas, you’re in for a treat. It’s like a corn flour griddle cake of sorts, and it makes for a splendid canvas on which to pile savory shredded beef. Case in point, La Paisa Arepas is one of Makers & Finders’ most popular menu items. The dish is served with carne desmechada, sweet plantains, crispy chicken skins, avocado, black beans and a farm-raised egg for just $10. A side of honorary Venezuelan citizenship is optional.

Tacos El Gordo
3049 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Perhaps the ultimate Vegas cheap eat, the tacos al pastor at Tacos El Gordo, a Tijuana transplant, have the club goers lined up around the block every Saturday night. The idea is simple. Expertly marinated pork is cooked on a trompo, placed on a corn tortilla and topped with avocado crema. Order a handful for $2 a pop.

505 E. Oakey Blvd.
Since 1973, Luv-it’s frozen custard has delighted overheated tourists and locals alike. Stop by the same location that it’s operated out of for nearly 50 years and sample flavors such as Sin-A-Buns, chocolate pretzel, cherry pie and gingerbread cookie. Snag a double scoop on a waffle cone for less than $5, take a bite as you walk away, and immediately turn back to buy an $8 quart for the hotel room.

The Linq – 3535 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
It’s late. You’re somewhat in the bag. You want a cupcake. We totally understand and so does Sprinkles, the cupcake bakery from Beverly Hills. The company has installed one of its Cupcake ATMs outside its LINQ Promenade location. Anytime day or night you can stroll up to the ATM, swipe your plastic, select a flavor and be delivered a delicious cupcake. You don’t even have to talk to other humans. A variety of cupcake flavors rotate regularly and go for around $5.

Monday, August 22, 2016

NFL Bars in Vegas: NFC Edition

So you're visiting Las Vegas for opening week of the NFL season. While you'll certainly want to make a pit stop at one of the sports books, it's the local team bars that offer the best viewing experience, especially if you are only concerned with your team. We've listed some of the city's best team-centric bars to help you avoid the crowds and, more importantly, rival fans. Check out our round up of NFC team bars below. If we missed your favorite NFC team bar, please add it in the comments sections! For more Vegas excitement, browse our listings.

  • 1. Arizona Cardinals
    Timbers Bar & Grill
    8540 S. Maryland Parkway
  • 2. Atlanta Falcons
    Cactus Jack’s
    10648 S. Maryland Parkway
  • 3. Chicago Bears
    Lucky's Tavern
    8025 Dean Martin Dr.
  • 4. Dallas Cowboys
    Pounder's Sports Lounge
    332 W. Sahara Ave.
  • 5. Carolina Panthers
    Blondie’s Sports Bar
    3663 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • 6. Detroit Lions
    Crow Bar
    6851 W. Flamingo Rd.
  • 7. Green Bay Packers
    HB's Bar & Retsaurant
    6820 W. Flamingo Rd.
  • 8. Los Angeles Rams
    Fast Break Lounge
    2245 N. Decatur Blvd.
  • 9. Minnesota Vikings
    Sports Page Pub
    4821 Spring Mountain Rd.
  • 10. New Orleans Saints
    7-11 Bar
    2520 Arville St.
  • 11. New York Giants
    McFadden's inside Rio
    3700 W. Flamingo Rd.
  • 12. Philadelphia Eagles
    Jersey's Bar & Grill
    4760 W. Sahara Ave.
  • 13. San Francisco 49ers
    Barbeque Masters Tavern
    2650 S. Decatur Blvd.
  • 14. Seattle Seahawks
    Torino's Sports Bar & Pub
    5570 W. Flamingo Rd.
  • 15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Oceans 11 Lounge
    3720 W. Tropicana Ave.
  • 16. Washington Redskins
    Jackson's Bar and Grill
    6020 W. Flamingo Rd.

NFL Bars in Vegas: AFC Edition

So you're visiting Las Vegas for opening week of the NFL season. While you'll certainly want to make a pit stop at one of the sports books, it's the local team bars that offer the best viewing experience, especially if you are only concerned with your team. We've listed some of the city's best team-centric bars to help you avoid the crowds and, more importantly, rival fans. Check out our round up of AFC team bars below and stay tuned for a list of NFC team bars. If we missed your favorite AFC team bar, please add it in the comments sections! For more Vegas excitement, browse our listings.

  • 1. Baltimore Ravens
    Crab Corner Maryland Seafood House
    6485 S. Rainbow Blvd.
  • 2. Buffalo Bills
    Stake Out Bar and Grill
    4800 Maryland Parkway
  • 3. Denver Broncos
    Four Mile Bar
    3650 Boulder Highway
  • 4. Houston Texans
    Cactus Jack’s
    10648 S. Maryland Parkway
  • 5. Cincinnati Bengals
    Kopper Keg North
    8725 Deer Springs Way
  • 6. Cleveland Browns
    Boulevard Bar & Grille
    9860 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • 7. Indianapolis Colts
    Buffalo Wild Wings
    7430 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • 8. Jacksonville Jaguars
    Blondie’s Sports Bar
    3663 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • 9. Kansas City Chiefs
    Blue Diamond Saloon
    6935 Blue Diamond Rd.
  • 10. Miami Dolphins
    Tommy Rocker's Cantina and Grill
    4275 Industrial Road
  • 11. New England Patriots
    Twin Peaks
    3717 Las Vegas Blvd.
  • 12. New York Jets
    Villa Pizza
    2211 S. Maryland Parkway
  • 13. Oakland Raiders
    Lucie’s Lounge
    3935 E. Charleston Blvd.
  • 14. Pittsburgh Steelers
    J.C. Wooloughan Irish Pub
    221 N. Rampart Blvd.
  • 15. San Diego Chargers
    The Sand Dollar Blues Room
    3355 Spring Mountain Rd.
  • 16. Tennessee Titans
    Blondie’s Sports Bar
    3663 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Get Your Fill at Vegas' Best Buffets

Nothing says “America!” like shelling out $25 to strap on the feed bag and plow through multiple plates at a Las Vegas casino buffet. But if you’re looking for the best Vegas buffet bargain, this is not the blog post for you. You’ve found a list of the most decadent, gluttonous and cardiac arrest-inducing buffets on the Las Vegas Strip.

Bacchanal Buffet
Since 2012, this Caesars Palace mainstay has ascended to the gold standard of Vegas buffets. About $100 million was invested into the establishment, resulting in more than 500 daily offerings and numerous accolades. Within its first year of operation, more than a million customers dined on delicious dishes, such as the oak-grilled lamb chops, hand-made dim sum, fried chicken and waffles and red velvet pancakes. Expect to pay more than $50, but once you bite into the smoked pork belly, you’ll know where the money went.

Carnival World & Seafood Buffet
A seafood lover’s dream, the Rio’s buffet plates up more than 70 fresh seafood items, including endless oysters, snow crab legs and shrimp. You can also add a little turf to your surf with carved-to-order barbecue ribs and steaks. The more than 300 selections from across the globe ensure that you’ll be heading back to the hotel room for a short food coma. The seafood dinner buffet will set you back around $48. The standard dinner buffet goes for approximately $30.

The Buffet at Wynn
What is normally considered a casual dining experience has been infused with fine dining sensibility at Wynn. The buffet at this premier Las Vegas resort boasts lavish décor and more than 120 expertly prepared meals, ranging from rotisserie-grilled steakhouse cuts to coast-to-coast seafood. The coup de grâce here is truly the chocolate fountain. Wynn offers dinner and show pairings as well. Indulge in one of Vegas’ best buffets and take in Le Rêve – The Dream from premium seats for $180 per person.

Wicked Spoon
Like The Cosmopolitan itself, this buffet gives off a distinct flair. The warm colors and stylish design set the tone for a chic dining experience. Be prepared for out-of-the-ordinary twists on modern classics. The salad bar is bolstered with add-ons such as Italian bread salad and hummus. Prime rib and steaks take a back seat to unique creations like the roasted bone marrow with lamb. What really shines though is the immense number of dessert options. Expect to pay more than $40 for dinner on the weekends.

Le Village Buffet
A departure from the traditional expectations, the Paris Las Vegas buffet brings together the dynamic cuisine of five French provinces. Set in a quaint, village-like dining hall, you can choose an “outdoor” table that mimics the atmosphere of a French town square or gather around a fireplace in one of the province-specific cottage rooms, decorated for the region. Highlights here include the truffle macaroni and cheese and the buffet’s acclaimed vanilla bean crème brulee. Additionally, it’s the only buffet in town to offer reservations through OpenTable, which Vegas buffet veterans know to be a big bonus. Dinner prices on the weekends run about $34 per person.

Whichever you choose, be sure to save room for some of Las Vegas’ hottest shows, tours and attractions. Browse VegasDaze for discount tickets to memorable vacation add-ons. Did we forget to include your favorite Vegas buffet? Let us know in the comments section below. Follow VegasDaze on social media for more great vacation tips and recommendations.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Your Vegas Fantasy Football Draft

You and your fellow Midwesterners have done the same old fantasy football draft at the local Hooters for five years now. It was great for a while. Then the hazing of last year’s last place team resulted in a lifetime ban from Hooters. It’s time to do it up big. We can help you plan the ultimate destination draft in Vegas, baby!

One of the biggest selling points of a Vegas draft party is the fact that late August through early September is a slower time as far as tourism is concerned. The summer vacation rush is subsiding, and hotels are dropping room rates like Ted Ginn Jr. drops touchdowns passes. Secure a handful of rooms for the league at MGM Grand for around $75 per room, per night. Forget about fancy. As long as there’s a bed and a bathroom, you should be fine. If last year’s champion complains, tell him to book his own room next time. The group will not be spending much time in their rooms anyway.

There are plenty of relatively inexpensive lodging options up and down the Strip, especially if you can swing a midweek visit, but MGM Grand boasts a killer sports book that features private, luxury sky boxes and some of the best buffalo wings in town. You’ll also have easy access to the Las Vegas Monorail, attractions such as Topgolf and the High Roller, and some of the Strip’s best pool parties and nightclubs.

Yes, the majority of the Vegas vacation will be spent at the sports book and casino, but consider taking a tour while in town. You’d be surprised at the affordability of helicopter tours of nearby Grand Canyon. Driving to the geological wonder is about an 8-hour roundtrip. Flying to the South Rim is a 4-hour trip hotel to hotel. The scenic vistas will help you clear your head, get your mind right and decide who to spend that first round draft pick on.

A group outing is also a nice addition to any Vegas getaway. If you’ve yet to determine a draft order, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Grab the league and head to one of the many Vegas shooting ranges. The majority of the Strip’s gun ranges offer complimentary shuttle transportation to guests of the major resorts. Here’s what you do: sharpest shooter is awarded the first pick and the rest of the draft positions are doled out based on accuracy.

The draft itself is the most important part, and there’s no shortage of draft hosting options in Sin City. If your league is going with the DIY option, don’t forget to bring along a draft board. Set up shop poolside. Reserving a private cabana means you’ll have a cool, comfortable place to draft your immaculate squad and receive bottle service Jerry Jones would approve of. As an added bonus, the high-profile accommodations will more than likely result in an abundance of bikini-clad volunteers for the position of sticker “assistant.”

Should your league be in the market for more of an all-inclusive experience, some Las Vegas hotels will actually host a draft for you. Places like The D Las Vegas in Downtown cater to fantasy football leagues. This time of year, the property sells pre-planned draft packages starting at $25 per person that include the use of its Detroit Ballroom for up to 4 hours, catering from some of Downtown Las Vegas’ favorite restaurants, cocktail service, gambling vouchers and a complimentary draft kit.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been planning this since December or lunch; there are plenty of options readily available in Las Vegas for fantasy football leagues looking to shake it up. Fill out your trip with discount tickets to Vegas shows, tours and attractions from VegasDaze. Join the conversation and share your Vegas fantasy football tales in the comments section. Follow us on social media for more fun travel ideas and recommendations.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Maui's Best Beach Bars

It’s not difficult to enjoy the beach bars of Maui. Throw on some flip flops and a tank top, find an open patio table and order a Dark ‘N Stormy. Done. What? You need a little more assistance? OK. Here’s the shortlist of Maui’s beach bars.

Milagros Food Company
You gotta love a good mashup. Milagros Food Company serves up delectable plates of Hawaii-inspired Southwestern cuisine, like fresh fish quesadillas. In addition to its prime location in the bohemian chic town of Paia, Milagros also boasts the largest selection of tequila on the island. Margaritas, anyone?

Fleetwood’s on Front Street
Owner and certified rock ‘n’ roll god Mick Fleetwood opened his Maui restaurant in 2012. It’s since been awarded “best bar” and “best cocktails” on Maui by numerous local publications. The elegant patio and nightly live music create a charming atmosphere. You might not leave. Definitely order a Mick’s Manhattan or Fleetwood Smash to wash down those crab and corn fritters.

Leilani’s Beachside Grill
A sunset stroll along Ka’anapali Beachwalk will deliver you to Leilani’s on the Beach. This swanky oceanfront restaurant is widely considered the gold standard for beach bars on the Valley Isle. Stop by between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. for daily Aloha Hour, offering patrons $5 drafts, $7 tropical cocktails and $6 featured wines by the glass.

Koa’s Seaside Grill
This restaurant will do just fine. Its seaside, rooftop dining is alright. The stunning panoramic views of neighboring islands Molokai and Lanai are acceptable. The Koa’s Pie, made with a macadamia nut graham cracker crust, Roselani’s banana and vanilla ice cream, bananas, caramel, and chocolate, is decent. Just kidding. A stop at Koa’s Seaside Grill, just outside of the West Maui Forest Reserve, is a must!

Alaloa Lounge
If you’re looking for a place to flaunt your lust for the high life, drive the Benz to The Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua. Named “Best Lobby Lounge” on the island by the readers of Maui No Ka Oi Magazine, Alaloa Lounge is the place to see and be seen. This high-class establishment serves up an extensive menu of specialty cocktails, domestic and imported beers. The only thing that can pull your attention away from the live entertainment every Thursday through Monday is the awe-inspiring views of the Pacific. A visit to this posh watering hole is a memorable addition to any Maui vacation.

Kahale’s Beach Club
We’ve included some fairly upscale resort bars and beachfront restaurants up to this point. For those individuals who prefer a good dive bar, Kahale’s Beach Club should be your first stop. Separated from the ocean by only Kalama Beach Park, you’ll still see some beautiful sunsets. Since the proprietors couldn’t care less about Michelin Stars, the beer and cocktails are much more affordably priced than say the lobby bar at the local Hyatt. Come for the laid back local scene, stay for the live blues bands.

Duke’s Beach House
Raise a glass to the legend himself. Duke Kahanamoku is surfing royalty who introduced Hawaiian surf culture to the world. Fittingly, there’s a beach bar named after the man. The Aloha Hour blackened fish sliders are a worthy option, but just about anything pairs well with a lava flow, blended pineapple juice, coconut syrup, strawberries and rum.

Cow Pig Bun
Not exactly a beach bar but still worth a visit, Cow Pig Bun in Kihei plates some of the island’s best burgers and sandwiches piled with chefy add-ons such as bacon garlic aioli, chicken liver
butter and bourbon bacon jam. Slide up to the bar for atypical house cocktails like the Butchertown, a blend of Maker’s Mark, pineapple, rosemary, angostura bitters and Fernet-Branca, or the Cannibalistic, a unique concoction of Espolon blanco tequila, pho syrup, lime, Thai basil and paprika.

Mala Ocean Tavern
Although Lahaina is often crowded with upwards of 30,000 tourists, you can still get a taste of quaint Hawaiian antiquity at Mala Ocean Tavern. Dine on Pacific Rim fare paired with a fairly standard bar menu. It’s intimate setting (the restaurant can only seat about 80 people) and its location on the water’s edge make this a memorable dining experience.

There are more beach bars on Maui than you can shake a coconut at. Our list of favorite Maui beach bars is by no means all-inclusive. You could go out of your way to visit one or more of these establishments, but the best way to imbibe by the beach is to do some explorations of your own. Did we leave your favorite off the list? Add it in the comments section! Follow VegasDaze on social media for more great Maui-centric content.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Your Vegas FAQ

Sin City is shrouded in mystique. The tales are taller than the Stratosphere, legends never die and some things just might be too good to be true. We sifted through your burning Vegas questions and compiled a list of answers to demystify the mysteries, shed the shroud and separate fact from fiction.

Can I walk around Las Vegas with an open alcoholic beverage?
Yes and no. There are really only two areas of the city that do not enforce an open container law. Feel free to frolic about with that yard-long daiquiri within the 4-mile stretch of Las Vegas
Boulevard that constitutes the Strip, between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road. Also, you can walk around under the Fremont Street Experience canopy with open adult beverages. Straying from these areas while drinking will land you a hefty fine. There is one notable exception to this. Even though you spent $12 on that bottle of beer, you can’t take it with you as glass containers are strictly prohibited on Strip sidewalks. Other than that, you are free to shamelessly flaunt your binge drinking in front of the world.

What’s the best way to get around Las Vegas?
There are a number of useful transportation options readily available to Vegas tourists. The Strip is lousy with taxi cabs and ride share companies, so these might be your first choice. However, be sure to keep an eye on the map to avoid the long hauling Vegas cabbies are notorious for.  When traveling between the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas, the city-run, double-decker bus line known as the Deuce offers simple transit. With stops in front of nearly all the major Strip resorts and a direct route to Fremont Street, the bus is a fine option. Most riders on that line are other tourists, but it’s still important to keep your belongings close and be aware of your surroundings. For intra-Strip travel, consider the Las Vegas Monorail. Passes are cheap and the service is highly underutilized.

Can my pet come to Vegas with me?
Surprisingly, many of the major Strip resorts offer pet-friendly rooms, including Caesars Palace, The Cosmopolitan and Planet Hollywood. Some, like Bally’s, even have dog parks on the property. A simple Google search will net you a host of pet-friendly accommodations on and around the Strip.

Do I have to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?
Are you going to report that $20 you walked away from the slot machine with to the IRS? Probably not but the IRS and some states do require you to declare all your winnings as income on your tax return. Conversely, you can write off your gambling losses as itemized deductions. If you win more than $1,200 at once, be it from one hand of blackjack, one spin of the slots or one roll of the dice, you will be required to fill out a W-2G tax form on the spot.

Which game offers the best odds?
The “house edge” occurs because the promised payout and the inherent odds of the game are not the same. The casino does not incur the extra risk. The gambler does. For example, if you bet $20 on the Miami Dolphins to cover the spread at -110 odds, you win $18 should the Fins cover but lose $20 should they not cover. So the important thing is to understand that the odds will never be in your favor. You need to find the game in which you incur the least amount of extra risk. So head over to the craps table. Betting the pass line offers essentially 50-50 odds and pays out accordingly. Try backing up the pass line. This is called an odds bet, which pays off true odds, not casino odds. By playing only the pass line, the casino’s “edge” drops from say 24 percent in a game like the big wheel of fortune to only 1.4 percent.

We hope this helped answer some of your Vegas questions! Ask more questions in the comment section or on our social media pages, and we’ll answer them in the next Vegas FAQ. Until then, you can browse our site for discounted tickets to Vegas’ hottest entertainment!


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